The moon is out again tonight.

The sky is cloudless. I can see some of the stars twinkling softly even when the street lights are on all around me. So peaceful, so quiet…

"It's nice here isn't it."

I turned my head towards the voice. I see a girl standing next to me on the rooftop where I was sitting. It's too dark to see her face, her hair covered parts of her face, enough to hide how she looks like in the night.


"You can stay here forever if you want…"

"Can I? Can I really?"

"All you have to do is want it."

I turned away from the mysterious girl and turned my gaze back onto the sky, "There's too much things holding me back."

The girl scoffed, "Holding? You mean tying you down."

"Maybe… maybe…"

"I can wait… You will stay here someday Ranma…"


The Line between Dreams and Realities…

Another fic that I should've never written…

Disclaimer: If I own Ranma ½ I wouldn't be here writing this now would I?

Ranma yawned tiredly as he walked to school trailing slightly behind Akane, "Man, I'm tired today…"

Akane snorted, "Oh come on Ranma, you slept in this morning and you STILL feel tired?"

"Well, maybe I didn't get a good night's sleep last night."

"Please," The youngest Tendo rolled her eyes and shook her head in disbelieve, "With all the snoring you do, I seriously doubt you'd ever gotten a bad night sleep."

"You'd be surprised," Ranma said quietly before yawning again.

"Well, either way, we better walk faster, or we'll be late again." Akane said matter of factly and started to drag Ranma by his pig-tail towards Furinkan High school.

"What's up with you today Saotome?" Hiroshi said during gym as himself, Kensuke, and Ranma sat on the patch of grass separating the pool and the soccer field, "You've been yawning all day."

Kensuke gave Hiroshi a odd look, "Hiro, Ranma always yawns at school…"

"Yeah, but not in gym class too!" Hiroshi retored and pointed at the pig-tailed martial artist who yawned as if to prove Hiroshi's point.

"I dunno," Ranma muttered, "I just feel really tired these few days."

Kensuke gave a lecherous grin, "Maybe he finally got Akane in the sack. After all, night after night of constant action will even give mister invincible martial artist a hard time."

Hiroshi chuckled, "Yeah, and you know, with how active Akane, who knows how she is in the sack!"

Ranma growled out loudly, "Get a grip you two. Besides if I ever did that with Akane, I'll probably get killed, either by Shampoo, Ukyou, or Akane herself…"

"Not to mention the mob of girls that has the hots for you at school Ranma." Kensuke said rolling his eyes, "I seriously think you need to get laid or something. With all the pent up tension, you're bound to snap you know."

"As if you've ever gotten any." Hiroshi said giving his friend a smirk.

"Ah shut up!" Kensuke spat, "At least I've gotten close! What about you, you don't even have a girl friend!"

"That's what you think." Hiroshi said smirking even more.

Both Kensuke and Ranma did a double take, "So you finally got that Keiko girl to go out with you?"

"Yep." Hiroshi grinned like a mad man.

Ranma grinned and gave Hiroshi a slap on the back, "Way to go!"

Kensuke shook his head while smiling, "Yeah, who woulda thought he had it in him."

"I didn't." Ranma said with a grin on his face showing that he was just joking.

Hiroshi chuckled, "Yeah, who would've thought I can get a date with HER!"

"Yeah is she hot or what!" Kensuke said nudging Ranma with his elbow.

"Yeah, I guess…" Ranma murmured, his eyes slowly losing focus.

"Yo, Ranma. You ok?" Hiroshi said shaking Ranma by the shoulder.

The pig-tailed martial artist gasped slightly and shook his head as if to wake himself up, "Yeah, don't know what happened there…"

"You better go to the nurses office or something." Hiroshi said with a frown.

"Psh, are you kidding Hiro?" Kensuke rolled his eyes, "This is invincible man here. I seriously doubt anything less than apocalypse can stop this guy."

"Oh yeah! I bet I can name one person that can stop him!"

"Oh yeah!"


Ranma sighed and fell to his back as his two friends bickered like seven year olds over their favorite superhero. Seriously thought, I think I should get this checked up… I'm not usually THIS sleepy…

"So why are we going to the Cat Café again?" Akane said angrily as they walked into the Cat Café.

"Ya know how I've been feeling really sleepy these past days," Ranma said with a yawn, "Well, I thought I should check this out with Cologne see if it is something she or Shampoo did ya know."

"Shouldn't you check with Doctor Tofu first then?" Akane said with a frown.

"I did when you were having a meeting with the Drama club." Ranma said as they found an empty table to sit at, "I was planning to come here alone, but I figured if it was something they did, I probably need back up."

Akane nodded, "Well, what did Doctor Tofu said?"

"Nothing was wrong…"



The two nodded towards Shampoo, "Hey Shampoo, I need to speak with the ghoul."


"I heard that Son-in-law."

Ranma growled and turned to face Cologne, "I need to ask a favor."

Akane elbowed Ranma hard, "What the idiot means is, what did you do to him!"

The two amazon blinked in surprise, "To be quite frank Ms.Tendo, the Cat Café has been quite busy these past week, I barely had time to plan my next move to snare Son-in-Law here for our tribe."

"So you WERE planning something!" Akane slammed her hand on the table and pointed at the Chinese elder accusingly.

"Of course I was." Cologne said blinked, "What else would you have us do? Ranma IS required by law, our law, to marry my great grand daughter."

"Cologne, I need to ask you something." Ranma said rubbing his eyes, "I've been feeling really tired these few days, I want to know what's wrong with me."

"Have you not considered that you are merely feeling the effects of a growth spurt?" Cologne said clinically, "You ARE at the age where you will have a growth spurt, actually a few years past…"

Ranma nodded, "No, but it's just so weird…"

"Of course, son-in-law…" Cologne said, "But just in case, come back tomorrow, perhaps I can ready some things to do a thorough check."

Ranma nodded, "Thanks ghoul."

Cologne narrowed her eyes, "I'll let that pass this time since you DO look very tired right now."

Akane frowned as she led the half asleep Ranma back to the Tendo Residence. Maybe I can cook something up for him to eat, maybe that would wake him up after tasting my cooking!

Ranma groaned as he fell down onto his futon, "I should have watched what I was eating. I never thought I'd die because of food…"

Ranma quickly closed his eyes and lifted his right arm to further cover his eyes, "Sleep…"

I stared up at the sky again tonight, seems cloudier that it was last night, but nevertheless, the night sky still seems very soothing and peaceful as I sat here on the roof. What time is it I wonder…

"Hi again." I turned my head to find the girl again, this time holding a plate of deep fried Gyoza, "Hungry?"

I nodded, "Yeah kinda, didn't really eat too much at dinner tonight."

The girl smiled, her hair still covered the majority of her face, but not long enough to cover her lips, "Well, good thing I brought Gyoza tonight huh?"

I chuckled, "Yeah."

She walked beside me and slowly sat down. "Well, dig in."

I looked at her as she handed me a pair of chopsticks, "Thanks."

I took a bite from the Gyoza, slowly savoring the taste, "This is good."

The girl's smile widen, "Well, it's all for you, take them all if you want."

"Aren't you hungry?"

"I just thought I'd bring some food for you…" The girl said turning to face the sky.


"You can stay here, that's all the thanks I need…"

I turned away from looking at the girl again and stared up at the sky, "I don't think I can…"

"You don't think… huh?"

A giggle sounded from beside me, I grunted at the slight joke the girl made, "You know what I mean…"

The giggle died down, "You can… all you need is to want to…"

"I… not yet…"

The both of us sighed and turned back to the sky, "It is beautiful tonight…"


Cologne frowned as she sat on the roof of the house across from the Tendo's house, "Most interesting…"

With the two words, the Amazon elder hopped away.

Ranma yawned again as he sat on the porch staring at the Koi pond, "This is getting worst and worst…"

"BOY! Stop slacking off! It's time to spar again!"

Ranma gave Genma an incredulous stare, "Pops, we just sparred before breakfast ok, give me a break."

Genma immediately broke into fake tears, "Oh woe is me, my own son, who used to love our art so much, is now abandoning it." A sob accented the sentence, "I still remember- ack."

Ranma growled and grabbed another large rock from beside the Koi pond, "Would you like another one Pop?"

Genma stood back up and got into a ready stance, "So ready for our spar?"

The pig-tailed boy yawned again, "No, not today. It's Sunday and all I want to do is rest for today ok. Besides, I need to go to the Cat Café to talk to the ghoul about something later."

"Oh son, this is disgraceful! Two-timing your fiancée with a waitress in a café!" Genma moaned again and grabbed Ranma by the collar of his shirt, "You will NOT go to the cat café!"

Ranma gave Genma a wiry look, "Pop, don't worry, I'm not two-timing Akane with Cologne."

The older Saotome immediately dropped his son and shivered at the mental image of Ranma going out with Cologne.

"Anyways Pop, I'm going to get Akane and go to the Cat Café." Ranma said tiredly and walked out of the Dojo.

"Yes son! Take Akane out on a date!"

"It's NOT a date!"

"GO son! Show her your manliness!"

Ranma slapped his forehead and groaned at his father's stupidity.

"So why exactly am I going with you?" Akane said with her annoyed tone of voice.

"So you can see I'm not doing anything inappropriate with Shampoo. So I won't get a mallet over my head tonight. So I can get THAT much more help if it ends up a trap." Ranma listed off.

"What do you mean by THAT much more help!" Akane growled.

"Look, can you beat Cologne in a fight?" Ranma asked tiredly, "At least with you around, they won't dare to try anything too rash."

Akane nodded but still gave Ranma a warning glare.

"We're here."

"Well son-in-law, I didn't expect you to come in this early." Cologne said as she ordered Mousse to start wiping down tables for the lunch hour rush, "Come to the back room with me, and I will do a check up of your body. And yes, Miss Tendo, you may come too."

Akane blushed and huffed angrily as she followed the Amazon Matriarch with her fiancée into the back room.

Cologne gestured for Akane to sit on a chair along the wall while guiding Ranma onto a chair in the middle of the room, "Before I begin, may I ask if you had a good night sleep last night Ranma."

Ranma scratched his head and yawned, "Pretty good I guess."

"Your yawning indicates otherwise…" Cologne said with a smirk, "Nevertheless, I will begin. I am just scanning your energy pathways and blood vessel pathways to see if there are any abnormalities. I will start with your blood vessels, since it requires less of my energy."

Ranma nodded and held his left arm out for Cologne to feel his pulse through his veins on his wrist.

Akane sat there watching Cologne as she closed her eyes and felt Ranma's pulse for several minutes.

"Just as I expected…"

Ranma and Akane both sat straighter at and held their breath.

"You are perfectly healthy."

Akane sweatdropped and Ranma facefaulted off his chair, "Old Ghoul!"

"Well you are." Cologne shrugged, "Physically anyways. But spiritually is another matter. I will begin examining your energy pathways. This will be equivalent to what you refer to as your chi flow, a more modern medical way of saying it would be the pathways in which the energy your mitochondria of your cells travel."

Ranma blinked in confusion, "Huh?"

Akane rolled her eyes, "Don't you listen in science class Ranma?"


"You are hopeless…" Akane sighed

"Quite, I need to concentrate." Cologne snapped as she placed her palm over Ranma's diaphragm, "Now Ranma, I need you to gather your chi, like how you would when you are about to use one of your special techniques."

Ranma nodded and closed his eyes in concentration.

Akane looked on with trepidation. The girl gasped as she starts to feel the aura of the two people in the middle of the room wash over her.

"Hmm… just as I expected…"

The two teens blinked, "Let me guess, I'm perfectly healthy."

"No Ranma, you are not. It seems that your chi has been leaking away from you. I have no idea how or why this is happening." Cologne said seriously.

Ranma gaped at Cologne, "But… how…"

Akane frowned "Is there a way to stop his chi from leaking out?"

The Amazon nodded, "Yes, there are techniques in which forces your opponent's chi to leak from them, but not at the rate Ranma seems to be losing his, and never on a periodic bases. There are also medical conditions where this might happen, but Ranma is not suffering from these conditions as my physical check on him tells me."

"So whats wrong old ghoul." Ranma frowned before yawning again.

"Frankly, I have no idea." Cologne shook her head before heading out of the room, "For now, I would suggest you to meditate more often."

Ranma scratched his head, "Umm, this might sound stupid, but… How?"

Cologne gave Ranma an incredulous stare, "I did not just hear that, I am sure an martial artist of your caliber would know how to meditate."

"Umm, that's not what I mean…" Ranma said with a blush, "But how when ever other hour someone rushes in and screams at me?"

Cologne froze before nodded slowly, "Right… just do your best…"

The two teens watched the elder Amazon walk out of the room, "Well what do you think Akane."

"Wouldn't hurt to meditate more often." Akane said with a shrug.


"Ack, Shampoo!"


Ranma quickly jumped to the side hoping to avoid the human missile that is Shampoo from catching him. Unfortunately, Shampoo saw this and quickly adjusted her 'flight path' to intercept Ranma.


"Shampoo! Can you LET GO!"

"But Airen! Shampoo only want say hello!"


Ranma growled as she dried herself from her unexpected trip into the Koi pond. Needless to say, another half dozen of Koi has died thus Soun is crying about the lost of his new enquired Koi… again.

"How can you do this Ranma!" Soun bawled loudly as he grabbed onto Ranma's sleeves, "My Koi!"

Ranma's eye's twitched angrily, "Look it wasn't my fault Akane punted me into the Koi pond again!."

The crying immediately stopped and a cold voice took over, "Did you do something to my little girl?"

"Look, we were just over at the Cat café-"

"Oh for SHAME! How can you cheat on my little girl WHILE SHE WAS THERE!" Soun immediately starts crying again.

Ranma slowly inched away from the crying patriarch, trying to escape the inevitable demon head attack.


"RANMA! How DARE you!"

The said person froze as Soun closed up on him, "Care to EXPLAIN yourself?"

"L-look, Mister Tendo, I'll just go t-take a nap so you can m-make sure I'm not cheating on her ok?"

The demon head deflated as Soun thought about Ranma's idea, "I approve!"

Ranma yawned, "Geez, why am I so sleepy…"

Ignoring everything, Ranma padded towards the guest room and fell onto his recently made futon, "Sleep…"

I stared at the ceiling of my room; a warm breath tickled my neck. I turned to find the girl laying beside me on my futon.

"Do you really want what is out there?"

"Mister Tendo is only-"

"Look out for her 'little girl'." The girl finished my sentence. I tried to push myself up but was kept down by the girl beside me, "Stay."

That single word seems to call to me. I stared at the ceiling of the room again as I felt the girl's breath on me, "But they-"

"They abuse you, they don't understand you, they don't bother with you." The girl beside me whispered in my ear. The tickling sensation traveled all the way down my spine making me gasp, "But I do."

I stiffen and turned to face the girl who's hair covers her face, "Who are you."

The girl smiled, "If you want, you can find out…"

I lifted my hand. They are trembling. Why? Am I afraid? Or am I…


"Well?" The girl asked me. Her nose touching mine.

My trembling hands moved slowly towards her hair and quickly pushed it aside.

Our blue eyes contacted each other.


"Akane! Can you call Ranma down for lunch!" Kasumi called from the kitchen, "I'm just about done."

"Ok Kasumi!" Akane called back before muttering to herself, "How lazy can you get, I thought Cologne told him to meditate more often or something. How does he expect to get better by sleeping…"

Akane sighed when she reached the guest room and knocked on the door, "Ranma! Wake up!"

Silence answered her.

Growling Akane banged harder on the door, "RANMA! Lunch!"

No answer.

"I'm coming in!" Akane yelled and swings the door open.


Akane stood by the door frame fuming, "Look if you're going to sleep, you're going to miss lunch and we're not saving any for you!"

Ranma laid on the futon unresponsive.

The youngest Tendo walked up to the sleeping Saotome and shook him by his shoulder, "Oh my god…"

Akane continued to shake her fiancée, trying to wake him up.

"He's not waking up…"

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