Title: Higher Education
Author: Lokaia
Rating: PG
(A/N): Only fourteen more to go! I'm already half done! AUGH I'm so excited! XD You guys have all been so wonderful about replying and putting up with my mood-swinging author's notes - thank you all so much for reading!

"Hey, you know--"

"Kaylee." There was a warning in Simon's tone that really didn't need to have the warning glare accompanying it.

The mechanic just giggled, though, happy to know that no matter how annoyed Simon might get at her, it was apparently never enough to push her feet off his lap. "I'm just sayin'! Y'er sister's real cute and Jayne can be... kin'na handsome once you get past the..."

"Big deranged homicidal monkey part?"

"Well, yeah." Kaylee giggled again, poking Simon in the leg with her toe. "You said she got better when he talked to her, right? An' he was real good about goin' to that party." She pauses and shrugs, adding a quick, "Well, 'good' for Jayne."

"That," Simon began, brows furrowed and a finger lifted to shake at her a little, "...is not the point."

"Then what is?" There was a smile in Kaylee's tone that really didn't need to have the smiling lips accompanying it.

"The point is... the point is..." Noticing the movement of his finger, Simon stopped it, folded his hands together against her shins and took a deep breath. "...She's my sister."

Expression softening, Kaylee reached out. "I know," she said softly, smiling sympathetically as she patted his arm.

"And he's a... a..."

"Big deranged homicidal monkey?"

Simon eyed her for a second, but couldn't keep the smile from his face for more than that, laughing along with her. "Well, yes," he agreed amid laughter, raising a hand to rub it along his eyes.

"Simon," Kaylee began once she could stop giggling, stifling the next grin, "Jayne's... not so bad. A little off, yeah, and really gorram scary, but... well, River /did/ stab him once."

"That was an accident--"

"No, it wasn't and you know it." It was not a rebuke but a reminder in the gentle way that Kaylee states it, patting his arm again. "And that was 'cause... what was it? She didn't like the color of his shirt?" Shaking her head, Kaylee leaned back on the couch, letting her arms fold over her stomach. "Don't'chu think if he ever really hurt 'er, River'd just stab the goushi out of him again?"


"'Sides, for all he bothers you about bein' near her, she leads him 'round like a lil' puppy."

"Yeah, she-- what?"

"You don't notice?" Kaylee laughed, Simon's wide eyes and parted lips only making the sound louder, longer. "She's always askin' him to do l'il favors for her-- Hell, sometimes she don't even ask! She'll be lookin' at somethin' and he'll just... well, like yesterday! When she was lookin' at his guns an'--"

"And he offered to teach her," Simon finished, looking-- awestruck, horrified. Something. "Lao Tian Ye, and she said she didn't want to but she wanted to see his knives and he got them for her."

Giggling at the man her legs were sitting on, Kaylee sat up and placed a kiss on his cheek, just to the right of his gaping mouth. "All that schoolin' didn't do you no good at all, did it, Simon?" she asked before getting up and heading off to the engine room-- laughing the whole way.