His Daughter

Author: Leta McGotor

Disclaimer: I owe nothing but some characters like Victoria McDrake, her fiance, her family, Theodore Menckle and Professor Nostradamus Crehl. The other belongs to JKR.

Chapter 1: The Time before The Past

"You can't go, Victoria! Don't do this to me!" Albus Dumbledore pleaded. He stood at the edge of a forest in the middle of nowhere in the Scottish Highlands. It was dark around him and the woman by his side. She shook her head sadly and pulled the blanquet lying on her shoulders more tightly around her.

"I can't. You know I'm engaged to him. Next week is my wedding. We have to stop, Albus. Really. He would kill you if he knew. It's hard enough for me, for you, for us… I know that… but there is no other way. I'm soory." Victoria McDrake looked to the ground, tears in her eyes.

She had loved this man, Albus Dumbledore, since the first time their ways had crossed. He also loved her and for them it was the happiest time of their life being together. Nearly one year ago he had asked her to marry him. It was like a dream, a wonderful dream until it turned into a nightmare. Her oldest brother, the head of her whole family, decided against a marriage between his one and only sister and Albus Dumbledore. His reasons were plain for him and all who thought the same but for the couple it was as if the world would come to an end. There had been a treaty between the McDrake's and another family that Victoria had to marry the youngest son.

Although Victoria was engaged to him she and Albus continued their relationship. Secret meetings, a few wonderful hours – the magic of love. But it shouldn't be. Her brother noticed that she hadn't broken their relationship down and was very angry. He forbade her to meet Albus Dumbledore again. Their meetings became fewer and fewer because it wasn't easy to meet with so many watchful eyes.

Now it was only one week until her wedding and Victoria had made a very difficult decision: She never would meet the love of her life again. There was a fear inside of her that her future husband would kill the man holding her heart. It was better the two man would never cross their ways.

"Albus, you know I love you but… I can't. We have to stop it, our meetings, our whole relationship… everything. Please, don't make it more difficult that it already is."

"But Victoria, I'll speak with him. He'll give you free, I swear. He doesn't love you. Please Victoria, don't leave me."

"I have to, Albus, I have to. There is no other way, you know. You have to understand that, please understand" The tears poured now freely down her face and her whole body was shaking with sobs. Albus pulled her in his arms to comfort her but that made the whole situation even worse. Victoria started cryind and it seemed that nothing in the world could stop her. Therefore she only stood there held by him and cried her heart and her soul out of her. Silent tears were in the eyes of Albus Dumbledore. Never had he thought that this day would come so fast. Never had he thought that it could be so difficult to let go. Never had he thought that he had to let go of his one and only true love of his life. He felt his heart cracked, felt more nd more rips until it started to break completely.

Suddenly there was a noise behind them and a man came out of his hiding behind the trees. He was as tall as Albus himself, had black hair and looking straight in his face you were able to see his dark blue eyes. Victria shrieked and retreated at the sight of her fiance. The man looked all but friendly. His face was distorted because of his rage. His hands were fists when he went to the couple standing in a small bit of moonlight.

Albus pushed Victoria behind his back to protect her. The man was standing directly in front of Albus now heavily panting because of his rage.

"You bastard! She is mine, only mine! How dare you, you uneducated…"

"Calm down, please. I… we… I mean… please." Victria pleaded coming from behind Albus' back.

"We can all discuss, Mr… sir. Really. Let me explain" Albus began pushing Victria behind his back again.

"I don't want a bloody discussion! Leave her alone! Give her to me! She is mine, only mine! Come in the near of my property and I swear I'll kill you! That is a promise! Victoria come." The man spat and yelled and screamed all in one.

"Victoria…" Albus turned to his love. "Please…" But she only shook her head avoiding to look him in the face, went past him and vanished with the angry man into the dark nothing leavind Albus alone behind. She never should see him straight in the face again.

17 years later

"You cheated"

"I think it is more the typical ability of you than us."

"We should have won the Qudditch Cup, not you again."

"We have the better team:"

"Better team? Only because my two Beaters and one of my Chasers are…"

"Completely untalented? Our Chasers are great. Have you seen the first, third, seventh goal of Xiomara Hooch? They were fantastic! And the two Beaters Theodore Menckle and Minerva McGonagall, never seen the two playing so well, don't you think so? And then…"

"Albus. It's ok. I know, I know. You and your perfect team but next year you'll lose. That's a promise." Said Professor Crehl with a threatening voice. But Albus Dumbledore, Head of Gryffindor House, only laughed. He loved the discussion with his best friend and colleague Professor Nostradamus Crehl, Head of Slytherin House.

"And besides that all. We don't have the Cup, yet. There are all the other games left, it was only the first one."

"You have beaten us, Slytherin. Shall I really translate? You don't want to say that Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff have a real chance towin the Cup, do you? That is completely impossible."


The owls came with the packages and letters. They flow through the Great Hall and looked for their owners. One owl landed directly in the middle between Albus Dumbledore and Nostradamus Crehl with the Daily Prophet. Both professors looked at the newspaper and suddenly as if someone had given a silent sign they both reached for it. Seconds laterthey both held one part of the newspaper in their hands and started reading.

"Nothing in my part and yours? Let me guess. The trees grow faster this year, right?"

"Something like that, yes" Albus answered his eyes on the eagle flying through the hall and looking for the person it should deliver the letter to. Albus stared disbelievingly at the eagle as it landed directly in front of him, let the letter fall and vanished out of one of the windows.

Albus took the black letter. That meant nothing good, he knew. Carefully he opened it. It was from no other than Duncan McDrake, Victoria's brother. Albus swallowed.

Albus Dumbledore,

With this letter I deliver you the message of the death of my beloved sister Victoria. I know the relationship you once had and ask you now to come to her funeral on Friday afternoon, 16:30, at our family home. I also ask you to come one hour earlier because there are some very important circumstances we have to discuss.

Yours sincerely

Duncan McDrake

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