Short break from angst, and it's so pointless your head will probably explode. I was watching 'Link Up' and listening to Demolisher freak out and scream like a girl scout about how much he hates water and this sick, sad little thing appeared. Took all of seven seconds, expect nothing.

Disclaimer: I own not a notion…however, I do own yon skibble.

What Friends Are For


Mad laughter scuttled through the moon base.

"I'm going to KILL YOU!"

The laughter trebled, and was followed by a series of clanging noises.

"Stop laughing! This is not funny!"

"Aw, poor Decepticon."

Gunshots sounded in rapid succession. More clanging ensued.

"LOOK at me, I'm slotting SOAKED."


"I said stop laughing!"


"That is IT. DIE!"

A yelp.

"Heeey! No fair."

"'Fair'! I'll give you 'fair', c'mere!"

"Bite me! Wait, don't-...EEEEAAARGH!"

A victorious cackle.

"Geez, Demolisher, that really hurt!"

"Aw, poor Decepticon."

"Hmph. No fair."

"Get slagged."

"It was only one puny glass of water, for Primus's sake. Quit yer bellyachin'."

Mutter, mutter, mutter. Grumble. Mutter.

"And quit sulking. It's boring."

"You KNOW I don't like water."


"I'm serious!"

"So you've got one more neurotic phobia than the rest of us. Big deal."

Mutter, mutter.

"Look at this, I've got it all over my weapons. You know what this is going to do, don't you."


"It's going to rust."

A sigh.

"It's going to rust, and I'm going to have rust all over me and I'm going to have to scrape it off with a file…"


"…and that's probably not going to work, so I'll need a completely new body shell…"


"…and then you'll probably go and pour water all over THAT one too, so why do I bother, huh! No matter what happens, I'm going to end up dying a horrible rust-encrusted death because of your STUPID jokes and your PATHETIC sense of humor."

"Demo? We don't rust."

"You don't know that!"


"It could happen any time, I'm telling you!"

Suppressed giggling.

"You're nuts, Demmy."

Emerging from the shadows of a nearby door, Megatron stared at the pair as they disappeared down the hallway, arguing every step of the way. Without turning round to look at Starscream, he quietly asked, "Do I need to know?"



Soft laughter.