- Chapter 21 - Erase and Rewind -

By Chanelle Summer

Kim turned her head as Remy walked over and stood beside her. She offered him a tight smile, before turning back and waiting anxiously for Rhinoisis to speak.

"Death, Devil," the Mediator suddenly spoke up, turning his head to gaze down at the two representatives of evil, "Return back to your dimension, and take with you the two banished will wait in your chambers until you hear word from me, do you understand!"

The Devil shrugged bleakly and then turned to scowl at his counterpart, "See where your stupidity has led you?" he commented bitterly, before they both disappeared into thin air along with Viothen and Vergano.

Kim took the opportunity to quickly step forwards, scooping the baby into her arms. She wrapped her arm around it protectively, gulping as she tried to stare down the Mediator's disapproving gaze.

My baby…She looked down at her child, blinking several times as she took in his large brown eyes, the sweet puff of chestnut hair on his head and his soft, milky skin. She could clearly see the resemblance, and it made her feel giddy inside, a weird emotion pulling at her.

She felt Jason's arm wrap around her shoulder and looked up to him. They both smiled quickly, a nervous, awkward exchange of emotion between the two friends.

"Rhinoisis," Remy spoke up from beside them, "If I may, I have some suggestions as to how to handle your predicament…"

"You could just send us all back," Kim suggested hopefully, her optimistic smile quickly diminishing when Remy gazed back at her with his usual don't-be-so-stupid look.

Rhinoisis briefly laughed as if she had said something funny, and then shook his head, "I'm afraid that cannot be done," he finally revealed, "Once a being is dead, they are dead, and I cannot simply return everyone back to the living world."

Kim dropped her gaze, feeling herself become overwhelmed by disappointment. For a brief moment I felt that we had a hope...a hope I thought was long gone...but it is, it really is gone...

"Yes, Holder of Fate, if you have guidance on how to contend with this situation, then I am interested in hearing your advice," Rhinoisis further stated.

Remy stepped forward, "We have all come to the end now because of the mistake that was made when we allowed destiny to be driven by my dreams, my intuition...even though our errors have only caused the end of the Living world, it will now most certainly cause the annihilation of the Afterlife because of the unnatural balance and stress placed upon it," he motioned to the book that was still sitting open on Rhinoisis's lap, "The Order of Fate guided our existence, but it can be rewritten..." he paused, "It was my job to write fate, but with the help of the Seraph power, the help of the five great powers of Chimera, I can rewrite destiny right here, right now."

Both Kim and Jason turned their heads immediately to look at their ally. "Are you serious, Remy? Do you really think you could do that?" Kim asked him, her eyes wide open in amazement.

"Explain to me, Holder of Fate, how you believe you could perform such an act?" Rhinoisis asked him.

"By allowing me the opportunity to rewrite fate how I believe it should be written, in regards to keeping a balance between both good and bad, life and death," he answered simply, "With the help of the Seraph power, we can reset time...only this time if I rewrite fate first, then there will be no ripple occurrence...we will be able to restore the living universe, with no consequence, because everything will be running its course for the very first time."

Kim frowned, not sure she was following Remy's words. Rhinoisis stroked his beard thoughtfully again, before offering him a brief nod of the head, "Please allow me a moment to come to my decision," he told them.

Kim looked away as Rhinoisis turned his throne around so he was no longer facing them. She looked directly to Remy, "Do you really think you can save us, get us back to how we were?"

Remy smiled at her tightly, "Kimberly, I believe that if I can convince Rhinoisis to allow me to rewrite fate, I will be able to restore our lives, but..." he stopped.

Jason frowned, "But, what? What is it?" he asked him.

Remy sighed, "I will be unable to return things exactly the way they were," he began, "If I'm able to rework destiny, using all I have learnt from this life, then I must use my knowledge to rewrite it so that things don't turn out for the bad..."

"But that's a good thing, right?" Kim asked him, not sure whether she was supposed to like what he was saying.

He hesitated and then nodded, offering her a rare smile, "Yes, of course it is..."

Kim bit her lip, and turned to look at Jason, only just remembering the little human that she was still clinging on to. She smiled at her oldest friend tightly, not really sure what to say. I wonder what Jason is thinking...God, this must be so weird for him...

"So, this is the little one," Jason commented quietly, as he touched the baby's cheek with his hand.

She nodded her head quickly, "Who would have thought," she stated, stroking the child's head with her fingertips, "This is so strange...I think out of everything, this has got to be the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me..."

"You mean, aside from standing in the kingdom of the afterlife, only a small distance from the devil?" he asked her, a hint of humor in his tone.

She smiled sheepishly, and nodded, "Yeah...Gees..." she giggled nervously, as he wrapped his arm around her and the baby simultaneously.

"Pray that this works," he whispered into her ear.

"I have made my final verdict!"

Jason pulled away from Kim as Rhinoisis's announcement echoed through the bright chambers. Kim stared up at the Mediator, anticipation burning in her eyes.

Please, please, please let this work!

"On coming to my final judgment, I have deemed that I have no choice but to allow the rework of the Order of Fate," Rhinoisis announced, "However, there will be some terms to such an occasion...I will ask that the Holder of Fate be responsible for rewriting destiny, however in the interest of the balance between good and evil, I will ask that it be written in cooperation with your four brothers and with the Devil."

Remy frowned along with a slight grimace, but remained silent.

"Furthermore, I request that the three humans remain in my chambers until the Order of Fate has been completed, at which time we shall proceed with the restoration of the Living world..."

"He's so placid," Jason commented, as he awkwardly bounced the baby lightly on his lap. He'd only held a baby a few times in his life, but it was especially strange grasping the notion that between his two hands was his son...a baby that was supposed to be his.

While Remy had been gone rewriting the Order of Fate, Kim, Jason and 'Jason Junior' as they'd temporarily called him, had been forced to sit on the ground in the Mediator's chambers, waiting for the restoration of the Living World. Jason had no concept of the amount of time that had passed, but he could only imagine it had been weeks.

Without sleeping, eating, any of those normal, routine tasks, it's too hard to know how long Remy has been gone...

Both he and Kim had spent the first few days on their own intently discussing what had taken place in Rhinoisis's chambers. They both shared how surprised they had been by Remy's feelings towards certain things, and agreed that they were both grateful that the Dream Victor had been stupid enough to speak up and admit that there was a baby involved. They spent a lot of time talking about their dream-made child, their conversations turning to deep discussions about what they had always wanted from their lives, sharing feelings they had about love, marriage and children.

They had both used the occasion to confess many untold truths they held back in the final year of their lives. Jason tried to be gentle with Kim, seeing how painful the subject of Tommy still was to her, and so tried to relieve her by sharing stories with her that he thought might surprise her.

He told her tidbits of his time overseas, embarrassing stories of relationships that he'd had with various girls along the way, intimate things he hadn't shared with anyone else. She was of course basking in the opportunity to tease him, but at the same time his revelations allowed her to relax, and she in turn told him things that he didn't expect to hear from Kimberly Hart.

The thing that took him most by surprise was when she told him in detail about their fateful day in the rain. She told him about how she had seen that they would have taken things over 'that' line, and as he listened to her words, he couldn't help but feel misplaced.

He was still in love with her, yet couldn't believe that anything like that ever would have taken place between her and him. She admitted that she still had very deep feelings for him, but out of respect for each other, they kept their distance, neither of them willing to physically display their true feelings to each other, even now that they were on their own.

It was bitter sweet for them both, and to anyone else the situation would have been considered unbearable, but the simple fact was they both had their hearts in the same direction. While they both loved each other, Kim wanted to return to the time where she had loved Tommy, and Jason wanted to return to the time where he had them both as his best friends. They knew it was impossible for them to even remotely give in to their current feelings, living in hope that they would instead be given the opportunity to go back to their lives before the alternate fate had caused such a clash of romantic feelings.

It will all go back to normal, Jason told her as they spoke about what would hopefully become their lives, when we get back, hopefully we'll be able to forget all of it...

Of course, they discussed in great length what they hoped would come from the new Order of Fate. They could only pray that even though Remy was working on rewriting fate with the evilest representative in existence, that the Holder of Fate would ensure that good would ultimately reign.

It's what we've always stood for, Jason thought to himself, as rangers we've always known that good ultimately rules. Evil can and will never win...

Kim sighed and stretched her legs out in front of her, making Jason look up from his thoughts. "I swear I'm gonna go on the biggest bush walk when I get back," she murmured, her comment making him smile.

"Yeah, well I think we'll have plenty of other things to keep us occupied enough when we get back," he commented to her.

She puckered her lips to the side of her face, "What do you think will happen to Jason Junior...Remy didn't say that we won't be taking him back with us..." she blinked and stared aimlessly in front of her, "How are we going to explain to everyone that we suddenly have a baby?" she muttered, "I mean, he must be at least a year old...our parents are gonna flip..."

Jason shrugged, "I wouldn't worry too much about it yet, Kim, let's just concentrate on getting back home, and making sure that everyone else gets back safe and sound," he answered her, amused by her thoughts, "Besides, I think by rewriting fate, Jason Junior might be written out altogether..." he gently added.

She sighed and he resisted rolling his eyes as she continued to look at him wide eyed. "Look, if you wanna get married and settle down with a family, I'll do it, I'll do the honorable thing..." he said, smiling at her to show he was making fun of her.

She pouted, "I think you and I have gotten each other into enough trouble, don't you think?" she replied, leaning over to take the baby back into her lap.

"God, do you remember when we were at Zack's eleventh birthday party, and we watching that movie, that superhero movie...and you said that you didn't think that aliens existed..." he reminisced

Kim smiled and giggled, "Yeah, well who would have thought destiny would have chosen a trademark valley girl to defend the entire universe?" she commented, her smile fading as she looked at him more seriously. "I don't think I would have changed the things I experienced, but what I wouldn't give now for things just to be normal...for life to just be like everyone elses, at least most of the time," she paused and Jason nodded.

"I can deal with the ranger stuff, but I think we could all do without the rest of it," he agreed.

She raised her eyebrows, "What do you really think will happen to the Seraph power now?" she wondered out loud.

Jason thought about her question for a moment. "I don't know...I still think that maybe none of us will get it, or maybe it'll go back to you..." he shrugged, "It's all up to Remy I guess..."

"I don't think he'd ever trust any of us with it again," she stated confidently.

"I don't know about that," Jason tried to reason, "I don't think Remy's standoffish nature is because of us...he was a man who had the pressure of destiny on him...think of that pressure, Kim..." he watched her nod her head slightly. "Maybe now, he'll get the chance to live his life without so many secrets...he may actually be able to get his conscious back."

She smiled at him and then scrunched her nose quickly, "I can't believe we are sitting around, dead, talking about going back to earth like nothing happened...this is just too strange, I don't know if I'll ever be able to live life the same again..."

"It'll only make you tougher, Kim," he told her, looking at her with genuine admiration. He pointed towards his baby son who continued to sit around, unconcerned with his surroundings, "By the way, cute kid...his dad must be a real looker..."

She rolled her eyes, "Yeah, you're total genetic perfection," she commented sarcastically.

The light-hearted moment was suddenly interrupted as a sudden flash of light pulsated through the room, forcing them both to shield their eyes. Jason lowered his hand when the light sucked away, and quickly stood up as he noticed Rhinoisis sitting back on his throne, Remy standing not to far away.

Jason quickly threw his hand down to help Kim up, before the three humans made their way over to the Holder of Fate.

"The Order of Fate has been completed," Rhinoisis announced, "After discussions with the highest powers of the Afterlife, and with the Holder of Fate in charge, we have allowed more flexibility into the notion of fate, meaning that we have only lightly outlined destiny, as opposed to enforcing it."

Kim smiled, "Oh my gosh, that is so amazing!" she beamed, reaching her hand out to touch Remy's arm.

"However, as previously advised, there are conditions that must be outline before the living world is restored, and we only have a short period of time in which to prepare," Rhinoisis continued. "By rewriting fate, we will be resetting it from the point in which Remy became the Holder of Fate...using the Seraph power, we will be allowed the ability to reset time. Therefore, you will all be sent back to relive your lives the way destiny has now outlined, which in turn will mean you will all die when you are supposed to. This will also mean that every other living being will also die when it is appropriate for them to do so."

Kim frowned, "What do you mean, rewind to when?" she asked, a look of horror written on her face, "I-I...I thought that fate would be rewritten, but that we'd be returned back to where life was now supposed to be."

"Time lines differ substantially between your physical worlds," Rhinoisis elaborated, "But by resetting fate, you will all be put on the correct will have no memory of this life, nor the people or events in it that were not deemed to be in your new destiny-."

"But I loved the life I had!" Kim cried, "I don't want to live my life without those people or those experiences!"

"Kimberly, settle down," Remy told her.

"There is no choice, I'm afraid," Rhinoisis added, "There is no other way in which we can reset the Living will not know any different."

Jason stared speechless, his face falling as he could see the distress in Kim's brown eyes. He turned to Remy, "Tell us that it's going to be okay," he told the Holder of Fate, "Give us something, anything...please."

Remy shook his head, "Even if I told you, once you leave here, you wouldn't remember anything I said," he responded. Jason slumped his shoulders incredulously and Remy nodded quickly, "Very well...I promise you both that you will be Power Rangers again..."

"What about Tommy, and the others?" Kim cut in, her eyes pleading for him to tell her, "Please, please tell me I will see him again-."

"Fate will be reset as the clock strikes forty-five," Rhinoisis announced.

Jason looked at the strange clock on the wall, and turned to Kim, "Everything is gonna be okay," he tried to reassure her, "It's gonna be fine."

"I don't want to change things, I want to go back to the way things were..." she softly wailed, as he reached up and stroked her cheek, "What if I don't see Tommy again...?"

"Shh..." he whispered, "Kim, remember all the years we've known each other, all the amazing things that have happened...the people we've met, becoming you really believe those things just happened? I know inside that you and I were meant to be in each others lives, and I know that we were all destined to be rangers...we will see Tommy again."

She looked down and then looked back at him, "I want to believe so bad that we were all meant to be friends, a team...I feel in my heart that we are...I have to believe..." her voice became softer as her heart felt words trailed off.

Jason looked to his side as he watched Remy's outstretched arm rest on her shoulder. "I will see you both again," he said to them, "All I can say to you both is stay strong, and no matter what challenges you face, don't give up...and most importantly, look after each other and the people in your lives...Now, the time has come for you to give me the child, Kimberly…"

Jason watched as Kim reluctantly passed their child over to the Holder of Fate, a sad smile flashing on her face.

Jason turned away as he noticed the clock ticking in the corner of his eye and quickly pulled Kim into his arms.

"I love you, Jason," she whispered.

"I love you too, Kimberly," he replied, his voice trembling. He kissed the top of her head. "I'll see you soon, Kim, don't you worry about that...just think about seeing Tommy again, and Trini and the guys," he continued in a soothing voice, "Think how great it will be living a wonderful life all over again, experiencing all the wonderful things together again..."

She nodded and then began to cry, her body gently heaving against his as they swayed together, waiting for fate to intervene and take them away.

Please let us see them again, was Jason's final thought as he felt the hands of time rewind and pull them apart.

The Hart Residence, Angel Grove

Kimberly Anne Hart tossed and turned in her brass bed, the blankets that had been tightly tucked in now thrown about, as she continued to sleep restlessly, unaware that she was just having a bad dream. Despite the wintry freeze that loomed outside, tiny beads of sweat trickled above her brow, a strange heat hovering in the air around her.

She moaned as she slowly awoke from the deep sleep, aimlessly rubbing her eyes. She opened them slightly, and blinked surprised to be faced by darkness. She rolled over slightly and could see her talking digital clock besides her flashing two o'clock.

She didn't understand why she would wake up in the middle of the night, but slowly pulled the covers down to hop out. Maybe if I go to the toilet I'll be able to go back to sleep, she thought to herself.

She dropped her feet over the side of her bed, her bare feet coming into contact with the floor below. She took some steps towards her door in the dark, trying not to open her eyes too much so that she didn't wake up so much that she couldn't return back to sleep.

Kimberly stopped as she realized the strange noise from underneath her, the unusual crackling making her wary. She hated the dark, and even though she knew there was nothing to be afraid of, she still couldn't help but want to turn the light on.

She frowned as she noticed an amber light shine from the crack underneath her door. Unable to think of why the light would still be on in the hallway, she quickened her way to her bedroom door to investigate what was going on.

Kimberly grabbed hold of the brass door handle, a sudden burning sensation shooting up her hand. "Ouch!" she cried, letting it go, and grabbing the painful palm in her other hand. She began to panic, as she tried to find something to cover her hand so she could open the door without burning herself.

"Mom!" she called out. She felt herself on the urge of tears when her mother didn't respond, the shooting pain up her arm causing her to fully wake up, realizing the vicious sound that was roaring from the other side of the door.

She knowingly reached for her dressing gown off the back of the door and used it to cover her hand. Grabbing the handle quickly, she turned it, pulling it open. She stared stunned as she came face with flames of fire, engulfing the nearby stairs and the entire right side of the top floor of her house.

"Mom! Dad!" she shrieked as smoke flooded around her. Remembering what she learnt during fire safety week at school, she quickly dropped down to the ground, pulling her dressing gown up to cover her mouth. She could see her parents' bedroom was blocked off by the fire, and so crawled back into her room.

"Help!" she screamed out as she crawled along, "Help me!" she screamed over and over again.

She got up and moved over to her bedroom window, pulling open the thick pink curtains that had blocked out the light from the flames down below. Her hands fumbled to unlock the latch on the window so she could open it, her fingers trembling as she felt panic begin to take over.

She turned her head quickly to see the flames flickering near the entrance way to her room, and so she pulled her window open, her face dropping as she came face to face with a security screen she didn't know how to open.

"Help!" she screamed again, knowing that her neighbors must have been able to hear her calls with the window open. She began to cough unbearably, smoke making her gag as she stood helplessly at the dead end, tears streaming down her face.

She moved over to her desk where she did her homework and picked up the wooden chair, trying to lift it high enough so she could try and smash the window. Awkwardly, she tried to swing it several times, her weak movements causing no damage to the glass that stayed intact.

"Daddy!" she cried out again. "Please, someone help me!"

She began picking things up in her room and throwing them at the window until the smoke overwhelmed her and she fell to the ground.


A/N- Thought I'd offer a quick recap of the final chapter...So, Rhinoisis allowed Remy to rewrite destiny (working with his brothers and the devil) and this time around, destiny was written using Remy's knowledge of what he learnt in his lifetime, and rather then the notion of enforcing destiny, it was agreed that fate will be a guide only in peoples lives. While Remy was busy rewriting destiny, Kim and Jason, with their little one, spent their time reflecting on their predicament and their lost lives, sharing hope that the future will be brighter for them. After Remy completed writing the 'Order of Fate' Rhinoisis announced to Kim and Jason's shock that they would all have to relive their lives the way the 'new' destiny outlined, and that they would have no memory of the life they had lived, nor the people or experiences that were in it, unless the 'new' destiny allowed it. It was a hard notion for them to comprehend, and Remy offered them comfort by ensuring them that they would both be rangers again in their new life. Rhinoisis rewound time...we were left with a final section which saw Kim waking up in her house in Angel Grove (the year is deliberately not given at this stage), waking up from a bad dream...she discovered that her house was on fire and tried to escape, only to be overthrown by the smoke...

A/N#2- The reason they could successfully rewind and restart life all over again the reason why Remy, Kim, and anyone else who tried to rewind/alter fate were never successful, was that their real fate was set in stone when Remy had written the Order of Fate tens of thousands of years ago…so even when they tried to rewind time, it would never work, and the same things would only keep on coming back. But, this time, Remy rewrote the Order of Fate, so that this time when he reset time, everything would go smoothly because it was not changing fate and everything was happening for the first time. Also, this time he had written destiny as a guide only, dismissing the idea of enforcing it…

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