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Ok this story is about Sly's great, great, great, great, granddaughter! She has no idea she's related to him cause her parents didn't tell her. (You'll find out why in the story). Remember! Sly had married Carmelita!

A normal kit.

"Kari! Wake up! It's time for breakfast!" a female raccoon yelled. Kari, a twelve-year-old female raccoon, got out of bed, sleepily.

Her name is Kari Cooper, she's 12 years old and she has blue hair and brown eyes. Which is weird because her dad has brown hair and green eyes and her mom has blonde hair and blue eyes. What's even weirder about Kari is that she doesn't look like normal raccoons. Her fur is light gray almost like it has a hint of orange added to it. The weirdest thing is that her parents look like normal raccoons. Kari put on a blue long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and blue tennishoes. Her favorite color is blue, you know.

She walked downstairs and saw her mom and dad in the kitchen. Her dad was looking at the wanted section of the newspaper. He likes anything to do with cops and robbers, but he works as a tax agent. He says he hates his job. But every time Kari asks him if he ever had another job before the strangest thing happens every time.

Dad would always smile and gaze at the ceiling almost like in a trance then he would open his mouth almost like to say something. But mom would give him an evil look. Then he would shut his mouth and ask, "How was your day, Kari?" Kari would always think this as weird but always forgot about it.

Anyways, her mom was busy making breakfast. She's a news reporter so she's gone most of the time so it was pretty weird her being there in the mourning. She's usually rushing off to work.

"Kari, hurry up and eat breakfast! Your friends should be here to walk to school with you!" mom said. Kari ate her breakfast and got her backpack. Then the doorbell rang.

Kari kissed her mom and dad goodbye and went up to the front door and opened it. There stood her two best friends, Jenny Johnson and Amanda Mirrorzi, who are both cats.

Jenny is a white fur cat, with blue eyes and blonde hair. She's 11years old.

Amanda is a gray fur and black striped fur cat with brown hair and green eyes. She's 12 years old.

"Ready to go, Kari?" Amanda asked. "Yep!" Kari said, walking out the door and closing it behind her. The three friends walked off to "Le franks elementary" school. I bet you know what that means. Yes, Kari lives in Paris, France. But she's never been anywhere else before and deeply wishes she could visit other countries.

So does Jenny and Amanda. Usually they would talk about places they would want to go to if they had the chance. Always, this discussion would drift to one thing. What do you want to be when you grow up. "I think I want to be an author, or a ballerina, or a doctor!" Jenny said.

"But Jenny, you hate writing, you hate dancing and you hate blood!" Amanda said. "Oh yeah!" Jenny said, slowly "Maybe I could jsut be a scientist" she said. "Well, I don't care what I'll be as long as I can go to different places, meet new people and work out all the time!" Kari said.

She loves gym and her body is slim yet powerful and she's really quick on her feet! "Maybe you could be a daredevil?" Amanda offered. "Or a gymnast!" Jenny inquired. "Na! To many rules!" Kari said. Even though Kari is a good girl she doesn't like following rules.

"Hmmmm?" Amanda and Jenny said, trying to think of a good job for Kari. That's when they finally got school. "Oh look, it's the ratpack." Amanda muttered.

The group Amanda was referring to was a bunch of popular animals who made fun of everyone. There was Rover Muggshot, a bulldog with black hair and green eyes, Mandy King, a panda with white hair and blue eyes, Rob Raleigh, a frogwith hazel eyes (no hair) and a Alley Ruby, a female alligator with black hair and green eyes. . Then there was Ginger May, a raccoon with red hair and hazel eyes; she was also the ringleader of the bunch.

"Oh! Look! It's the mutant raccoon and her kitty friends!" Ginger said. Her group laughed. Ginger always teased Kari about looking different.

"Lay off! Ginger!" Kari said. "Oh, really?" Ginger said, mischievously. Ginger and her group walked up to Kari, Amanda, and Jenny totally surrounding them. "Make me!" Ginger said.

"Oh! I'll make you!" Amanda said, clenching her fists. Ginger laughed. "Let's see you take down Rover!" Ginger said. Rover put his fists together. Amanda may be tough but Rover is tougher. Except, Amanda never misses a fight. "Bring it on!" Amanda said, holding a battle pose. Ginger and her group laughed. Then the bell rang.

"We'll finish this later!" Ginger said. She snapped her fingers and left with her group trailing behind her. "I'll show them!" Amanda said, gritting her teeth. "Let it go, Amanda!" Jenny said.

"Yeah, and besides we got back at them anyways!" Kari said. "How?" Amanda and Jenny asked. Kari showed them a purple, glowing pen. "Isn't that Ginger's favorite pen?" Jenny asked. "Yep!" Kari said, grinning. "How did you get that without anyone knowing?" Amanda asked.

"I don't know I guess it just comes naturally to me" Kari said.


School started like any old day (except for the pen incident). First Art, Languge Arts, Math, then Lunch.

"I'll swap you my peanut butter sandwich for your cheetos!" Amanda said. "Gimme!" Jenny said. They swapped.

"So Kari, do you still have Ginger's pen?" Jenny asked, swallowing her first bite of peanut butter.

"Yep." Kari said, simply.

"Do you plan on giving it back?" Amanda asked.

"No." Kari said with a smirk.

"You know I can sell it on e-bay! You can get a lot of money from that site with just one little thing!" Jenny said.


The girl's ate in silence for a moment.

"What's the weirdest thing your parents tell you not to do?" Amanda asked suddenly.

"Why do you ask?" Jenny asked.

"I don't know? My parents always say to "Don't swing sticks around!" when I'm not even doing it then they say, "It might give you ideas!" Amanda said.

"Well, that's stupid." Kari said.

"My parents tell me to never, ever eat sugar!" Jenny said, "Then they say something like, "It might have been passed down to you!"

"That's even more stupid!" Kari said.

Jenny and Amanda looked at Kari.

"What?" Kari said.

"What do your parents say that's stupid?" Amanda asked.

"Hmmmm…." Kari said, thinking. "They say that I can't go up into the attic and they won't even say why!" Kari said.

"Maybe it's Christmas presents!" Jenny said.

"No way! I bet it's a man eating plant!" Amanda said.

"That is impossible! And it's stupid!" Jenny said.

"Oh! Yeah! Just because you got an I.Q. of 99.9 and strait A's doesn't mean you're always right!" Amanda said.

"Brain ALWAYS beats brawn!" Jenny said.

Kari, afraid that Jenny and Amanda were going to fight again (like they always do), said, "Forget it you guys! No big deal! Anyone watch anything interesting on TV last night?"

"Nothing but Boxing!" Amanda said.

"I saw a crypt on the Discovery channel!" Jenny said. "It was about this pharaoh! It showed his tomb and a whole bunch of hieroglyphics! One set of them told about this thief that stole lots of jewels from the pharaoh!"

"Did it say his name?" Kari asked.

"No, not yet. But they're working on it!" Jenny said.


Next was gym, then social studies, and then the last class reading.

"Come on! Come on!" Kari mumbled. 2:58 p.m.

Kari looked around the classroom. She saw Jenny, whose nose was stuck in a 6-inch thick book on "Cells". Amanda was starring at an open book with a glazed expression on her face. Not reading.

Kari looked back up at the clock. 2:59 p.m.

Stupid clock! Kari thought looking down at her book "A Little Princess".

Captain Crewe began to cough and choke. He and the young soldier fell unconscious. Kari read.

This is so STUPID! Kari thought.


"YES!" Kari and Amanda yelled jumping up from their seat.

The teacher, Mrs. Smithers, an old rat , glared at them. "Ms. Cooper! Ms. Mirrorzi! Do take care not to shout in my class again or its detention! This is your fifth and final warning!" Mrs. Smithers said.

"Gee, five times already?" Amanda said.

"Must be a new record!" Kari said.

The three friends left the classroom and walked down the hallway. "That wasn't very nice!" Jenny said, trying to hold down laughter.

"Yeah! We know!" Amanda said.

Suddenly the three girls heard something behind them that made them stop.

"Oh look! The mutant raccoon and her kitty friends! Nice to see you guys again!"

The three girls turned around to see (guess who!) Ginger.

"Hello, Ginger!" Kari said."How longs is she going to keep calling us that?" Kari thought

"Have you three seen my pen? You know purple, glows? I'm sure you've seen it!" Ginger said in a sweet (yet sour) voice.

"No Ginger. We've haven't!" Kari said, walking away with Jenny and Amanda following suit.

"I know you took it! Kari Cooper!" Ginger yelled.

"Can you prove it?" Kari said.

Ginger just stood there.

The three friends pressed down their laughter until they were a couple of blocks away from school. Then they laughed until they had tears in their eyes.

"Did….you…see….the….look….on….her…face!" Amanda said, still laughing.

Finally the girls had to go different ways to their houses.


Kari finally made it to her house.

Guess no ones home! Kari thought, seeing no cars in the driveway.

Kari opened the front door with her spare key and put her backpack in the closet.

She figured she might as well watch some TV since she isn't aloud to go on the Internet when her parents aren't home.

She sat on the couch and turned on the TV with the remote. The Discovery channel.

Kari was about to change the channel when she saw they were talking about a crypt. The same crypt Jenny was talking about!

"We have now discovered the name of the thief that had rob this pharaoh of about millions dollars worth of gems long ago!" an old badger said. The camera went over to an even older elephant. "Indeed! We have discovered that the thief' is none other than Slytancommon (I think that's how you spell it!) Cooper! One of the many thief's from the infamous Cooper clan!" the elephant said.

Kari turned the TV off.

It can't be! Kari thought. Could it?

Kari rushed up stairs and into her bedroom. She picked up her phone on her nightstand and dialed in Jenny's phone number.

"Hello?" Jenny said, picking up the phone.

"Jenny! Hi! It's me, Kari!" Kari said in a rush.

"Hi, Kari! What's up?" Jenny asked.

"Were you just watching the Discovery channel!" Kari asked.

"No. Why?" Jenny asked.

"I just heard that….!" Kari said then,


A sound from the attic was heard. Kari looked up.

"Kari? Are you still there?" Jenny asked.

"Yeah hum…listen Jenny I'll call you back." Kari said.

She hung up the phone and went into the hallway. She looked at the door to the attic.

She was sure the sound came from the attic. I'm sure it's ok to check! Kari thought. It could be a thief!

She opened the door and walked up the stairs into the attic.

"Woah!" Kari said. The strangest thing was laying on the floor directly over her room.

It was a cane with a yellow hook at the end.


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