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Chapter 1: Summoned by Voice

Every story begins with a waiting.

It could have been 500 years in the past, or 500 years in the future, or infinity in difference when such events occurred, depending on what you considered reality. So perhaps it's best to say these events did occur, will occur, have always occurred for as long as there has been time to pass. Therefore, each second is an eternity in itself. However, few seconds seem like eternities, which can be attributed to the fact that there are just too many for them to be recognized as a treasure. Is that why a day, or a week, or years can pass so fast, and yet still feel like an entire lifetime? As if there hadn't been any life before its start. Inuyasha did not remember what occurred during his 50 year slumber. What he had forgotten during that period was feeling something stirring within himself. Restlessness. Someone… had been calling out to him. Not calling him name, but calling out to something in him. The hanyou had never been one to be chivalrous, and yet the sound of the cry that dove into his blood caused the nerves in his brain to start moving again, and in response, his hand twitched. Thus the 50 year slumber had ended, because of a cry that told him to follow, and to keep following forever.

As he yawned in his spot in the tree over the well, he never thought to consider why he was there. Any memory of the adrenalin rush in his sleep was gone for him as a dream. And so, naïve, stubborn and cocky, he carried on as if nothing had ever happened. His unconscious philosophy was to forget anything resembling sadness or weakness, but still retaining anger and vengeance. In his mind, he needed this in order to forget the pain, and to never feel it again.

But even such a strong moral as his would break down over time.

The kitsune known as Shippou shook his head as the hanyou's ear continued to twitch and his growl grow steadily deeper. Despite being the youngest of the bunch, Shippou could never be considered the baby. A part of him was happy that Inuyasha had relieved him of that title, and yet most of him was just embarrassed for their leader and ultimate authority. He didn't understand a lot of human customs. Who was he to assume what Inuyasha was feeling or wanting. Patience was slowly slipping away from him, for this scene had been repeated countless time over the past two years. He was sure Inuyasha could have been doing something more productive… if that had been what he really wanted. But he knew what Inuyasha wanted: the shikon shards. And Kagome was the key to his dream come true. As of now, he could assume that was all he would ever want. As of now.

He caught sight of the moon which finally passed behind the tree, and knew it was that time again. Sure enough, right on schedule, the hanyou rose from his spot and with an annoyed grumble, leapt through the well without a word. Shippou snickered.

The sky was still pitch black when Kagome finally returned home. As she looked at her clock one more time and struggled to keep her eyes from drooping, she wondered for a moment if it had been a mistake to go out with her friends. Already her circadian rhythm was totally out of whack. For what now seemed like her entire life, daily activities had been unpredictable, too unpredictable to come home and take a break whenever it was required. Then again, an acquaintance with Inuyasha was just full of surprises.

Kagome's relationship with Inuyasha was both predictable and unpredictable at the same time. Predictable in that she could almost always expect him to be rude and ungrateful; unpredictable, because she never quite knew when he would give her "the look". It was a stare that both comforted her and made her feel uneasy. What could she make out of such a look? She had seen the far-off look a number of times when the subject of Kikyo was brought up, which led straight through to conclusion for the reincarnation of his old romance. Slowly, she had succumbed to the idea that such a look meant Inuyasha was thinking about Kikyo. No doubt because Kagome looked exactly like her. How painfully ironic that the object of her affection only thought of her as a mere reminder of what he had lost. But, she kept on telling herself, 'As long as he's happy, that's all that matters. That's all I ask for.'

So far, no one had asked her what she wanted most for her 17th birthday. Strange considering that it was usually the most frequently asked question during such times in childhood. Since she had missed the celebration of her 16th birthday due to a battle in the Feudal Era, perhaps everyone had simply forgotten the tradition of that annoying question. This year, it felt like a great weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. She didn't want to think about what she wanted most. For the most part, she already knew.

For at least a year, it had been to keep Inuyasha happy. However, there was always a part of her that wanted to be selfish, to take him for herself and never give him back. The former always came out strongest in the end. This was how Kagome knew she had grown up. She no longer allowed her personal needs to come before the needs of the ones she loved. She would laugh as she thought in pity, 'Inuyasha will never grow up.'

The weekend had been nothing but celebrations with friends and family, and finally, she could come home to her comfortable bed. The rest of her family was probably still sleeping, so her steps up the stairs were slow and soft. As she entered her room, she smiled dreamily at her beautiful bed. At that moment, she felt certain she could live a complete and happy life within the softness of the pillow and the warmth of the blankets. She flopped face down into the pillow with a satisfied grunt. "Aaah… next time, I stuff this bed down the well."

Her eyes flashed open for a moment as she remembered that she promised to be back at the crack of dawn. But her guilt over the issue faded quickly. She wouldn't have promised if that insufferable hanyou hadn't drilled her about it over and over again. If he was so keen on letting her health go, then she felt so shame in taking her well deserved sleep. With her last strength, she lifted the blankets over her body and let slumber take her.

For about an hour, all remained still. Being the young one and thus full of energy, Souta was still awake, and was up and dressed for what had been a full day of television and video games, not to mention his chores that still needed doing, the part he was not looking forward to. When he summoned his courage to step into the darkness of the night, Souta daringly took out the trash. Dropping them off at the proper destination, he made his way back to the house where the television awaited. However, before he could go very far, he saw a familiar frustrated face step out of the well hut. He waved enthusiastically, "Inu no nii-chan."

Inuyasha gave a slight wave, "Is Kagome home?"

"Uh, yeah I think so. But I think you should let her sleep. She was up almost all weekend."

Inuyasha snarled, "Keh! Baka! Doesn't she know we have things to do?"

He left quickly for the window, leaving the little boy alone again. He scratched his head, "What could she possibly need to do in the middle of the night?"

Inuyasha was not one for manners, so he slid open her window without a second hought. As the wind blew in behind him, he immediately heard her shiver from under the covers. He stepped inside and kneeled next to her sleeping face. Even he had to admit that she was beautiful. Her cheeks were still slightly flushed and her forehead slightly damp with sweat, from what he did not know. Her hair by now was tangled and messy, and part of it lay plastered onto her cheek. He had courage enough to take the hair between its fingers and neatly tuck it behind her ear. Her eyelashes began to flutter in dream as her own hair tickled them in the passing. When a smile began to curl onto her lips, he moved in closer as if to try listening in on her dreams. He hated not knowing what people were thinking, especially her. She was such a mystery to him. Perhaps that was why he thought her so beautiful: because she was a spirit one couldn't conquer. It was always something which he secretly admired about her. But she was untouchable land, unclaimable as he would never let her be claimed. Rude indeed considered he had decided he could never have her, even if a part of him screamed that he wanted her. He never listened to such messages. There was duty, namely to Kikyo, that he had to stay true to, and he couldn't get distraction from that obligation.

She exhaled as he inhaled, and for a few moments there life source lay in teeter-totter. Every inhale of the miko pulled him in ever so slightly closer. He didn't even notice he was already mere inches from her, a lot closer than he had ever been before. At least, excluding when she had kissed him before to stop his transformation. His memory failed him time and time again, and he tried to recall the feeling that he had during that day. It was something he was certain he had felt before, as if he had dreamt of it before. In the back of his head, he could softly hear a voice screaming for help. In context, one would assume he would be hearing himself screaming for help, but this voice had been warm and gentle. Now, as he leaned closer and closer to Kagome, he could feel that that sensation was about to return.

Kagome shivered at the cold and held the blankets tightly around her, but her body shivered ever more as she felt a strange warmness on her face. It came and went about every two seconds, and it tingled her skin in a strange way. It called to her, beckoned her to defy her irritated brain who begged for sleep. Ever slowly, her eyes drifted open, and as they began adjusting, all she could make out was someone's face just two inches from her own. Her eyes flashed wide open and she screamed.

Inuyasha, startled by the sudden change in volume, stumbled backward and onto the floor on his back. He groaned as he hit. A small improvement from receiving a sitting, but painful nonetheless. Kagome recognized the sound immediately as belonging to her hanyou. "Inuyasha!"

He sat up with an irritated look on his face, "Oi! What the fuck was that for?"

Her face grew beet red, and his ears drooped as he knew what was coming. She confirmed it, "Osuwari!"

In another thud, Inuyasha found himself face down on the floor. Kagome continued to speak as he lay subdued. "What is wrong with you, Inuyasha? You scared the living daylights outta me!"

The spell finally wore off and he jumped up and looked at her menacingly, "What's wrong with me! What's wrong with you? I told you two days is the limit now! We can't continue to dawdle any longer!"

"Well there's no way I'd ever be able to find your precious jewel shards if I am falling asleep during a battle."

Inuyasha growled lightly at how she said "precious jewel shards". He crossed his arms and turned his face away from her, "I would think you'd be little more courteous, considering it's entirely your fault that I'm stuck trying to find the shards with a bunch of weakling humans."

When he expected to hear more yelling, all he got was silence. He looked back confused to see the anger radiating from her eyes was now replaced by a look of real hurt. Damnit… why couldn't she just be mad at him instead? He would rather be sat a million times than have to see sadness in her eyes. The silence wasn't helping either and it dragged on a second too long, 'Please just sit me and get it over with.'

Kagome simply lay back down on the bed and faced the wall with her back to the hanyou. He hated that too. It was like being rejected and abandoned all in one swift movement. Kagome spoke softly this time, "I'll come back tomorrow, Inuyasha. Right now, I need to rest. For your information, I have very good reasons for staying. I'll explain to you tomorrow, but please. I beg of you to just let me sleep now. "

Inuyasha's face inadvertently softened. There was that tone again that subdued him more than the necklace ever could, for a good long time. He turned and rested his back on the beam of her bed. He softly asked, "Is there something wrong?"

She closed her eyes and yawned innocently, "No. It's just my birthday."

With nothing else to day, she began to drift back to sleep. She didn't see Inuyasha's head bow forward. His whisper wasn't even audible, "I see…"

He took in an uneasy, heavy breath. 'Her birthday, huh? She… doesn't want to be with me, with us, on her birthday? She'd rather be her. Perhaps she doesn't even want to be with me at all.'

He turned his head to the side to see a picture of Kagome and her friends. He glared at them all. They were the ones responsible for stealing her presence and her attention time and time again. They seduced her back to this world away from him, where he was not allowed to follow her. She wouldn't let him follow, not even to protect her. And it was all because of them. Disgusted by their presence, he turned the frame down so as to not see them. He eyed Kagome as she slept, 'What should I get her for her birthday?'

To be continued…

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