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Lost Emotions

Chapter 1: I Wish

Tucker walked up to Danny, who was stuffing books into his locker. They were both wearing their usual clothes, Tucker with his trademark hat and Danny with his…um…trademark er, messy hair, yeah. As Danny continued fishing out papers from his backpack and then stuffing them, mercilessly, into his locker, Tucker looked on to the girl's bathroom. He was merely fantasizing what it was like in there. There was probably special, softer toilet paper in there, and cleaner toilets and…couches!

Tucker looked back towards Danny, who was still stuffing things into his locker. "Hey Danny, are you okay?" Tucker asked, finally noticing how angrily Danny was stuffing his poor books into his locker. He was practically throwing them inside!

"No, but it's just another ordinary day," the raven-haired boy seethed, his eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Really? Did your hand faze through anything accidentally, again?" Tucker asked, balancing his books in his arms after giving Danny a chuckle of amusement.

"No, even worse! My belt went intangible again, and my pants fell. Not only that though, we got this new kid in class and he made fun of my boxers. He called me a stripper!" he replied angrily. He had it with people bagging on him constantly.

"A new kid, huh? Harsh, you know life's gotten to the lowest when even new kids make fun of you." Tucker sighed sadly, and shook his head in pity for his hybrid friend. Really, Danny was a great guy, but everyone had it for him. Especially Dash, but Dash was just plain stupid, and he bullied everyone.

Sam was rounding the corner, going directly to Danny's locker. It was almost scary how her feet moved, automatically, without thought. They all had the same class in third period, so after second period, her feet just went to Danny's locker as if they had a mind of their own. Ah, but Sam didn't give it much thought today, and headed where her feet took her. She stopped in front of Danny, and waved to them both. "Hey guys."

"Hey Sam," they both said in unison. Danny closed his locker with a hard push, causing the locker to close with great speed. It made such a loud noise. Sam blinked.

"Did I miss something?" Sam's amethyst eyes fell on Tucker, giving him a puzzling look. Tucker sighed, and darted a thumb in Danny's direction. "Nah, just another incident. Danny can't seem to keep his pants up."

"You're pants fell down again?" Sam smiled, and tried to hold her laughter back, seeing that Danny wasn't too happy about it. Danny sighed miserably, and started a slow pace to their next class. It wasn't too far away, no need to be in a hurry. Tucker and Sam walked beside him, making their way down the hall.

"Yeah, but this time the new kid bagged on me. He called me a stripper." Danny's eyes narrowed as he remembered the moment, after that little witty comment, everyone had broken out in laughter. Humiliation filled him to the brim; he didn't exactly feel like crying, but it was one of those moments when you want to, but instead you'll take out your anger on someone by beating him or her up.

Like the Ghost Box…perfect punching bag for misplaced anger.

"A stripper?" Sam's smile cracked into full-on laughter, as she stopped to laugh and hold her stomach. She had just been in Gym for first period and her stomach still hurt from those Suicides, push-ups, and jackhammers. And now, with this comment (which she found hilarious) she felt her stomach's renewed pain attacking her shaping abs.

Sam stopped laughing, upon seeing Tucker's nervous expression and Danny's back to her. "What?" she said, her laughter lost on deaf ears. "You got to give him points for creativity," Sam said, shrugging and walking forward past Danny. 'Really, Danny is taking a small joke too seriously.'

"Gee, thanks. Made me feel so-o-o much better." Danny let out another sigh.

Before Sam could try to apologize, he walked inside the classroom, without another word.


Sam had left second period by herself, because she had to go to a different class than Danny and Tucker. Besides, she felt sort of, well, guilty about making Danny feel even worse instead of making him feel better, like a friend is supposed to do. She sighed mentally, man, she had screwed up this time. She placed her right hand on her left elbow, and let her head drop a little.

She walked inside the classroom, an annoyed look on her face. Whee, math. She didn't hate it, but hey, it wasn't her favorite subject. It sucked that she didn't have either Tucker or Danny in this class, but today, she was glad she had this period all to herself. She could spend the next hour and a half thinking, and doodling in her notebook; it wasn't like she ever paid attention.

She sat down in a desk beside a window that overlooked the front yard of the school. This was her assigned seat, and she was glad it was so, besides she had an empty seat next to her. Can you say freedom? She hated having a seat in the middle of the class, because she always felt like somebody was watching her. Creeepy.

Sam took out her math book from her backpack, a pen, and her notebook. She wouldn't need her binder for this class; they didn't do much of anything during this period. Pure lectures of doom in this class, yay. All those with tiny attention spans shall perish!

The teacher, Ms. Dillon, walked to the front of the class and clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. "Excuse me, kids." Yet, the kids continued talking amongst themselves, and the teacher only smiled.

"Excuse me…kids?" More talking, and more smiling from the teacher. 'Uh-oh, here it comes,' Sam thought, placing her hands over her ears. She was waiting for the teacher's infamous outburst. '5…4…3…2 and a half…2…1…'

"QUIET, YOU INSOLENT BRATS!" she shouted, Ms. Dillon's eyes were wide and scary. There was a purple vein throbbing in her neck, and her eyes looked like they were leaping out of her eye sockets!

Everyone stopped talking, even the cheerleading chatterboxes, and they all turned their heads to face Ms. Dillon, who was back to normal. "Thank you, darlings. Well, I wanted to announce a new student to Casper High! Come on in, sweetie," the boy walked in. 'This must be whom Danny was talking about…' Sam thought with a frown.

"This is James Keprah," Ms. Dillon said, motioning to the sandy blonde boy with clear, blue eyes. He looked like something out of a beach scene, apparently he was from waaay out-of-town. "He's from California." Sam smiled, 'Yeah, just like I thought, way out-of-town.'

Everyone kept quiet, which ensued an eerie silence. 'It's so strange to finally know what silence sounds like…nothing!' Sam thought, with a smile. Moments like these were rare, because the cheerleading chatterboxes never kept quiet, thus the name 'cheerleading chatterboxes'.

"Welcome to Casper High, James," Sam dared to say with a small smile. You know which smile…that smile Sam has that looks (almost) flirtatious. So what? She felt bad for the guy, even if she was a Goth, she had a heart! "That's the spirit, Samantha!" Ms. Dillon cheered with a huge, if not scary, grin. Sam winced, and her left eye twitched. 'She knows I hate it when people call me that.' Evil teachers with their evil files filled with background information on kids!

"Yeah…" Sam's eye twitched, but she forced a smile on her features. Really, this must be her least favorite teacher ever. She saw James smile.

"Thanks, and call me Jimmy." James smile looked weak. He didn't seem too happy.

"Well, since you're so welcoming dear, why don't you show James around?" Ms. Dillon asked, ushering James to the vacant seat beside Sam. 'Oh great, I get to show the new kid around. Maybe next time you'll think before you open your big mouth, Manson.'

Sam tried to pay attention to the class for a change, because that was better than speaking with little James here. Besides, he seemed a little preppy now that she had a better look at him. Were those designer clothes? Marco Polo, and Calvin Klein? Wow, somebody tried hard to be extra lame today.

He was staring at her though, she could feel it, and it was making her feel really uncomfortable. 'If he doesn't stop, I'm going to—'

The bell rung signaling the start of lunch, ooh, he was a lucky bastard, saved by the bell. If he continued staring at her, she would have given him a nice present—a black eye. What better thing than a black eye to coordinate with those nice, black Phat Farm shoes?

She stood up; her things were packed about 20 minutes before the bell rung. She had to get out of here, and meet—'Oh crud. I forgot…' she thought, stopping in mid-jog to wait for that stupid Jimmy.

"Hey, is it lunch now?" James asked, coming up behind her, and she nodded in return. "Great, give me a moment, yeah?" he asked, putting his backpack down, and removing his shirt, revealing a black 'MCR' shirt under. Sam raised an eyebrow, well, this was surprising and quite pleasing. At least he wasn't preppy, they had enough of those in Casper High.

"You like MCR?" Sam asked, walking down the hall with James in tow. He nodded, and grinned as he walked beside her. Sam smiled, feeling bad about judging him by his appearance. She was usually the one who was playing the "noble act", but today, she had totally misjudged somebody before she even knew him. 'Wow, anymore screw-ups, Manson?'

"They freakin' rock. Anyways, what are you going to show me first?" he asked, looking around. Sam noticed he was taller than she, but probably shorter than Danny. Okay, why was she thinking of Danny? She shook her head, trying to clear her head and answer his question, whatever it was.

"Um, what was the question?" Sam blinked and smiled sheepishly. Now, she was acting stupid in the eyes of a potential friend, great Sam, just great.

He laughed though, finding it amusing. "Don't worry, I'm used to having people tune me out. What are you going to show me first?" he said, repeating his previous question.

Sam exhaled. "Well, the bathrooms are right over there," she said, her finger pointing to two doors next to each other. The Girl's restroom, and the Boy's restroom were right next to each other for some reason. "I'm guessing someone already showed you where your locker is, right?" she asked, looking to him.

"Yeah, they did, before I went to class." Jimmy smiled, and looked around at the crowds.

"So…the cafeteria is right down the hall," she stated, and he nodded.

"What's your last class?" he asked, his eyes on her.

"It's Social Studies, with Mr. Halverson." Sam stopped when she thought she saw Tucker ahead. She didn't seen Danny with him…had Danny gone ghost and left? She power walked to Tucker, who seemed to be looking for something or someone.

"Sam, hey! Finally, I found you," Tucker exclaimed, sighing loudly.

"What happened? Where's Danny?" Sam stared at Tuck, waiting for his answer, she had forgotten about Jimmy who was behind her. However, Tuck saw him and raised an eyebrow.

"Hey who's your new friend?" Tuck asked, momentarily forgetting about Danny and Sam's question.

"Tucker!" Sam sighed in exasperation. "Tucker, Jimmy. Jimmy, Tucker," she said, introducing them hastily.

"Hey, Tucker." Jimmy greeted.

"Hey, Jimmy. What's your—" Tucker began, before Sam interrupted him.

"Hello, where's Danny?" she asked again, narrowing her lilac orbs.

"Don't worry about him, he wanted to ask Paulina out, so I left those two lovebirds alone. In front of Room 109, down the hall, and take a left turn, just so you know, Sa—I mean, Jimmy." Tucker's eyes twinkled, mischievously. His smile was sly one, totally hinting bad news to Sam. Her eyes widened, but in a second they narrowed.

"GRR! Here, take care of him. I'm going to uh, the restroom." Sam pushed Jimmy towards Tucker, and jogged towards the direction of the bathroom, her boots' stomps fading the farther she went.

"Let's go," Jimmy said, power walking in the direction Sam had gone. Tucker's eyes widened, "You mean, spy on them?" Tuck asked, following Jimmy.

"Well, yeah."

"Hm, I like the way you think."

+With Danny+

No, he didn't know what he was thinking, but it was now or never. Besides he liked Paulina ever since he laid eyes on her. She was a total babe, popular, and besides she is really hot. Okay, so maybe that was all superficial, but who cares?

Besides Sam. 'Sam.' That little name tugged at his heartstrings, but he made no move away from Paulina. He stood there in front of her in all his glory, as she said, "I don't have time for this, loser." She began walking away; swinging her hips the way only she seemed to know.

"Wait, Paulina. I—um—wanted to know if you—" there went his weak knees, "you know, wanted to go on a—" Danny stopped, he was too nervous! 'Come on Danny! Where's all that courage you had?'

'Gone with the wind, that's where it is,' his mind answered. 'Okay, now I'm having a conversation with myself. This can't be normal.'

"On a what?"

"On a date…?" he answered, smiling his cute boyish smile. His blue eyes shone, when she smiled back.

"Do you really think I would go out with you?" Paulina asked, scoffing in a conceited manner. Pretty much everything she did was chock full of conceitedness. Wow, is that a word?

'I have to stop paying attention to Mr. Lancer. Stupid bigger vocabulary.'

"Um, yeah." Danny was being sincere; he did actually think she would go out with him.

"Well, she won't, Fentina!" Dash answered, appearing from behind a corner, along with Kwan, Star and other zombie cheerleaders and jocks. They all smiled smugly, taking enjoyment in Danny's embarrassment.

"Yeah, you're much too unpopular, oh, and just in case, don't ever talk to me again." Paulina rolled her eyes, and walked away as if she was indignant of being caught talking to a low-life like Danny.

Sam, who had been watching safely, from behind a corner, narrowed her eyes dangerously. Why that stupid Paulina! Who does she think she is! Talking to Danny like if he didn't have any feelings! She had decided to watch instead of interfere, mostly because in the beginning she was slightly peeved.

Fine, not slightly peeved, more like angered beyond control. How could Danny ask Paulina out without consideration of her feelings? All right, maybe Sam wasn't supposed to care so much about Danny's love life, since she was only his best friend. But…oh, was Danny really so oblivious to Sam's feelings? I guess so, since even Sam likes to deny it.

Danny's head dropped. Damn. 'I had to get the courage, I had to embarrass myself, man, I wish I could just disappear.' Sam saw Danny's expression and frowned, she had to do something. She couldn't leave Danny alone to fend for himself; she was always by his side.

She was his best friend.

'So, prove it.'

"Ha, stupid Fentina. Now, we're going to give you a beating!" Dash announced, cracking his knuckles as his friends stood behind him, and Paulina left. Sam stepped out into the hallway. "Hey, leave him alone!" she shouted, her hands balling into fists. They wouldn't dare harm a girl, besides, if they tried…well, let's just say Sam had a few 'Tae Kwan Do' lessons on self-defense to back her up.

And I when I say 'a few', I mean, 'every summer since she turned 10'.

"Sam?" Danny let his surprise show on his face, as he stared at Sam. Why was she here? 'Duh…Tucker.'

"Maybe we should stick Fentina and his girlfriend in a locker!" Dash exclaimed, his eyes narrowed evilly and his smile repugnant in the eyes of Sam. Okay, so maybe he would harm a girl. Go figure.

"But, Dash, she's a girl," Kwan protested, staring at him. The rest of the jocks nodded, as they agreed with Kwan and looked to Dash.

"Yeah, man, we can't hurt girls."

"What are you guys? Men or chicken?" Dash replied, turning around to talk to the rest of the jocks. They looked uncertain.

Wow, where did chivalry go?

Danny took this chance to run over to Sam's side, and take her hand, dragging her around the corner. "Hey Dash, they're getting away!" someone shouted, just as Danny and Sam rounded the corner.

"Danny." Sam couldn't say any more, as a white ectoplasmic orb surrounded her, turning her invisible along with Danny. He hugged her close to him, so they would take the least space possible.

Yeah, that's right. 'So then, why am I blushing like crazy!' Sam thought, trying not to move in Danny's embrace. Thank goodness we're invisible. Unknown to Sam, Danny's face was like a tomato.

"They went down this hall!" Dash shouted, leading his minions to track down Danny and Sam. They both watched them disappear down the hall, as Dash and his followers continued on their wild goose chase.

As soon as the jocks were nowhere to be seen, Tucker and Jimmy came out from their hiding place (the guy's restroom), and walked right in front of Danny and Sam. "Hey, where did they go?" Jimmy asked, his clear blue eyes looking around.

"Uh, they probably ran on down to the cafeteria!" Tucker muttered, trying to cover-up the truth, but Jimmy's eyebrows furrowed. Something was bothering him. "But, I could swear I saw them right here," Jimmy pointed to the exact place where Sam and Danny were, "then, they were just gone."

Tucker laughed nervously. "Nah, man. You're hallucinating; it's from lack of meat. Come on, let's go eat in the cafeteria. I'll bet they're waiting for us right now." Jimmy shook his head.

"It couldn't be from that, I haven't eaten meat since I was nine."

"You're a vegetarian, too?" Tucker shook his head in exasperation. Nothing was wrong with meat! Nothing! 'Wow, he's a vegetarian too.'

"Yeah. Anyways, maybe you're right, let's go." Jimmy and Tucker left in the direction of the cafeteria, talking amongst themselves. When they were gone, Danny sighed and released Sam. They were both visible now.

Danny opened his mouth to speak, when Tucker's head popped out from the corner. "Hey, there you guys are!" he shouted, walking back with Jimmy in tow. "Yeah, we where hiding in a locker," Sam lied, laughing nervously. She rubbed her arms, she had felt so warm in Danny's arms, so safe, and…'What am I thinking?'

Danny narrowed his eyes. "It's you again. What do you want? Came back to make fun of me again?" Danny asked, talking to Jimmy. Jimmy's eyes widened, he knew this guy looked familiar. "Hey man, chill. It was a joke."

"It wasn't funny." Danny crossed his arms across his chest, and Tucker sighed. "Well, he's right Jimmy. What you said was pretty harsh."

"It was funny. Or was I imagining the voices laughing, in my head?" Jimmy replied.

"Why don't you just get lost?" Danny asked, stepping forward. His right hand was balled into a fist, but Danny wouldn't hit him would he?

"Danny! It was just a joke, lighten up will you?" Sam said, placing her hand on Jimmy's arm. Danny's eyes widened. "I can't believe you're taking his side!"

"I'm not picking sides, Danny."

"Seems like it to me," Tucker muttered.

Danny's baby blue eyes narrowed, "Fine. Go hang out with your new friend. It's obvious you prefer him to me." Danny turned around and walked away, and with a sigh, Tucker followed after him. Sam blinked, owlishly. Okay, what just happened? Did they just have a fight?

"I'm sorry about this Sam. I didn't mean for it to be offending, even though it sort of is," Jimmy explained, his eyes downcast.

"Hey, it's not your fault."

'It's mine.'


Danny Phantom was fighting, yet another ghost. It was just a miniscule ghost, nothing big, but he was taking a lot of time to finish it off. As he looked down, he saw Tucker, but no Sam. He had seen Sam walk home with Jimmy, but he hadn't gone after her even though he was tempted to.

Tucker had called Sam, and she said, "I don't feel like cheering on that jerk." That jerk being Danny. Maybe he had overacted with Jimmy…nah.

Danny finally captured the ghost in the Fenton Thermos, and transformed back into Danny Fenton as his feet touched the ground. "I have a weird feeling about this." Danny thought aloud. Tucker looked to him, "What do you mean?"

"Somehow, I feel like there was more to this ghost. Maybe…it's a distraction."

"You're just paranoid dude."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Danny's ghost sense went off, his eyes widened as he saw his breath.

"Another ghost?" Tucker asked, and Danny nodded, "but, I don't see any."

"Maybe it's the ghost in the thermos that's setting off your ghost sense." Tucker took the thermos from Danny, and Danny nodded. "Maybe."

"So, what are you going to do about Sam?" Tucker asked, as they got on their scooters to go home. However, unbeknownst to them, a certain genie was hiding in the shadows.


"You're not going to apologize?"

"I, uh, well, why should I?"

"Because you were a total jerk to that Jimmy guy." Tucker smiled, he knew exactly what Danny was thinking. 'Why did she defend him…?'

Danny sighed. "I just noticed how I ruined everything today."

"What? Nah, it wasn't you, it was your emotions Danny." Tucker replied, moving to avoid collision with a tree. Danny could see his breath again. 'Something's up…'

"You're right. First, I was embarrassed beyond belief when my pants fell, which made me angry with Jimmy. My anger made me explode on him, causing Sam to take his side."

"And then, your jealousy made you explode on Sam."

"What! No!" Danny suddenly swerved, as he almost lost control on the scooter. 'I got to start paying more attention to where my rambling is taking me.'

"Then, your courage and infatuation made you ask Paulina out, when you were turned down, more embarrassment loaded on you, causing extra pressure. The extra pressures made you explode on Jimmy, too." Tucker nodded, yes, he knew everything. Either that, or he'd been thinking again.

"I think you just went 'Oprah' on me, Tucker," Danny said, with a dry chuckle followed by a sigh, "sometimes, I wish I didn't have any emotions…"

The genie in the shadows smiled, 'Oh yes, finally a wish!'

"So you wish it, so it shall be!" she whispered, an evil grin on Desiree's face.

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