rated- PG

disclaimer- I don't own Sailor Moon, though I would love to
own Darien

summery- Serena is hit by a car. Darien decides that he
shouldn't tease her anymore. So, he is going to prove to
her that he can be nice. But, how can he get close to her
when he has always pushed everyone away?


by: Heather Martin (SinisterChic13@cs.com)

Darien was walking to the arcade when he saw Serena. "Hey,
Meatball Head, how's it goin?" he called to her.

She turned. Her face showed anger. "My name is Serena.
Can't you remember that?"

A smile came to Darien's lips. "I have a bad memory, Meatball
Head. Could you repeat that again?"

"Oooo!" Serena stormed off.

She started to cross the street. She was so mad, that she
didn't see the car come out of nowhere until it was too late.
It came right at her.Her eyes widened in shock.

Darien saw the whole thing. He ran, trying to push her out
of the way. But, he never made it in time. The vehicle smashed
into her body before he could get there.

After the hit, the car swerved, and then kept on going. The
driver was apparently drunk.

With desperation, Darien looked down at Serena. He gasped at
the sight. Blood was splattered all over. His breath caught.
OH NO, his mind cried. Not my Meatball Head! Frantically,
he checked for a pulse. It took a while to find one. Extremely
faint, but there.

Darien sighed in relief. He stood up, and hurried to the
arcade. He burst inside. Heads turned to stare in his
direction. Andrew came into view. He seemed confused. "What
is wrong?" he asked his friend.

Darien's heart raced. "Phone! Serena hit!" he exclaimed.

Andrew quickly grabbed the phone. He dialed 911 as fast as
he could.

The ambulance did not come soon enough to satisfy Darien. He
raced back out to Serena. He cradled her head in his arms.
God, she was beautiful. He had never really noticed it before.

"Hold on," he whispered to her. "Help is coming."

Sirens filled his ears. He glanced up to see the ambulance
drive up. Paramedics got out. They rushed over to Serena. She
had to be pried out of his arms. She was laid on a stretcher
and put in the ambulance.

"Um, can I go with her?" Darien asked. He didn't want to
leave her.

One of the paramedics faced him. "Yeah, get in."

Darien climbed into the ambulance. He stared at Serena the
whole way to the hospital.


Darien sat in the waiting room. Serena was in surgery. Something
tore at his chest at the thought. They were cutting into her
skin right now. Her body lay on a cold operating table. She might
stop breathing at any moment. The next time he saw her face could
be in a casket. God stop thinking like that, he told himself. She
would be fine. She had to be.

In a few minutes, Rei, Lita, Ami, and Mina arrived. They came
over to him. Worried expressions showed on their faces.

"What happened?" asked Ami.

"Will she be all right?" questioned Mina.

Darien gulped. "She is in surgery now. She didn't see the car
until it was too late."

"That stupid Meatball Head!" Rei clenched her hands into fists.
"Why can't she stay out of trouble?" Her voice cracked. Then the
tears came.

Anger filled Lita. "I am going to beat up whoever was driving
that car!" she burst out.

A doctor approached them then. He held a clipboard in his hands.
"Are you friends of Miss. Tsuskino?"

"Yes," replied Ami.

He nodded. "Well, she made it out of surgery okay. Her vitals
are stable at the moment. We are pretty sure she will make it

Sighs of relief came from the group.

"Can we see her?" asked Mina.

The doctor cleared his throat. "I'm afraid not. Only family
at this time."

Darien hardly heard the conversation. He had stopped listening
after the reassurance that she would make it. He would have a
chance to tease his Meatball Head again. That was when it hit
him. Did he really want to?

He didn't even know why he made fun of her. It was just the
only way he knew how to treat her. Nothing else had ever
occurred to him. But now. . . He had almost lost her. And,
partly because of him. His mean stupid taunting had gotten
her hurt.

The truth was he did not know how to handle people. He could
never get close to anyone. He wasn't even open with Andrew.

Yeah, he wanted to be Serena to like him. No more hate. But
how could he begin?


Darien was the last one to see her. He entered her room slowly.
His eyes were shocked at what he saw. Serena was hooked up to
many tubes and machines. The steady beep of the heart monitor
filled his ears.

He made his way to a chair next to the bed. He sat down and
stared at the peaceful Meatball Head. Well, actually her
hair was down now. Somebody had undone the buns on her head.

A long sigh escaped his lips. "Serena, I'm so sorry for
everything." He fiddled with his fingers. "I want to start
over. I'll be better. I promise. We can be friends."

He looked up. She did not respond to his words. She slept
on in oblivion.


Darien made it to the hospital at 11:30 the next morning.
He walked down the hall, heading to Serena's room. Lita came
in view. She waved at him.

"Hey, Darien, are you here to check up on Serena?" she

He nodded. "Yeah, how is she?"

A grin appeared on Lita's mouth. "She is awake. I think she
will be fine. The first thing she said was 'food'." She
laughed. "I'm going to sneak in some cookies for her later.
Don't tell anyone, okay?"

"Oh, no, I wouldn't do that," Darien replied.

Lita looked down to see a bouquet of roses in his hands. I
knew it, she thought. Darien liked Serena.

"Well, I better go now. Bye Darien," she said.


When she was gone, nervousness came over him. Finally, he
mustered the strength and walked into the room.

She was staring at the ceiling. Her expression showed pure

Darien crept inside. "Hello Meatball Head!" Stupid, you said
you weren't going to tease her again, he scolded himself.

Serena turned to meet his gaze. She suddenly looked mad. She
crossed her arms. "Go away!"

Something pained in his chest. She really did HATE him.

Darien stepped forward. He held out the roses in his grasp.
"These are for you," he informed.

Surprise came to her blue eyes. "You brought me flowers?"
She blinked. "Why?"

His arm dropped. "Well, I wanted to show that I am sorry.
I'm going to try and be nicer to you. I thought that we
could . . . be friends."

Laughter came from her. "Wow!"

"What? That is your only response?"

"I was just never expecting this from such a jerk,"
she giggled.

Darien gripped the side of the bed. "I'm not so bad after
you get to know me." He thought he was a nice guy. No one
had actually gotten to KNOW him before, though. He never
let anyone.

"Ha, I'm going to need proof before I believe that," Serena

He smiled. "Ok, then. We can start by me bying you a triple
cone of any ice-cream you want when you get out of her. You'll
love it after eating the filth they serve here."

She brightened at the mention of food. "All right. You can
show me your gentleman ways," she commented.


"It's a date then."

His head shot up at that. A date huh?


Serena got out three weeks later. Her friends set up a party
for her arrival. It was great with loud music, games, and tons
of food. She had so much fun.

The "date" was not forgotten. The next day, Serena walked to
Darien's apartment. She had received the address from Andrew.
The guy had given her a knowing smile as he handed her a
piece of paper with directions on it. He seemed to know
something she didn't. "He'll probably be home at 3:30 this
afternoon," he told her.

Now, Serena was standing in front of Darien's door. Her heart
pounded faster. She couldn't believe she was going out with a
jerk. Well, a hunky one. Finally, she lifted a hand and

In a few seconds, the door opened to reveal Darien. He
looked surprised to see her. "Serena? Why are you here?"

"We were going to get ice-cream, remember?" she said.

He grinned. "Oh yeah. Come on in while I get my jacket. Then
we're off."

She stepped inside. The place was nice. It was clean and
well furnished. She liked it.

Darien returned, wearing a green blazer. He looked great.
His dark hair was disheveled and fell in his bright blue
eyes. Something sparked in Serena's chest.

He held out his arm. "Shall we, my lady?" A giggle escaped
her mouth. She hooked her arm with his. They walked out
into the sunny afternoon.

Serena looked over at him. "Darien, how come you decided
to be nice to me?" she asked. "Is it just cuz I got hurt?"

The question caught him off guard. He stopped moving. What
could he say? 'Serena, I really care about you, but have
trouble showing it.' That was no good. You can't blurt things
out like that. He moved a hand through his hair. "Um. . .
you see," he stumbled over the words. He stared over at the
girl next to him. Her pig-tails swayed in the slight breeze.
She was so beautiful. How could he miss it before?

"I sort of realized how much suffering I was causing you," he
said. "And, I do not want to give you any more."

She seemed satisfied with that. Her face showed happiness.
"Well, thanks." Then her stomach growled.

Darien laughed. "We better get some ice-cream into you," he

The two hurried to the ice-cream parlor. It took Serena ten
minutes to choose what flavors she wanted. She settled with
a scoop of peanut-butter fudge, cookie dough, and one of
cherry cheesecake. (AN: my faves!) Darien got 2 scoops of
plain chocolate. They took their cones and sat down at a

Darien watched as Serena dug her tongue into the ice-cream.
She was so cute. He couldn't help but smile.

"So, what are you studying in college, Darien?" she asked.

"I am working on becoming a doctor," he responded.

"Oh, you'll be a great doctor!" Serena squealed. She took
another bite of her ice-cream. "I used to be a volunteer at
the hospital, but my parents made me quit because of grades.
You don't have to worry about that, though. Your parents must
be thrilled about the grades you get."

Sadness filled Darien. He looked down at his cone. "No, I
wouldn't have to worry about that," he murmured.

Confusion came over Serena. "Is something wrong?"

For some reason Darien had the urge to tell her. Everything.
How lonely and abandoned he felt without any family. He sighed.

"I'm sorry. Was it something I said?" Serena asked. She looked

For me? Darien thought in amazement. She really cared.

"I don't have any parents. They died when I was seven in a
car crash. I woke up with no memory of them at all," Darien

Serena's eyes widened. "How awful! I'm so sorry. It must be
horrible to all of a sudden wake up, not knowing who you were,
and no one to care for you."

She understood. Somehow he knew she did. No one had ever done
that before.

Later, after they had finished off their ice-cream, Darien
offered to walk her home. They chatted on the way. She couldn't
believe how much fun she was having with the jerk. Actually,
she was thinking about taking him offher jerk list. And, when
they arrived at her house, she especially knew she had to mark
him off.

He flipped his wrist and a rose appeared. She gasped in awe.
"How did you do that?" she exclaimed.

Darien smiled. "My little secret," he whispered.

Serena could feel herself blush. She reached to take the rose.
How sweet, she thought.

He began to fidget. "Serena?"

She looked up at him. "Yes?"

"I had a nice time. I was wondering. . . do you want to do
something else tomorrow?"

"I can't."

Disappointment came over him. "Oh."

"But, I can the next day," she told him.

Darien grinned. "Really?"

"Yeah. How about we go to see a movie?"


"See ya then!" she called as she went inside her house.

Darien walked home with joy in his heart.


The scouts were preparing to leave the temple. "I think we
should do a fire reading tomorrow," informed Rei.

Serena turned around. "I can't. I'm busy."

"Doing what? Playing video games and pigging out?" Rei

Serena became embarrassed. "No, I have a date."

"A date? With who?" asked Mina. She looked curiously at her

Serena gazed at the ground. "Darien," she whispered, hardly

"Darien!" screeched Rei.

"Oh I knew it! I knew he liked you!" Lita burst out.

Serena shook her head. "It doesn't mean anything. He just
feels guilty for treating me so bad and wants to make up for
it. We are just friends." With that, she walked away.


The movie went well. It was an action romance. So, it had
stuff men and woman would like. (AN: think Speed)

Darien had bought Serena a big box of buttered popcorn. They
sat down in one of the middle rows. As Serena was getting
settled, the popcorn flipped, and spilled half its contents
on Darien.The whole thing made her feel terrible. She just
knew that he was going to call her stupid and a meatball
head. But, to her amazement, it didn't come. He just laughed
and brushed the popcorn off his lap.

Wow, he really was being nice. He didn't even care about her
klutz attacks.


They saw each other frequently for two weeks. Serena enjoyed
Darien's company. She was beginning to like him a whole lot.

One night, just before Serena went inside, Darien inched
towards her face. Panic came over her. He's going to kiss
me, she thought. His lips met with hers. They were sweet
and warm. She relaxed. Somehow the whole thing felt right.
She wrapped her arms around him, then he did the same to her.

When he pulled away, Serena felt like something had left her.
She didn't want the kiss to end.

Serena smiled at him. "I'll see you later," she told him.

"Good night, Serena." The way he said that sent shivers
through her body. She stumbled into her house.

Serena and Darien were walking through the park, holding
hands. (AN: I wish that was me instead of her) They were both
having a great time. It was a beautiful bright day. Not a
cloud in the sky.

Then it was shattered by a child screaming. Serena's
instincts took over. She rushed toward the noise. She found
a small little girl being confronted by a youma. "Give me
your energy!" it yelled.

"Hey, leave that kid alone! I am. . ." Serena was going to
say Sailor Moon, but as she glanced down, she noticed that
she wasn't. She couldn't transform in front of Darien either.

The female youma turned to face Serena. She seemed mad. "I
don't like to be distracted!" It held out her hands. Red fire
power burst straight at Serena.


Darien saw the whole thing. His sweet Serena would be burnt
to a crisp. But he could not let that happen.

In a flash, he changed into Tuxedo Mask. Then, he ran to
Serena and pounced on her. They both fell to the ground. He
took his cape and covered them. The material protected them
from the power.

When it was over, he sat up. Serena looked up at him in shock.
"Tuxedo Mask!" she cried. Her arms flew around him.

"Well, yeah," he said. He stared into her eyes. "But, I'm
also known as Darien." He didn't know exactly why he told her.
Somehow it seemed like the best thing to do.

Tears came down her cheeks. "Darien?" she whispered.

They came back to reality when they heard, "Help!" It was the
little girl. She was in the youma's grasp.

Serena stood up. She grabbed her brooch and shouted into the
air, "Moon Prism Power!" She transformed into Sailor Moon.

Darien gasped. "Serena? You're Sailor Moon?"

She smiled. "Yeah. Now, I say we turn this negatrash into
moon dust."

He grinned back. "I couldn't agree more."

Sailor Moon did her poses. "I am Sailor Moon. And this is
Tuxedo Mask. We are champions of love and justice. In the name
of the moon, we will punish you." She pointed at the youma.

"Oh really?" asked the youma. She sent a bolt of red power.

Sailor Moon dodged it. She took her tiara and threw it at the
youma. It hit and made the creature drop the little girl.
Tuxedo Mask rushed to catch the child.

Then Sailor Moon got out her wand. Light spilled out of it.
The energy surrounded the youma. She screamed in pain as she

The battle was all over. Sailor Moon went over to Tuxedo
Mask. He put down the little girl. She ran away to a worried

The two heroes stared at each other for a long time. Finally,
Sailor Moon said, "I guess I know everything about you now."

He laughed. "Not quite. There is one more thing."

"And, what's that?"

He brought her mouth to his for a kiss. "How much I love you,"
he whispered.


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