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Chapter Five: A Day In The Life Of Riku


Riku swatted away the piece of paper that hit his ear languidly, raising his head from the desk and narrowing aquamarine eyes in annoyance. "Bitch. What'd you do that for, Tidus?"

Tidus snorted, flipping blond hair from his eyes in a male-model way and looking sideways at the silver-haired teen across the row. "Call you a pervert or throw something at ya?"


"Well, I threw the paper 'cause I was bored and wanted to… and I called you a pervert 'cause everyone says you've had like five girls over the past week."

Riku scowled unfathomably.

"What's wrong with repeating what rumour says, eh Riku?" his athletic friend asked innocently, eyes wide.

"That's one girl too few," he muttered into crossed arms.

Tidus snickered- although splutter may have matched the action more appropriately- and received a glare in return that prompted full, loud laughter. Riku merely shook his head at the blond, sighing as he turned his mind back to the memories…


She had been very small; a slight, petite form even shorter than Yuffie crowned with dirty blonde hair, a streak of purple on the side. She'd been giddy too, when he'd spotted her- not drunk (that she didn't like alcohol had been one of her odd confessions that night) but simply high on excitement. He knew that it was always wild whenever the party was hosted at his place. Riku being Riku, of course, it was definitely just his place, not, say, Cloud's or Leon's, the two who actually paid the bulk of the rent.

He'd seen her, a wallflower decked in apurple and blue skirt with a black tank top; underdressed but just right. She was gazing, apparently spaced out, at everything around her- one or two close friends hung with her, laughing.

Instinctively he made a beeline for her. He had a thing for short girls, hence the way he was always after Yuffie, and this one was no exception. An added bonus and attraction was her hair- that lovely blonde with purple, shining with vitality. His fingers itched to comb through its smooth strands. Appearing at her elbow just as her two mates glided off for some more drinks, he said suavely, "Hey. You look kind of lonely."

She grinned outright at him. "Smooth one, huh. Not really, I'm just waiting for my friends to come back."

A quick save was called for; he had simply grasped her about the waist and kissed her hard.

It hadn't taken much to persuade her upstairs after that, past lip-locked couples, a couple of brawls and several occupied rooms. The very resourceful Riku shoved past a crying girl,blonde in tow, and into the bathroom, locking the door safely behind him.

"So." He said then, sitting on the edge of the bathtub,she dazed and standing before him. "The name's Riku. Yours?"

"...Hayley." She had said at last, glancing around. "The bathroom?"

He had run a hand through his silver curtain of hair, looking away. "Yeah. Do you mind?" He drew her over and kissed her deeply, making sure she never got a chance to reply.

Ten to fifteen minutes later, she had laughingly pleaded thirsty, and let herself out the door, closing it behind her. She'd said she would be back soon. Unknown to her, she'd left her jumper- a black one that had been tied about her thin waist- and a sock that was hidden in the toilet. Waiting, the fool Riku relieved himself and flushed.


And down the sock went... oh shit. That scared the hell out of me that night. And she never came back, either... He woke from his reverie, and blinked. "Tidus. Dude. What the hell are you doing?"

A sock?" Tidus gasped. His blond mate had been laughing hard the whole time. "That's why we had to pay the bill to get the pipes cleaned in our bathroom? Well, at least it wasn't your pretty hair clogging it up this time-" He fell off his chair in another attack of mirth.

Riku shook his head, ridding himself of the memories. "Dude. You suck."

The bell for recess finally went off with a tinny ring; Tidus followed a still-preoccupied Riku out of the room with a groan of relief. "Finally out here. I thought you were gonna kill me back there for laughing- you or Glasses. God, I dunno what we did to deserve him as a teacher-"

"Shut up."

Tidus shut his trap obediently.

"Riku!" Selphie's voice echoed about the teeming quad; he made a beeline for their usual seats, smirking as Selphie let him sit between her and Namine, ingoring Tidus. She must be annoyed with him again. Wonder which anniversary he forgot this time? Selphie always made impossibly hard-to-remember dates for silly things, like 'The First Time We Ate A Piece Of Apple Pie Together'. Of course, no one'd forget that one... he smirked even more than before.

"Hey guys!" A cheery but quiet voice greeted them; aquamarine eyes glanced up immediately. It was that hot redhead from earlier, the one Yuffie was looking after. A too-long lookover was returned with a smack over the head, and he grimaced; Yuffie was with her, and launched into another speech of how she couldn't believe that he was still going out with Namine. Riku amused himself by blowing holes in the clingwrap that had protected his rumballs until now, and then by imagining what Yuffie would look like in a tiny red bikini he'd seen the other day, complete with clingwrap gagging her so she couldn't yell at him.

She broke off her rant to glance at Namine levelly. "Tell me truthfully, Nami. Why are you going out with this perverted psychotic jerk who can't do anything to save his life except model and bash Tidus?"

Bright, wide blue eyes looked at her innocently. There was a little pop- she was chewing grape-flavoured bubblegum. "Because he's hot." She answered, unblinking.

Everybody cracked up; Yuffie growled and tipped the scantyremainder of her container of scrambled over his cocky silver head, leaving him spluttering. "I'm going to our next class now." She announced to no one in particular, storming off. Kairi ran after her, barely managing to keep from collapsing in a fit of giggles; the chocolate-spiked boy with baby blue eyes who'd just arrived looked after them, confused.

Leaving Biology to go to lunch later that same day, Yuffie had finally madea trucewith the silver-haired youth after a series of pranks involving a bunsen burner, a stack of Riku's booksand a lot of matches. They were walking down the tiled walkway between the science labs and the raised sport ground when Yuffie paused at the hearing of her name.

"Hey Yuffie!" yelled a voice from over near the water fountain. Seifer. Yuffie turned slowly to look at him. "You were good last weekend," he jeered, cupping his hands over his chest and bouncing them up and down.

Warning! Warning! Once this human reaches 2000 C she will self-destruct, killing all lifeforms known as consummate dickheads. Countdown in 5… 4… 3… 2… too late. Yuffie was already furious.

"You bastard!" She screamed. "Come near me again and I swear I'll break more than your nose! I'll snap your-"

Typical Riku. Interrupts me in one of the greatest tirades I have ever delivered. It was sure to have been one of the greatest, because right after I'd finished telling the blond prick where he could shove his mutilated… fingers… I was going to add insult to injury by telling him even Riku pashed better than him. But noooo. Riku just had to grab my arm and start dragging me away before I could get to that part.

The aforementioned silver-haired idiot continued plowing down the path with the dark-haired, smouldering-eyed girl's left arm in a vice grip. "Let go, Riku!" The petite ninja shouted at the stubborn youth. "You didn't even let me say my part!"

"Let it go," he muttered through gritted teeth into her ear. "Just ignore him, Yuffie."

Riku being mature? "But he started it!" She cried, trying to dig her black heels into the slippery tiles on the ground. Her black bag thrashed uselessly by her side, hitting her thin ribs in exactly the same spot she was wishing she could hit Riku.

"Then you finish it," he hissed, still trampling the unaware ceramic floor mercilessly and relentlessly.

"Wha-?" Now Yuffie was confused as well as pissed off. First he tells me to ignore Seifer, then he tells me to finish the fight. How can I finish something I didn't even begin?

"Let it go." Riku told Kairi and Sora later with a smirk. "Yuffie's just injured- or her pride is, at least." The girl was still fuming as she recalled what Seifer had been saying, but with a certain amount of satisfaction as she thought of how much pain Riku must be right now- she could kick hard, and she knew it.

Tifa nudged her out of her reminiscing. "You bashed him?" She queried, nodding towards the guy who was currently trying to latch his hands around both Kairi and Namine; Kairi ducking out of the embrace in embarrassment, Nami shoving him whenever he tried to grab the redhead, miffed at his continuous lechery. Wakka was laughing unabashedly at the sad attempts by Riku, tossing a Blitzball absently in his left hand.

"Yep!" The two grinned at each other; they'd been friends since childhood, having hailed from the same outback town. "Tifa..."


"can we go get something to eat this arvo? I still haven't shown Kairi around the town yet, and I hate doing that by myself... especially since Riku'll insist on coming with Sora." She made a face.

"Sora? The cute little boy? Ah, yeah, that's fine. You can all come to where I work! Ten-pin bowls is a lotta fun with heaps of people..."

They both snickered simultaneously, thinking deviouslythey won't know what's hit them.

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