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It was a beautiful day in the city. A young Robin walked to Jump Middle School. Summer vacation was over, so its back to books, teachers, and all that other good stuff.

"Man… I wanna go back home and play video games… school sucks…" Robin thought.

"Yo, Dude!"

Robin turned around to see a young Beast Boy and Cyborg run to catch up to him. The three of them walked together to school. Robin and Cyborg had the same blank expressions. Beast Boy, however, was estatic.

"Whats wrong with you two? Were going back to school! Isn't it great?" Beast Boy said happily.

"…NO!..." Robin and Cyborg said in unison.

"Aww, come on! New school year… new friends… and most importantly… NEW GIRLS!" Beast Boy explained with a huge smile on his face. Cyborg and Robin looked at each other, then kept walking, with Beast Boy running to catch up to them.

The three mini heroes arrived at school, all sorts of kids roamed the halls. A few of the students where Aqualad, Kid Flash, Speedy, Mad Mod, etc. Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy looked around to see all the new faces.

"Whoa… look at all the new faces!" Cyborg said.

Terra walked past the boys, not looking at them, but keeping forward. "I'm loiving the new faces!" Beast Boy said with hearts in his eyes. "Hey Robin! Look at BB!" Cyborg said, nudging Robin. Robin however, was in another world himself. "Uh… Robin…?"

Robin was in the same state. He had hearts in his eyes as he watched the new girl float around, trying to find her locker. Robin fixed his hear and turned to his friends. "Stand back, boys! Watch me bag a fox!"

Robin walked over to the young girl with the long red hair, purple top, purple skirt, and purple boots.

"Hi! You new around here?" Robin said slyly while leaning against a locker. He didn't know it, but he leaned a little too close to the edge, and as a result, he fell backwards and on his back. Everyone around started laughing.

"Aww, CRAP!" Robin thought.

The red haired girl giggled as Robin quickly jumped to his feet and dusted himself off as if nothing happened.

Cyborg and Beast Boy held each other as they laughed at their buddy.

"Um, you look lost…" Robin said.

"Yes… I am new to your planet and I am looking for the room with the number 1011." The girl said.

"Hey! That's my class… we should walk there… together… or float in your case…" Robin said. The girl giggled again. "Glorious! And maybe you can do the falling on your butt again!" she said.

"Um… yeah…" Robin said, turning red in the face. Robin and the girl walked to their class, walking past Cyborg and Beast Boy. Robin threw a thumbs up to them. They simply shook their heads.

"Well… guess we should get to class too." Cyborg said. Him and Beast Boy walked to their class, with was 1012, right next to Robin and the girl's.

"By the way…" Robin said. "I'm Robin. Whats your name?"

"I am Starfire!" She said. (come on, I knew you all saw that one coming!)

Robin and Starfire walked inside their class, while Beast Boy and Cyborg went into the one next door. The bell had just rang as they walked inside. A majority of the seats were taken.

"Aww, dude! There's no seats next to each other!" Beast Boy complained.

"Oh well… guess I'll see you after class, BB." Cyborg said. He and Beast Boy gave each other dab, then the went to the only two empty seats in the room… Beast Boy sat in the back of the class, while Cyborg sat at the front, next to a blue skinned girl in a hooded blue cloak.

"Hey! How ya doin!" Cyborg said to the girl. She simply looked at him and went back to meditating.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos…"

"Um… okaaaaaay…"

Meanwhile, in the back of class, Beast Boy said, looking around the class. He noticed one of his classmates sitting next to him. He was a blob like being with two eyes and a mouth. Beast boy looked him up and down.

"Hmm… I've heard of guys like him…" Beast Boy thought. "That weird looking kid is a Guradian… I heard they have weird powers… but I wonder what they are…"

"Mind reading." The blob said out loud.

Beast Boy shrieked, then covered his mouth. Hey then tried his hardest to clear his mind. There was an ackward silence.

"My name is Pud." The Guradian said.

"Dude…" Beast Boy muttered.

As the teacher walked in, class began. Everyone was told to stand up and give their names and something about them. The blue skinned girl stood up. "I'm Raven. I'm from a place called Azarath." Then she sat down.

"Ok… want to tell us a little more about you, Raven?" The teacher asked.

"No." Raven said flat out.

"OK! Then we wont force you to if you don't want to…"

Later that day…

During lunch, Pud hopped (because he has no legs) across the yard, when Beast Boy approached him from behind.

"DUDE!" Beast Boy shouted. "I DO NOT enjoy having people butt into my brain! NO ONE reads my mind without my permission! I should bust your chops RIGHT NOW!"

"The blue haired girl likes you." Pud said as he kept hopping. Beast Boy was frozen in his tracks. He turned and walked towards Robin and Cyborg.

"Hey, what did Pud say to you?" Cyborg asked.

"That goth chick likes me!" Beast Boy said. "Watch me go over there and woo her with my 'charms'!" he said slyly. He walked over towards Raven, who was sitting on a bench having a pizza with a juice box next to her.

"Only I wont fall on my butt like Robin did!" Beast Boy shouted.

"Shut up, punk!" Robin said with fury in his mask.

Beast Boy walked to Raven and gave her "the look", which was trying to look older, mature, and sexy.

"Hey baby… mind if I join you?" he said.

A black aura surrounded Raven's hand as she lifted it up. She shot a beam at Beast Boy, sending him flying across the school yard. He hit off a tree, then slid all the way down.

"I guess Guradians have the ability to pull PRANKS!" Beast Boy said, staring down Pud, who was laughing with Robin and Cyborg.

Sitting under another tree, Starfire was having a weird, alien snack in a little lunch box she brought her. Robin began to get light headed.

"Hey Pud!" He said. "Can you do me a favor?"

Pud glanced at Robin for a moment. "You want me to read Starfire's mind and find out what kind of boys she goes for."

"Yeah, exactly! Can you do it?"

"No problem."

Starfire looked her lunch up and down. "OH, WONDERFUL GLARFNAR MEAT! HOW I LOVE YOU SO!" She imagined herself hugging and kissing a large slab of Glarfnar meat.

"Well Pud!" said an impatient Robin.


Beast Boy walked over towards Cyborg, Robin, and Pud.

"Pud, you freakin' liar! Now I'm REALLY gonna cream you!" he shouted, rolling up his sleeves. Pud squinted his eyes and Beast Boy stopped in his tracks yet again. He looked over at Raven, then back at his friends. "Hey guys! Watch me get that blue chick's number!" he said as he ran off.

"Uh… didn't he just go over there not too long ago.. and got zapped into a tree?" Cyborg asked.

"Heh heh heh! Yeah… I can also make him forget things that happened moments ago." Pud laughed.

Beast boy walked over to Raven, who was reading a book this time. "Hey baby… mind if I join you?" He asked with his suave look on his face.

"…Didn't we just go through this?" Raven asked, puzzled. "Huh?" Beast Boy said as he scratched his head."

"DON'T PLAY DUMB WITH ME!" Raven yelled as she shot Beast Boy with yet another energy beam. This time, Beast Boy knocked that same tree he hit the last time over.

"Why'd she hit me… I thought she liked me…" Beast Boy muttered with stars in his eyes. Robin, Cyborg, and Pud walked over to Beast Boy. A small electric wave shot out from Pud's head over to Beast Boy's. B.B. jumped up and looked around, then looked at Raven yet again.

"There's that hot gothic chick! I'm gonna go over there and get her number!" B.B. said as he ran over towards Raven.

Robin held his mouth with his hand, trying not to bust out laughing. Cyborg had a huge kool aid grin on his face as he watched Beast Boy run over towards Raven.

"Pud, you are an evil, evil man." Cyborg said with a huge smile on his face. In the background, Beast Boy could be seen flying through the air, followed by another black beam. The boys walked over to the now unconscience Beast Boy, who laid on top of the tree he knocked over.

"Hey Pud… what else can you do?" Robin asked.

Another electric wave emited from Pud's head to Beast Boy's head. "Well, I can make him think that he and Raven went on a date last night." Pud responded.

Beast Boy jumped to his feet, then looked over at Raven. "Hey, there's that hot chick I went out with last night! I'm gonna go talk to her! Maybe she wants to go out again tonight!" He said as he ran YET AGAIN towards Raven.

Once again, Robin and Cyborg were laughing. "You know, for a dude who plays a lot of pranks, you sure don't smile very much!" Cyborg said.

"I'm smiling on the inside." Pud responded.

"DUCK!" Robin shouted. He, Pud, and Cyborg dropped to the ground as Beast Boy was sent flying there way. This time, he crashed into a wall.

"Well, we should probably run for dear life now." Pud said as he started to hop away as fast as he could. "What for?" Cyborg asked. Pud stopped then turned around.

"Because you see, my powers have two drawbacks. One, the effects eventually wears off… and two… the subject will recall EVERYTHING that was done to him."

Robin and Cyborg turned around to see a VERY angry Beast Boy, in the form of a Rhino, charging at them. The boys shouted, then took off running as fast as they could.

At the end of school…

All the kids of Jump Middle School were leaving the school, glad to be going home. Robin was standing outside by the steps as Cyborg approached him.

"Man Robin! BB was PISSED at lunch!" Cyborg laughed.

"Haha! Yeah, I know!" Robin said with a smile.

"So… you think we should walk home without him? Cyborg asked.

"Actually Cyborg… I'm waiting to walk him with Starfire."

"OOooohh… ditching your boys for a girl… I see how you…"

"See how I'm what, Cyborg?"



Storming out of the school… was a young Slade. He was pushing kids around, some even forking over what little money they had. Slade walked over to Robin and Cyborg.

"Give me your money… before I pound your faces in." He demanded.

"What! NO! GET LOST, METAL FACE!" Robin shouted.

"Robin… cool it… I don't think you wanna be pickin' fights with this guy…" Cyborg said. He leaned in to whisper something to Robin. "Dude… he should be in high school, but he keeps getting held back! Even the teachers are afraid of him!"

"SO!" Robin shouted.

"Are you gonna give me your money, or am I going to just take it from you?" Slade asked.

"WHY DON'T YOU TAKE THIS INSTEAD?" Robin shouted as he lunged at Slade. Slade side-stepped Robin, then dropped his elbow down on Robin's head, knocking him out. Robin lied on the ground, unconscience, as Cyborg watched in amazement. Slade looked down at Robin, then back at Cyborg.

"Now, will you cooperate, or will you end up like your friend?" Slade asked.

Cyborg handed Slade all his money with a huge smile on his face.

Slade took the money, then walked off. "Thank you. Hopefully tomorrow we wont have any… misunderstandings…"

Cyborg shook his head with that same smile on his face. Once Slade was gone, Cyborg picked Robin up and put him over his shoulders. Starfire came out a few moment's later.

"Hi! Is Robin sleeping?" She asked.

"Yeah… lets just say peer pressure knocked him out." Cyborg said

"Then let us all walk home together!" Starfire said with a smile.

And so, Cyborg, Starfire, and an unconscience Robin walked home from a long day at school… When suddenly, a green rhino busted through the doors, then reverted back into Beast Boy.


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