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A/N: This is in response to the WIKTT "Circe" challenge. The rules are posted below. I decided to write it in drabble form because I thought it might be amusing (and to prove to myself that I can write something other than angst). Also, it serves as distraction while I wait for chapter 2 of my other story to get back from the cleaners. That said, all mistakes are my own.


Hermione winced as she saw the owl fly toward her, guessing what news it carried.

"Would you like me to read your note for you, 'Mione?" asked Ron, misinterpreting her flinch.

She sighed, then nodded, deciding it was for the best if her friends knew. She watched slightly anxiously from the hospital bed as Ron unrolled the small parchment.

"Expect your grandmother shortly." Ron looked at her, confused.

"But no Muggles are allowed at Hogwarts," Ginny stated.

Hermione closed her eyes and prayed for courage. "She's not a muggle. She's a witch. A very powerful witch.

"Her name is Circe."

The Rules:

1) Voldemort is still alive.

2) You decide which one of Hermione's parents is Circe's child.

3) Hermione & her parents know that Grandma is the original Circe.

4) Hermione being injured by Voldemort & his followers so her parent's put out a call to Circe to come to the wizarding world and watch over her.

5) Circe deciding to interfere in Hermione's love life or the lack of one, she doesn't want Hermione to waste herself on someone who would not appreciated her intelligent and her drive to succeed.

6) Show the Slytherins students reaction when they find out that Hermione's blood is a hell of lot bluer/purer than theirs since her grandmother is Circe.

7) Circe, appearing as an old hag, stopping at the Malfoy Manor and asking if they could spare an old woman a bit of food and being ill treated by either Draco or Lucius.

8) Circe deciding that Severus would be the perfect husband for Hermione, he's smart, intelligent, a strong wizard so he should be able to protect Hermione, and he should know his way around sex better than the "boys" that Hermione go to school with.

9) Circe making a deal with the Order and Dumbledore, she will help them with their fight against Voldemort if Severus Snape agrees to go on a certain number of dates with Hermione.

10) Rules of the dates: 1) the date must last at least three hours or it doesn't count as a date, 2) the number of dates they must go on is 25, 3) Severus must take Hermione away from Hogwarts for a certain number of the dates, go out to dinner, theater, etc., 4) there must be a goodnight kiss at the end of each date, on the lips.

11) Through out her long life Circe has been taking human/muggle lovers and having children with them and letting her children be raised in the muggle world, not the wizard world.