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The ending of a journey the start of a new one. (Yay for awesome title! XD!)

Kari was falling into complete darkness. Her cane was clenched firmly in her hands. Some unseen force seemed to be trying to take it away from here.

"You'll never become a master thief. You are the weakest Cooper of them all, you'll never live up to the Cooper name." The voice said.

"No! I will become a master thief! I will live up to the Cooper name!" Kari yelled.

"No. Even you can feel it. You are weak and will never be able to become as great a thief as your family. You are worthless." The voice said.

"No I'm not! I will become a master thief! I will live up to my family name! I will become a great thief and my ancestors will be proud of me!" Kari yelled.

"Your ancestors will never be proud of you. Not even your own parents are." The voice said.

"SHUT UP!" Kari yelled. She tugged at the cane, but she just couldn't swing it.

And then she woke up…

Kari opened her eyes, sweating. She was in a bed, in a dark room. She was back in the hideout! She tried getting up but her back was stiff. Kari touched her back, and felt bandages.

Kari slowly got up and looked around. There on the desk, was the Cooper cane and the ruby.

The door opened and Jenny came in.

"Kari your awake!" Jenny said.

"Yeah. What happened?" Kari asked.

"It's a loooong story!" Amanda said, coming in. "Man, you've been out for two months!" Amanda said.

"I HAVE!" Kari yelled.

Jenny glared at Amanda. Amanda grinned. "No you haven't, you've just been out all morning." Jenny said.

"Oh, how did I survive that fall!" Kari said.

"Don't you remember?" Amanda asked.

"Wait, I remember…Roberto." Kari said.

"Someone called?" Roberto asked, coming in and standing in the door's threshold.

"It was you! Uh….thanks, Roberto." Kari said. "No prob, you saved my life I saved yours." Roberto said.

"But then, why are you still here?" Kari asked. "That's what we've been trying to ask him!" Jenny said. "After I tried to get him out." Amanda growled. Roberto grinned. "Just wanted to make sure you would be alright. Listen Kari can I talk to you alone?" Roberto asked.

"Uuuh, sure." Kari said.

"No way! We're not leaving HIM with you alone!" Amanda said.

"You guys." Kari said. "Don't "you guys" us! We're not.." Amanda said, but Jenny slapped a hand over her mouth. "Alright fine, but we'll be just outside in the hallway." Jenny said.

Roberto got out of their way as the two cats walked out. "You better not try any funny stuff." Amanda growled at Roberto, then she closed the door.

"What's her problem?" Roberto asked. "She's like that." Kari said.

"I HEARD THAT!" Amanda said.


"What do you want anyways, Roberto?" Kari asked. "Oh yeah well, listen I'm sorry about the, Clockwerk, thing. I didn't know that all Coopers weren't filth." Roberto said.

Was that suppose to cheer me up? Kari thought. "None of my family was filth." Kari said. "Right…" Roberto said, leaning against the wall.

"But to get to the point, just because our ancestors had some dream or did something real stupid, doesn't mean we have to do it or be blamed for it. If I had really gone along with that Clockwerk plan just to get my ancestor's revenge well, I would have killed a really pretty girl." Roberto said, grinning.

Kari's face turned red. "Heh heh. Thanks…." Kari said.

"But anyways, Kari. If you could forgive me enough, maybe I could…" Roberto said, pausing.

Kari raised an eyebrow, "What?" Kari asked.

"Heh, join your thieving gang." Roberto said.

"What!" Kari said, eyes going wide.

"Hey, I know you want to become a master thief just like your ancestors and well I want to help." Roberto said.

"WHAT!" came Amanda and Jenny's voice from outside. They opened the door and they were standing there, eyes as wide as Kari's.

"What happened to the concept of us wanting to be alone?" Roberto asked, grinning.

"But why do you want to help me!" Kari asked.

"Well, Kari, it's like this. I've hated the Cooper family for so long with no good reason, I just want to you know, turn over a new leaf. Metaphorically speaking." Roberto said.

"I don't know, what do you guys think?" Kari asked Amanda and Jenny.

"Well." Amanda said, eyeing Roberto.

"We do need a getaway driver, and Roberto can drive!" Jenny said.

"Well Amanda?" Kari asked.

"I still don't trust him!" Amanda said. "But Jenny's right, can't do a getaway on bikes."

Kari shook her head smiling.

"Well Roberto, looks like you just got yourself a new career!" Kari said.

Roberto smiled. "I'm defiantly looking forward to this!" Roberto said.


Kari's thoughts:

Well that it's, the official start of the brand new "Cooper gang"! Roberto really is a great getaway driver! And, well, he is sort of cute.

I still have the ruby, making sure it doesn't fall in the wrong hands again. Clarena is still out there, since when the police (Some old police station called "Interpol") checked the ruined docks and didn't find a trace of her body. But they did find old Clockwerk's body. Heh, they say it was just probably a movie prop or something.

Guess your wondering about my parents. Well there fine, still working. I sent them a letter, and mom called off the police search. Even though she still doesn't want me to become a master thief, she doesn't want to drag me home against my will, now.

Anyways, I'm trying to become a master thief and with all my friends help, well, I'm sure I'll be getting there soon.

"Alright Kari, this guy is one big drug lord, so watch yourself around his hideout, he's got lots of security. The diamond is in the 3rd floor but watch your step! There's lots of lasers!" Jenny said through the walkie talkie.

Better go. Time to start my training!

"Alright, I'm on it!" Kari said, putting the walkie talkie into her backpack and climbing a pipe to the roof. She wacked open an air vent and crawled through.

Kari crawled out of the air vent and into a hallway. She looked around and saw a huge hall of lasers leading to the next room, where the diamond was clearly visible. Kari grinned.

This is going to be fun!


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Jake Cooper as Kari's dad (Ok I never gave him a name, BUT THER IT IS!)
Ginger May
Rover Cleave

Mandy Ching
Rob Briggs
Mrs. Smithers as the teacher

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