This was written by request of ~*~Dreamer~*~. Well, here it is. I'm saying that it is an epilogue to Realization.

I let my neighbor read this and she said it was corny. And yes, it is. But, it is kind of cute, so read it. :)

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Serena practically skipped into the Crown Game Center. It was a bright sunny Saturday morning, and she was in good spirits. AS she entered the arcade, Andrew lifted his head. He grinned at her. "You seem to be in a good mood," he greeted.

"Of course, I'm in love," she said. Serena did a little twirl.

This was certainly unexpected, but Andrew was happy for her. "Really, who's the lucky man?"

"Darien," Serena chirped.

Andrew's eyes got large in surprise. "Darien Shields?" he asked. He had to be sure she /was/ talking about the Darien he knew.

"Yup," she replied. "And the best part is, he loves me back."

Serena hopped over to the Sailor V game. Andrew kept staring at her in shock as she slipped in a quarter.

A few moments later, four girls came in. They saw Serena and instantly headed toward her.

Lita hovered over the video game. "Long time no see," she said.

Serena glanced up. "Oh, hey guys!"

"Yeah, where have you been?" Mina asked with curiosity.

She had lost the game by being distracted, but Serena didn't care. She spun around to meet the gazes of her friends. Her face was glowing with happiness. "I have been with Darien," she declared.

A coughing attack came over Rei. "Who?"

"Darien," Serena repeated.

"Have your brains been scrambled, Meatball Head?"

Serena stuck out her tongue. "No. I'm telling the truth. And, I would argue with you, Rei, but I am in too good of a mood."

"I believe her," remarked Lita. "I knew he liked her when he arrived at the hospital. He brought her flowers." She became all dreamy, wishing the roses had been for her.

A nod came from Mina. "Yup, I agree. I could tell that Darien cared when he teased her. If he didn't like her, he would have left her alone."

Rei crossed her arms. She turned to Ami, who had been silent. "What do you think?"

An expression of uncertainty was on Ami's face. She shrugged. "You know this is not my. . ."

She didn't get a chance to finish. There was a scream heard outside. They knew what they had to do.

The group ran quickly outside. In the street was a youma. It was attacking a girl and boy. They were both holding hands, scared out of their wits.

The senshi went into a nearby ally to transform.

"Mercury Power!"

"Venuse Power!"

"Mars Power!"

"Jupiter Power!"

Last came, "Moon Prism Power!"

The army of sailors was ready for battle.

As Sailor Moon moved toward the youma, she said, "I hope Tuxedo Mask shows up." Hearts appeared in her eyes at the thought.

Mars sighed. "What happened to Darien? Or, are you a two-timer?"

No reply came from Sailor Moon. She did her poses. "I am Sailor Moon, the pretty sailor-suited senshi of love and justice. I will right wrongs and punish the evil." She pointed at the monster. "That means you!"

The youma, who appeared to be female (but who the hell can tell?), laughed. It was black with wild purple hair. A cercuit of electricity shot from it.

Sailor Moon dodged out of the way.

Mercury stepped forward. She held out gloved hands, shouting, "Mercury bubbles!" Water came shooting at the youma. It hollered in pain.

Sailor Moon saw her chance. She raised her tiara. "Moon Tiara Magic!" The disc went soaring. It hit the monster, disintegrating it.

The kids, who had been the youma target, gazed up at Sailor Moon in awe. Then they ran away.

Disappointment fell over the hereon. She tilted her head to the rooftops above. "He didn't come," she muttered. A frown tugged on her lips.

Out of nowhere, a black figure came swooping down. It landed on its feet behind Sailor Moon. She spun around to discover that it was Tuxedo Mask. He looked good, as always, in his formal wear and dark glasses covering his eyes. But, Sailor Moon knew that beneath the mask were the deepest blue orbs. They possessed a warmth of love. And, she thought with amazement, it was for her.

"You did a wonderful job, Sailor Moon. You killed that youma with no trouble. I didn't even have to make my presence known," Tuxedo explained.

Sailor Moon couldn't hold back any longer. In a rush, her arms went around him. "I could do even better knowing you are around," she replied.

Tux stiffened. He glanced around at the other senshi with embarrassment. But then he shifted back to Sailor Moon and it disappeared. He relaxed, and held her back. Then he pulled her close for a kiss.

"What the. . . ?" exclaimed Rei. "She gets two guys!?"

Mina watched with longing. "She is so lucky."

Lita nodded in agreement. "Wonder which one she likes better."

"Darien would be my choice," said Ami.

They all stared at her. Surprise was written on their expressions.

Red crept into Ami's face. "I get crushes too," she confessed.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask were oblivious to the rest of the chatter. They were in their own little world.

Tuxedo Mask touched her cheek. "You think we should tell them who I am?" he asked.

A huge grin spread over her mouth. "I think that I'd like to keep it as my little secret for a while," she answered.

They heard the distant voice of Sailor Mars saying, "What is Darien going to think, Meatball Head?"

The couple laughed, meeting for another kiss.