Bleeding Soul and Silent Screams

Chapter 1 All Alone

She lay there on the bed. Her body was so sore she couldn't move, she tried to speak but her throat ached and her voice had become cracked from the screams. Why she screamed she did not know. No one ever heard her scream, except for him. But the screams just enraged him more and the beating just became worse. Her stomach, chest, back, arms and legs were covered with welts and bruises but he never touched her face. No, he would never touch her face. After each time he would tell her how beautiful she was. He would say that her beauty could get her anything. He would say her face was so beautiful and delicate and that was how he controlled her. She would never speak a word to anybody else and he made sure of it but telling her how beautiful she was. With just a few words he could have complete control over her, and that was the way he wanted it.


Ginny awoke that morning stiff and sore, just like each morning since summer had begun. Each morning she had to force herself to get out of bed and face the day. She silently crossed to hall into the bathroom and ran a hot shower. As she undressed and looked at the mirror she saw so many cuts, bruises, and welts. There were too many to count. But as she looked at her face she remembered his words, "You are so beautiful and delicate, just like a flower." The words sickened her but gave her relief at the same time. If anybody did actually think her beautiful they would see only her face and not the bruises and welts that covered the rest of her body. As she stepped into the almost scalding water it gave her a small comfort. As she tried to bathe herself she tried to remember what had happened the night before.


"Get up you little bitch!" he screamed. Ginny pushed herself farther back into the corner with her knees against her chest and her hands covering her ears. He kicked her and then she began to scream. Her screams always infuriated him. He grabbed her by the neck and pinned against the wall. He ruthlessly began to pound her stomach and chest with his other fist re-opening several wounds from the previous night. He kept striking until her voice became raspy and cracked.

He let go and Ginny fell to the floor desperately clutching her aching neck. He grabbed both of her arms, hard, knowing they would leave finger-like bruises on her upper arms, and threw her against the wall. As she limp and lifeless on the floor he picked her up and cradled her in his arms. That was when he told her she was beautiful. Ginny hated that worst of all, even more than the beatings. She hated it more because she knew it was his way of controlling her, yet she knew she would never whisper a word to anyone. He gently laid her down on the cold floor and put her head softly on the floor as not to bruise it. He then gave her a kiss on the forehead and silently left the room.

Five minutes had passed and her mother came into the room and carefully lifted her from the floor and placed her on the bed. She didn't dare hug Ginny because she knew it would only make the pain worse. But she kissed her on the cheek and whispered and "I love you." Ginny slowly turned her head and looked into her mother's eyes as if blaming her for not doing anything. She did this each night and each night her mother would say, "I know, Gin, I know. Things will be better in the morning." Molly Weasley then stood up quietly and left the room.

end flashback

Ginny never understood how her mother could let him do such things to her and not even talk to him about it. But then, Ginny suspected, he would argue with her mother and end their marriage. She knew the only reason her mother had married him was because of his money. After her real father had died, they lost much money and needed some, quick. Her mother did what she thought was best for her family and married the richest Auror in the Ministry of Magic.

As she stepped out of the water Ginny once again peered at her reflection in the mirror. Like always she felt dirty and disgusting. Many times she had tried to wash away the filth, her mother's words rung in her head, "If it's not clean the first time, wash it again!"

But the dirt never came off and she would always come out of the shower feeling filthy and pathetic. She finally had decided on a black long-sleeve and a pair of worn jeans. Not that she had much of an option when it came to her wardrobe, the bruises on her arms and legs were clearly visible so she couldn't wear skirts or blouses. Even though her mother knew what happened, her brothers were all blissfully blind and she thought it best for them to stay that way.

She hurried down the stairs thinking that if she was lucky she might scrounge any food that was left over. But like always with six brothers, there was hardly or no food at all left for her. As she watched from the bottom of the stair, she thought, "Maybe if I stand here quietly, they won't see me." And they didn't see her. No one noticed the skinny girl at the back of the room; she was invisible to them, but at the same time in plain view.

Her mother was laughing at whatever joke Fred and George had told her, and her other brothers were to preoccupied stuffing their faces to even look up. But He noticed her. He took special care to make sure she didn't do or say anything she wasn't supposed to. He was forever watching and even though she pretended not to notice she could feel his eyes watching each move. Not saying a word, he slowly raised his hand and beckoned her towards the table. Once again she was under his control. And as acting as if she was under the imperius curse, she walked towards the seat right next to him and sat down.

"I saved you some food," He said while each word made Ginny shiver, "I thought you would be hungry."

A quiet, "Thank you, sir" was all she could muster and slowly began to eat the food. He stroked her thigh gently and like each time before she would tense at his touch. As the noise from the table began to quiet and her brothers started to go about their daily routines she was left to sit at the table all by herself.


"Ginny, dear, could you come down here for a moment?" Molly called towards her daughter's bedroom. She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed. She had noticed her daughter tense up at breakfast and knew exactly what he was doing, he was controlling her.

"Yes, mother?" Ginny replied quietly, avoiding her mother's eyes.

"Stephan took the day off and told me he wanted to take you to Diagon Alley," she said softly, "And there is no point in protesting because I already told him you would." Ginny was mildly surprised at what her mother had said, but kept her eyes on the floor. When he made requests like that her mother usually made up excuses for her to stay at home, but this time she didn't understand why her mother had agreed so quickly.

"Yes, mother," was all she said. And for the first time in a while, Ginny lifted her head and looked straight into he mother's eyes as if to explain everything she felt. Molly Weasley saw it all. The hurt, fear, anger and control could be seen in her daughter's eyes. She could finally see how helpless and frightened her daughter felt and still could not bring herself to do anything about it.

Ginny turned away and walked to the front yard where Stephan was. She was going to have to face the day like she faced each night. She was going to face it by herself and all alone.