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Lost Emotions

Chapter 9: Doors

Okay, so it wasn't really himself.

But, it was damn close to it! This girl was like his mirror image, except...she was a girl, and he was Danny...a boy.

This mysterious raven-haired copycat had elbowed him to get his attention.

He continued blinking though, and reached up to wipe his eyes. Maybe he was just seeing things, yeah that must be it! But when she opened her mouth to speak, her voice made her real.

"No time," she said curtly, grabbing his foreman harshly. "We must go before your location is known," her whisper barely reached his ears.

..."Excuse me?" She was kidding, right?

The woman narrowed her oceanic blue eyes.

He could almost laugh, this must be some sort of joke. Strangers don't just demand people to go with them, she must be crazy to think he would actually go with her! So, he jerked his arm away from her grasp. "Ahh, no. I'm not going anywhere with you."

She exhaled, "I'm not asking for your permission. You're in danger, Danny, we have to move." She didn't yell or raise her voice, for fear of being overheard.

"Wait, how did you--"

"I'll explain later," she said, waiting for his response. He would go with her either, willingly, or by force.

"...Alright. But before we go, tell me one thing."

She sighed, and tapped her fingernails on the countertop impatiently. "Fine, but make it quick," she instructed, taking her eyes away from his.

"Why..." he didn't know exactly know what to say, "How...um, you?"

She raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"You," he repeated. Apparently she knew a lot about Danny, but he didn't know a thing about her, "Who are you?" His voice remained monotonous.

She looked at her hands, they were now clasped together. "I'm..."

a f r i e n d


They had finally arrived at their destination. After what seemed like an eternity of flying through the vast emptiness that was the Ghost Zone, they had arrived at a castle.

Not just a castle, either, it was like a mix. A mix between a castle and two mansions! The whole place was floating on a piece of land that could fit in the gulf of Mexico. Hm, maybe that's going overboard, but it sure was huge! The goon carrying Tucker stopped in front of pearl-colored gates, the only bright color adorning the place. The two-story castle itself was a earthly brown and had a sort of Victorian-style to it's structures, complete with a couple of balconies. The windows were elegant, made with carved glass, but huge green curtains forbade anyone to sneak a peek inside the house. Outside, the grass had long since died, letting the weeds take over the grounds.

The whole place was surrounded by a dull-gray wall. The wall looked ancient, but at the same time, it looked sturdy and strong. The area was deserted as far as Tucker could see, almost like if nobody lived there.

Suddenly the pearl gates opened, with a weird scratchy noise that seemed to echo all around them. The ghost flew inside the premises all the way to the light brown, main doors. "Hey! When are you going to put me down?" Tucker asked, fed-up with the whole hostile act.

If anything, he realized now that Emerald was just a bad seed. She was up to no good, and now she was probably going to try to get rid of him! He shouldn't have fallen for her pretty face, after all, didn't Sam always say, "Looks can be deceiving..."

Tucker's eyes shot open as he remembered his Gothic friend back home.

('Holy crap! What about Sam, does she know we're gone? I did send her that e-mail...what if she's looking for us?') She wouldn't be able to find them.

They had entered the living room, a huge room with couches, a piano, and a lit fireplace. Tucker didn't get to see much of it, he was starting to feel really sick. Now, they were climbing the stairs, and soon they met up with another ghostly goon.

"Hey Rog," said the phantom carrying Tuck.

"Hey Pete. Who's that kid?" Rog asked, stepping closer to examine Tuck's almost-limp body. Rog was wearing a uniform simliar to Pete's, the uniform consisting mostly of a dark jacket with an emblem of a watch on the chest area.

"It's some kid the Queen wanted me to kidnap. She told me to bring him here."

Rog nodded. "He doesn't look too good, Pete. Maybe you should set him down in the holding chamber."

Pete shrugged, but did as he was told. He flew through endless corridors, and finally they arrived at a backroom. He unlocked the door with some keys that hung off his belt, and he floated in two feet, before he dropped Tucker.

"Ahh, shit..." Tuck cursed, feeling pain throughout his body despite the fact that he had landed on his back. He felt sick to his stomach, like if any moment now, he would hurl. All the blood had rushed to his head during the trip, and now he was plagued with a swaying feeling.

Tuck tried to sit up, "Whoa...ahh." He fell back and groaned. He started opening and shutting his eyes to try to calm down the earthquake going on in his mind.

The goon smirked at Tucker's state, almost like it amused him to see people suffer. "Have fun kid, and don't you dare try to run away. Pete will keep an eye on you until the Queen comes back, oh, and there's a waterbowl in the corner," Pete sneered, leaving Tuck to his misery.

The whole room swirled under him, but he tried to calm it down. He didn't want to see what he ate for lunch come back.

He groaned again, as his stomach did lethal flips. "I'm in deep shit."


She had moved from the middle of the basement to under the computer table. She could hear the stomps upstairs as the family looked for her; they would find her any minute now.

Sam had moved the boxes around her, so as to create some kind of hiding place to keep her hidden from everyone else. To keep her hidden from everything.

She was sitting down with her head in her lap, and her arms hugging her knees closer to her person. Her face was hidden in her lap because she was trying to take the least space possible.

There was nothing to do but wait...wait for the inevitable, and think.

But she didn't want to think! Because she knew she would only end up thinking about Danny and that stupid Patricia. She probably wasn't even a natural blonde. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.

The door opened.

Sam's thoughts stopped dead in their tracks, as she heard footsteps walking in her direction. ('calm down sam, calm down...')

The footsteps stopped.

Sam raised her head slowly and tried to catch a glimpse of the person. But it was too dark to recognize who it was. A voice from upstairs called out, "Hey Chris!"

"Yeah?" he shouted back.

Sam's breath caught in her throat. Holy shit, it was Danny's twin! What if he found her?

('he'd take me to the others, duh')

She held her breath as she waited for them to continue.

"Did you find anything?"

Chris sighed loudly. "No, nothing here!" Sam could hear Chris' footsteps as he climbed the stairs to leave the basement. She almost sighed in relief, but caught herself in time. "I'm going to look somewhere else!" he continued, opening the door.

"Alright!" came the reply and then the door closed.

('he's gone...') she shifted in her position, her legs were falling asleep and her butt hurt from sitting on that hard floor so long. She sighed as she pushed the box in front of her to the side, and crawled out from under the table. If she hurried she might be able to slip out of the basement and out into the free world.

She'd think up a plan from there. Any place was better than here.

She stood there in the vast area that was the basement. The emptiness was closing in on her, and the loneliness choked her. Of course she'd been by herself plenty of times, but this was different. It was frightening to realize that she was alone, separated, deserted, lost, forgotten...

In this place, familiar yet unknown. She couldn't count on anybody's help, because there wasn't anyone to help her. ('i'm alone, i have to do this by myself...')

She took a deep breath. "Looks like I'm going solo on this one."

The light switched on suddenly, and the room was flooded with an unearthly blue glow. "Not quite," someone said, their voice filling the room. Sam's eyes turned towards the voice, and was surprised to see Chris standing beside the closed basement door.


The Queen smiled at Alex, the bartender. "Here you go, ma'm." He handed her a packed envelope, and her hand snatched up it instantly.

"Is it all in here?" she asked, weighing the envelope in the palm of her hand like an expert. "Hm..." she narrowed her eyes, still unsure, but finally looked up at Alex.

"Please, my Queen, don't insult me. It's all there, I assure you," he added as if his word meant anything to her.

She raised an eyebrow questionably, but shrugged it off in the end. "Alright...you'd better not lie to me Alex," she warned. "I trust you." Even though the words were supposed to be comforting, they came out of her mouth sounding like a threat. Everyone there knew not to mess with the Queen, not only was she all-powerful, but she was also a bitch.

And they knew how to hold grudges.

Now that she was done with this, she needed to move on to more important matters. Like the problem with that boy.

Whatever-his-name-was knew her secret. She remembered when they had come to her rescue decades ago, and saved her from Clockwork's stupid lackeys. She used to be Clockwork's apprentice, herself.

Because Clockwork wasn't a normal ghost, he wouldn't be "alive" forever. So he needed someone to take over when he would no longer could, but all Emerald did was chores, chores, and more chores. She worked throughout the day and did nothing else. At that rate, she would never get anywhere!

So she had stolen the staff.

It was a piece of cake, now that she thought about it. But, ahh, who cares? It was Clockwork's fault for being such a careless idiot. Emerald had tried to escape scot-free but CW's lackeys, April and Xander, had tried to get the staff back.

What luck she had, because the ghost boy and his human friend had rescued her.

She had offered them a reward, and had sent them to the future accidently. It was a stupid mistake, but she didn't know how to use the staff back then. She was certain she would see them again.

And like clockwork, here they were.

Now, she couldn't let them talk because if they did...it would ruin everything! Ghosts everywhere would know her secret, and her weakness. With the staff destroyed she would be finished, it was her secret weapon.

However, it was only one boy her goons captured, where was his ghostly friend? ('he must be around here somewhere, he couldn't have left his friend all alone')

She pondered it for a moment, and a bright idea made a smile appear on her rosy lips.

Nobody would know her secret...

n o b o d y


"TUCKER!" Danny's voice floated throughout the empty abyss.

"He's gone," the woman informed him, as if Danny hadn't already realized that.

"Thanks for the news flash," he shot back.

She rolled her eyes. They were standing outside of The Rough because Danny had insisted on going back for Tucker. It was too late now, and she knew that. Come on, Emerald might be wicked but she wasn't stupid.

"He's your friend, isn't he?" she didn't wait for him to confirm it, she continued, "Emerald has something to do with this."

"Emerald? What? Why?"

"You're a threat to her."

He said nothing for a long while, his green eyes stared at the nonexistant ground. He was trying to piece everything together.

"We need to go," she insisted.

He cracked. "'We need to go', 'We need to go', 'We need to go'. GOD! You sound like a broken record! Cut the crap, will yah! My friend was just kidnapped, and all you think about is LEAVING! I need to save my friend, o.k.? Your shit will come next," he shouted in her face, but she didn't even flinch. She had dealt with worse baddies than Danny.

('this is all my fault') Tucker got kidnapped because of Danny, and he didn't even do anything to begin with!

Tucker was only trying to help him, and how does Danny repay him?

Oh yeah, he gets him kidnapped. Who knew what they were doing to him. If Emerald was evil enough to kidnap his best friend to manipulate Danny, well then...

What else was she capable of?

Harming Tucker? Torturing him?

...Killing him?

He let the 'f' word out, and cursed at no one but at everyone at the same time. He squeezed his hands into fists, tight enough to turn his knuckles white if they were visible.

The woman left him to unleash his bottled anger, and stood by to keep an eye on him. She couldn't afford to let anything happen to Danny, but she didn't want to have to deal with his temper either.

"Are you done?"

He kept quiet.

"Your pointless idle talk is going to get you nowhere. Being angry won't bring Tucker back to safety."

He blinked.

"Wait...what did you just say?"

She raised a delicate eyebrow in question. "Uh, bringing Tucker back to safety?"

He shook his head. "No, no, before that."

"Your idle talk won't get you anywhere?" she tried with a shrug.

"No, after that."

She thought carefully. "Being angry won't bring Tucker back?"

"Yeah...you just said I was 'being angry'."

"So?" she demanded, "Look Danny, this is no time for idiocies--"

"Wait a second, hear me out," he said with his old monotonous voice back, "I can't be angry, or happy, or sad, or anything. You see this genie granted my wish to have no emotions, and now, I'm emotionless. My friend and I were trying to find a way to get them back, that's why we're here...in the future. We're from 2006, but Emerald said she could help us by sending us to the past to stop myself from making that wish with her staff-thing. Somehow, she sent us to the future instead."

The woman opened her mouth to speak, but then she closed it again. She wanted to say something, but she didn't know what to say or how to say it. She blinked several times, trying to absorb everything he just said when they were interrupted. The bar's door was opening.

She cursed under her breath, "Come on, you'll have to explain later." She grabbed his arm again, and off they flew. They were headed off into the distance and this time Danny didn't argue.

In the midst of their silent journey, her steady voice made a promise. "Don't worry Danny, we'll get your friend back."



"You. What are you doing here?"

"Well, um, this is my home," he answered with a casual smile.

Oh right.

She stared at her feet, feeling a weird mix of embarrassment and anticipation. She didn't say anything; she feared what he would say. Why didn't he turn her in already? Why wasn't he calling someone down?

"Look," he muttered, "uh, I'm not going to let them find you, o.k.? I want to help you."

Her gaze snapped back to him. Sam was confused at this guy's change of heart. Why was he willing to help her all of a sudden? She couldn't help feeling suspicious towards this sudden attitude-change; besides, if he was going to help her, Chris would have to go against his family.

He noticed her hesitation, and frowned. "It does sound pretty suspicious, but I understand what you're going through, I understand what it is you're feeling. I know what's like to be lost...and scared. And they don't. Please, you can trust me."

She wanted to trust him.

"I--I want to...but..." she looked everywhere but at him.

"O.k., o.k., so my closest experience to being lost was...in a mall. BUT, it was a big mall, and I was six! You know how traumatized I was?" he asked, his eyes widening.

She snorted, "A mall? That's quite pathetic of you."

He smiled a Danny smile, "Well, thank you."

Her mouth froze before she got her next words out. He reminded her so much of Danny...but why? Why did they look alike to such an extent that it hurt to talk to him, that it hurt to look at him?

He saw the weird spacey look on her face. "You o.k.?" he asked, walking down the stairs.

"Huh?" she blinked.

"Are...yoouu...ookaaay?" he repeated his question, now in front of her.

She smiled slowly. "Yeah, I guess. So what, are you going to help me or not?" she questioned, finding a ray of trust for the Danny look-a-like.

He laughed.

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