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This day was a day of celebrations. Balloons and party ornaments decorated the Konoha ninja academy. All the young students had now graduated into new genin's. In the crowd of students stood two head figures. One was a young women aged about 18 years old. Her pink hair caressed the light breeze that seemed to blow. Beside her was a man. He had a scruffy looking blonde hair and was dressed in an orange sweater. They both smiled at each other and also played around with the kids. Just then, the breeze seemed to cease and a chill ran down the spines of the two teachers. They quickly found each other again and wondered what was wrong.

"Sakura, did you feel that?"

"Yeah, a cold chill went down my back. Something is wrong… something just doesn't feel right…"

"I know what you mean."

As they were talking, the yellow haired man felt a strange presence near the academy entrance. As soon as his eyes shifted, so did Sakura's.

"Naruto… something is wrong. The kids don't seem to feel anything."

"That's good, we wouldn't want a panic…"

Just as Naruto finished his sentence, they both quickly made their way to the entrance gate to the academy. Naruto took a step forward and tightened his muscles. His guts were turning, he knew something big was about to commence. As he walked through the gates, he saw a man limping down the street. He was so badly injured that he had to use the walls to support his walking. As he looked at him, he felt something he hadn't felt in a long time. His eyes seemed to roll back to the back of his head. It wasn't until Sakura slowly walked next to him that he awoke from the spell of nostalgia.

"Is everything alright Naruto?" Sakura said softly.

Naruto replied with a serious tone, "There is something strange about that man… Wait here."

"No way, that man is badly injured. My medical skills could be useful."

"I have a feeling you won't be healing him if he is who I think he is…"

A strange look appeared on Sakura's face. Then Naruto began to walk forward still ready for an attack of some sort. As he approached the man, he could tell the man knew he was being followed. He stopped abruptly.

"Is there a reason you are following me?"

Naruto then clenched his fists tighter as he recognized the voice. His eyes widened and his heart beat continued to increase. It was ironic however, this very man was the man he had been looking for, for quite some time. He thought he would be happy to finally see him, but all he could feel is pain and the incentive to kill.

"Why have you come back…Sasuke…"

From behind, Sakura's eyes widened. She hadn't heard that name in quite some time. It had been several years since her and Naruto went out looking for him along with Orochimaru.

"So… You recognized me…."

Before the sentence could be finished, he collapsed from fatigue. The crusted blood seemed to flake away just to create room for the fresh blood to spread. Sakura began to run towards him but was stopped by Naruto's arm. He held it out and would not allow her to pass.

"Naruto! We have to save him, after all he is a person."

Naruto's eyes shifted to Sakura. The colors of his eyes changed from the peaceful blue to the furious red. He had begun to release some of the Kyuubi's chakra.


Naruto blinked a few times and reverted back to his normal self. He then looked at the dying Sasuke. He knew something was wrong but that could be resolved later, for now, he needed to be taken for immediate hospitalization. Naruto and Sakura carried Sasuke to the nearby hospital where he was rushed to the emergency room.

"Sakura, go tell the Hokage Tsunade of the current situation. We must choose a careful plan to deal with this. I will stay here just in case… Nevermind, just go!"


Sakura rushed out of the hospital pushing all the people away. In no time, she foundherselfat the Hokage office.

Sasuke hadn't layed foot in Konoha for several years now. Why had he suddenly decided to return? Why was he in such horid conditions when Naruto and Sakura found him. Could this be another one of Orochimaru's plots or could something really had happened to Sasuke? Find out on the next chapter. In the Reviews, remember to leave comments about what you might want to see in the next chapter. I might just impliment them if they seem reasonable.