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2012-The day after the Kennedy High School class of 2002's 10th reunion.

The sun is out and unless the meteorologists are right for a change there won't be a cloud in sight for the rest of the day. The large park is nearly empty but it matters little to the young family having an impromptu picnic. The blanket is all set out, with the youngest child lying on her back and staring up into the clear blue sky while her mother changes her diaper. The two older children, both boys, were playing catch with their father out in the grass. Like their parents they both had dark brown hair and soft brown eyes that were the envy of all of their aunts and uncles, those actually related to them and those related in only a honorary way.

"Come on guys, I know you're having fun playing catch and all but the food's getting cold and Abby has to have a good nap before Carmen and Lilly come over, otherwise she'll be," The mother said with a softly pleading tone to her voice as she buttoned the last button on the bottom of her youngest and only daughter's outfit and sat her up.

"Uh oh boys, looks like mommy's serious this time, we'd better quit playing and eat," The dad said with a fake pout of disappointment on his face as he put an arm around his sons and pulled them close, soon all three were wearing the same sad pout.

"Stop it Harrison, I'm warning you, you know that I can't say no to that face," Sam said with a weakening tone to her voice as Abigail giggled and clapped her hands.

"Okay Sammy I give you win, okay boys time to eat," Harrison said with at first a very defeated and sad expression on his face before he couldn't help but grin as Sam snickered under her breath. Ever since they were five and first became friends Sam had known just what to do to get Harrison to do what she wanted, though now as his wife and mother of three soon to be four she used the ability for different reasons than to get his pudding cup at lunch. Both of the boys looked ready to argue but then relented.

"Ah dad," They both moaned in unison as they dropped their arms down to their sides in defeat as they slowly walked back to the blanket and the youngest sat down next to his mother while the oldest sat across from her, intent on sitting beside his father.

"Stop pouting Clarence, you should be happy, you could be in school right now," Sam said with a such a motherly tone to her voice that Harrison couldn't help but grin as he sat down and started to help Sam dish out the food. Harrison had always thought that Sam was a wonderful mother, that is after getting through the dramatically hectic early days with Clarence, so named without a second thought. The realization that she was going to be a mother had been a hard one for Sam to wrap her head around, only slightly more so than Harrison when he had a panic attack after realizing that he had no clue how to be a father since his had left so early on. Knowing that he would need help he had struck up a friendship with Brooke's father that had nothing to do with the fact that he was married to his stepdaughter.

"I wish I was in school," Clarence muttered softly under his breath with an unhappy frown on his face before he bit into the sandwich that Harrison had handed him.

"I still can't believe that Brooke actually passed the bar," Harrison said with a sly smile on his face as he leaned forward and picked Abigail up before setting her back down on his lap.

"Oh ye of little faith, she's been studying for weeks and now she can finally move on," Sam said back with a sharp smile on her face as she leaned forward as far as he stomach would allow and glared at her husband.

"Brooke…a lawyer, who would have guessed," Harrison said with a proud smile on his face as he took a sandwich out of the basket and began to pull it apart into tiny pieces before handing them slowly to Abigail.

"Well when Nicole hit her and put her in that wheelchair she had a lot of time to think, she started taking some classes before she even got out of the hospital, I should know…she made me her personal packhorse, lugging all of her books back and forth between home and the hospital," Sam said back with a glad to be past that phase of her life look on her face as she softly knocked a bug off of the back of her younger son's hand.

"Who knows, maybe now she can be our legal correspondent, sure we're only in a few small markets right now, but with the recent buzz that Lilly's column has been getting along with Josh mentioning the magazine on The Tonight Show, hopefully that'll change pretty soon," Harrison offered with a hopeful smile on his face as he popped one of the small pieces of the sandwich into his mouth before handing the next one to his daughter.

"Lilly's column has only been getting all of that buzz because she called the governor a murderer for wearing fur," Sam said with a weakly pointed look on her face before she closed her eyes and tilted her head back to soak up some sun.

"True, and the only reason that we're not in trouble is because of Mary Cherry's bank account, her mother bankrolled the governor's campaign, let's just hope that she continues to be our financial backer or our next issue could be our last," Harrison said with an amused look on his face as he reached for another sandwich and something to drink.

"It might not be so bad ya know, we could always enroll at Carmen's dance studio," Sam said back with a warm smile on her face as she opened her eyes and reached into the basket and brought out a banana before starting to peel it.

"Have you seen me dance," Harrison shot back with an amused and self-deprecating look on his face as he threw his hands up before quickly having to bring them back down to keep his daughter from tipping over.

"To many times I'm afraid, I have nightmares, let's just hope that Joseph and Clarence didn't get your dancing genes," Sam replied with a sly grin on her face as she shook her head and the two leaned forward until they shared a soft kiss.

"Eww," Clarence and Joseph groaned in unison as they squeezed their eyes closed and grossed out looks on their faces as they turned away, greeted seconds later by their parents content laughter.

"We should probably thank Sugar Daddy for helping us skip out on the reunion luncheon today when we get back, I don't think I'm ready to see Nicole yet, even if she says that she has turned over a new leaf," Sam said with tired and reluctant look on her face as she held the banana towards Abigail.

"I know what you mean, after she got out she tried to talk Sugar into loaning her some money, but things were tight getting his label off of the ground and so he politely declined," Harrison added with an uncomfortable look on his face as he looked down at Abigail and couldn't help but smile as she grinned up at him.

"I wish that I could have seen the look on her face when he turned her down, I bet it was priceless," Sam said with a still angry scowl on her face as her thoughts drifted to their former classmate that had very nearly ended Brooke's life. After the hit and run Nicole had been sentenced to a lengthy prison term, though because she had gotten herself a very good lawyer and somehow gotten out early because of good behavior.

"Probably, though not as priceless as the look on her face when she heard that Ms. Glass had become the principal and Mr. Krupps had left under mysterious circumstances, who knows maybe that should be your first in depth investigation after the baby," Harrison replied with a slightly crooked smile on his face as he remembered well the shock that he himself had experienced upon learning of the promotion of their old biology teacher to principal before he reached out and gently rubbed his wife's stomach.

"Sorry dear, but that exclusive will be how I ever letyou talkme into having another baby," Sam countered with a sarcastic grin on her face as she pulled a couple of apples from the basket and set them down in front of Joseph and Clarence.

The talking continued until nightfall, when the popular couple packed up their family and returned to the hotel that the Kennedy High School class of 2002 was staying at during the reunion. Rather than take in some of the lingering activities planned around the reunion they chose to put their children to bed and then turn in early, as they had a long drive ahead of them in the morning.


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