Emma sat on the front step finishing her school work when she heard the screeching of tires. Who the Fuck she thought. She slowly stood to see an Orange Civic racing down her road.

What in th-

Just get in. Jay demanded said

Now why should I get in the car with someone has low as you answer that one.

BECAUSE! I have something I want to talk to you about and I want to make sure NO ONE hears it!

Oh are you going to take me to a ravine and give me some more STD's or something!

I already apologized for that and just get in!

You will thank me!

Alright just let me go let my mom know and grape my bag

MOM! I am going for a ride with Jay!

Alright but be home by 12am (It was a Friday.)

So where are we going! Emma asked closing the passenger door.

You'll see.

Emma sat in the car for what felt like hours and hours to come but when she looked at her watch it had only been 30 minutes.

Where in the world are you taking me.

Would you just shut the fuck up so I can watch the road and not wreck.

Excuse me!

Sorry that came out wrong.

Its cool don't let it happen again.

Oh look who's talking miss goody goody.

Shut up and drive!

A minute ago you were trying to get me in a wreck!

No I want dump ass!

Oh yea right now just stop arguing with me you're not going to win!

Emma didn't say another word until they got to his house.

What did you do take the long way!


You are a dump ass aren't you!

Would you just shut up and follow me!

You're not going to have Alex or someone in there that's going to beat my ass!

No! Why would I!

I don't know you're just weird like that!

Whatever and follow me!

Emma followed him into his house he dropped his keys in a tray!

Mom I'm here I'd like you to meet her.

Emma look at him funny and then seen his mom racing down the stairs!

Oh hi you must be Jay's new girlfriend. Emma Right!

Emma's jaw dropped.