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Rightio, the summary: It's SoKairi and a Squffie, angst between Yuffie, Kairi, and Sora. Set in a school, Destiny Central, all between high school students (I mean, a romance between primary kids? Gimme a break!) It's kinda like; The new girl Kairi is taken in tow by one of her room-mates, Yuffie, and shown the ropes around the high-school area (I'm not gonna try and mention the primary part ANYWHERE in this, so yeah). But there's also a new boy, Sora, who just happens to be Kairi's age… but what happens when Yuffie falls for him too? And what happens when Yuffie finally realises that Sora's not the one for her?

Yep, i'sh a classic high-school fic. I read one the other day, and decided I wanted to write one too, so here I am.

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Chapter 1:

A New School, Two New Kids

Dear Diary,

I got last weekend at Aer's birthday party. Note to self: never get pissed at a party with hot jerks, or you may end up having a d like Seifer trying to grope you again. Blehck. Never again- but I promised that at New Year's, didn't I? Didn't stop Riku trying to feel me up again next day- and his hotness didn't stop him from getting a knee where it hurts.


Leaning back on her chair, Yuffie caught a glimpse of her room-mate Aerith hurrying past the open bedroom door. "Hey Aer, when was the last time someone tried to grope you?"

Aerith popped her head around the door frame, long brown braid swinging over her shoulder. "That'd be my last birthday, when Seifer tried." A sweet smile curved her full pink as she suddenly remembered something. "He stopped, though- when Cloud found us." She hurried on with the armload of laundry.

"Seifer again," Yuffie muttered wryly, turning her pencil over and over between her hands. " And Aerith let him come to her next party? Well, whatever Cloudy did, it obviously wasn't enough. He should learn from his mistakes." She chuckled suddenly, a crazy sound coming from the short, dark-haired girl. "How can I expect him to learn from his mistakes when I don't learn from mine? Tut, tut, Yuffie, you are really pathetic sometimes."

The doorbell rang, three quick sharp buzzes resounding through the three-bedroom unit. Yuffie winced. I need to convince Aerith to get us another doorbell, she thought as she leapt from her chair and sped down the narrow hallway, reaching the front door a split second before Aerith. "Ah-ha!" she exclaimed triumphantly, grabbing hold of the handle and yanking the solid oak door open.

Her Year Advisor Cid stood in the doorway, towering over her. The blond, heavily built man had been a gunnery sergeant- the highest ranked position where you could still get your hands dirty, he always said- in the army before the Heartless War had ended, and he treated his students much the same way he had treated his troops.

Yuffie stared at him, taking in his stern face. With a strangled sound, she slammed the door in his face.

"What do you want?" She yelled through the thick door. "If it's about Seifer, I didn't mean to actually break his nose, really!"

She thought she heard a sigh coming from the other side of the door. A thick string of expletives followed it, which Yuffie translated roughly as "This has nothing to do with that. I didn't even know about that. Now open the door."

Yuffie did so with a slight smile for her favourite teacher, but cautiously, peering around the side of the door. "So what do you want? If I'm not in trouble, what is it?"

Cid turned slightly and wrestled something out from behind him, dragging it out in plain view. A pretty, slight girl with big purple eyes and auburn hair cut only marginally neater than Yuffie's- a look Yuff liked herself quite a bit- stood quietly in front of Cid, looking at Yuffie and Aerith behind her.

Aerith's maternal instincts took over at that point in time. With a low cry, she dashed out and took the girl's delicate hand. Yuffie, on the other hand, gave a friendly grin to the girl. "Hiya, I'm Yuffie, the Greatest Female Ninja ever! You are?" She fixed her gaze on the newcomer, ignoring Cid's loud snort.

The girl straightened from her protective huddle: her eyes were on a level with Yuffie's. Another shorty, she thought, delighted. "I'm Kairi," the purple-eyed girl said clearly. "I just moved here from Hollow Bastion."

"Hollow Bastion, huh? We're from there!" Yuffie yelped delightedly, giving the girl an impulsive hug. "It'll take a while to get used to the heat, but not long, so don't worry. So you're our room-mate, right? It's been pretty empty ever since Selphie got an apprenticeship at the tailor's and moved out." Chattering excitedly, she guided Kairi in the front door.

Aerith shared a look with Cid. "You want me or Yuffie to show her around the grounds?" the beautiful senior brunette asked.

"Yuffie." He replied. "They're both under my supervision, and the girl's gonna be bloody stayin' here, so it makes bloody sense Yuff and 'er get to be friends is they're in the same year." Cid never swore as much when he talked to Aerith; no one spoke roughly with Aerith.

"Well, then, I guess that settles it. I'll help her here; Yuff'll guide her around the school, help her in classes. Easy." She gave Cid a judging look. "I'll keep her away from Seifer, though."

Cid nodded. "Riku's got charge of another new kid, Sora. And I got told there's another bloody student in Year 12 with you. The name's Sq- um, Leon Leonhart. I knew 'im when he was a runt, he was called Squall then. Bloody guys, think they'd stick with the things their friggin' parents gave 'em! Like that bloody Hotdogs on Big Brother…" He stumped off, muttering probable obscenities under his breath.

Aerith walked back inside to where she knew Yuffie was waiting, with Kairi, no doubt sipping hot chocolate- Yuffie specialty- and trying to sort out the important stuff from the rubbish Yuffie would be sprouting.

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