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Never Be Replaced - Prologue

With all of his suitcase packed, and necessary paper arranged, he stood up and quietly went inside the bedroom. He looked at the bed to see a figure, peacefully sleeping as if nothing has harmed him in the past. Kon Rei smiled sadly at the figure and quickly - yet silently - left the room, trying not to wake the said figure. 'It's better this way…' he thought, while closing the main entrance door to the apartment. 'It would be best… for the both of us.'

He gave a dismayed sigh when he saw dark clouds hovering above the sky, while small raindrops of water falling down to the ground. He walked down the steps and gave his suitcase to the taxi driver waiting for him. When that was done, he entered the cab while telling the driver to go to the International Airport.

Rei didn't really know why he was doing this… leaving him, without an explanation, a note, a goodbye… he just knows that it's the right thing to do. He turned his head to the window and watched the rain fall down as the cab kept on driving, subconsciously wringing his hands every five seconds or so.

"I love you, Kai…" he murmured to no one particular, and closed his eyes letting a few tears fall.

'Don't forget me…'

When he had opened his eyes, what he least expected happened. At first, he thought that his raven-haired beauty was just in the bathroom, taking his time brushing that long hair of his or maybe he was in the living room, quietly reading the novel that he was quite fond of, the first time he ever got it. However, when he went out the living room, heading towards the kitchen, Rei was not there.

Kai frowned at the peculiar sight and headed to the kitchen to have a drink of water. When he passed by the dining room, he noticed that breakfast was already served. Leave it to Rei to take care of breakfast since it was his turn to cook… but why is there only one plate at the table? Kai knows that the amber-eyed neko-jin hates the idea of eating alone, and prefers that the two of them would eat together, at least when he actually comes home early from work anyway.

"Rei?" No matter how much feelings he held for his lover, his voice still carried much less affection. Then, Hiwatari called the other's name again, but to no avail, no one answered.

Where could the other have gone? Kai was sure that Rei would tell him everything whether he plans to go out or something of the sort… and the crimson-eyed man knew that Rei hardly forgets anything. Unless…

'No…' he thought while slowly walking back to the bedroom. He stood right in front of the closet and quietly opened the closet door. As he expected… half the closet space was empty.

'Just as I thought…'

He closed his eyes and gave a humourless smile.

"Are you really sure that you're doing the right thing?" Yuriy asked for the third time in a row as he helped his friend by carrying the luggage. He knows that he will probably get his ass kicked for helping and for being the only one knowing about this… but right now he does not care about that. "I mean, you're really, really in love with him, so why the freakin' hell are you leaving him?"

Rei ignored his friend's question and kept looking at his ticket. "Where do you think gate 28B is?" he asked quietly, while staring at the plane ticket with an intense gaze.

"You're not answering my question, Kon." was the reply he got.

The neko-jin sighed and looked pitifully towards Yuriy's way. "Because," he said, while glancing back to the slip of paper, again, his ticket.

But, knowing the red-haired man the expected came forth… "Because?" The Russian asked him once more.

Rei stopped walking when he found the gate that he was looking for. "Because… I don't deserve him." he replied, and lowered his head. Then suddenly, he gave the elder man a hug and took his suitcase from him. "I'll see you soon, Yuriy-kun."

Yuriy, who was still shocked at the hug that the younger one gave him merely nodded, until Rei was only a foot away from the flight attendant when he asked, "What makes you think that you don't deserve him?"

The Chinese man did not turn around, "Because… I just know…" he murmured and gave his ticket to the stewardess, and without looking back, he went inside.

'He does realize that no matter how much of a bastard Kai is, he's still going to pursue him, right?' Yuriy told himself, whilst going out the parking lot with his hands in his pocket jeans.

Three hours earlier, Rei had phoned him telling him to go to the airport to meet him there. He knew the reason why the neko-jin left; he just was not sure why he did it.

"Kai's really going to kill me for this…" he muttered while driving back into the city.

When Kai entered the apartment, he noted the dark place that welcomed him. Seeing as he cannot really see in the dark right now, he looked for the light switch in his hands. He managed to find the switch, and turned it open to see Rei sleeping on the couch with his head on the armrest and the rest of his body curled tightly into a ball, shivering every now and then.

Kai felt a sudden tug in his chest at the sight. He saw the dining table still full with plates of food, and two empty plates waiting to be filled. Rei has not eaten yet. He frowned at the thought. He walked towards the sleeping neko-jin and gently shook him awake, faintly noticing the tear tracks that trailed down the tanned cheeks of his lover's.

"Rei…?" he said, inwardly flinching at his icy tone.

The said man groaned and sighed sleepily when he slowly opened his eyelids, revealing those vibrant honey-coloured eyes of his. "Oh, welcome home, Kai," he murmured and sat up, rubbing his orbs.

"You didn't eat," Kai said, while pointedly looking towards the dining room.

The Chinese of the two just grinned sheepishly while two pink patches appeared on his face. "Oh… well, you know how I hate to eat alone… and I was waiting for you because I don't want you eating by yourself either…"

"I already ate," the Russian replied, trying to ignore the guilty tug on his stomach. He gave Rei a peck on the cheek, while letting his boyfriend up.

"O-Oh…" Rei tried to hide the disappointment in his voice. "Well, I guess I should go a-and…"

"You're tired, go to bed," Kai interrupted, leading him inside to their shared bedroom. "Take care of it in the morning."

Rei looked at his retreating figure and gave a quiet sigh. He just has to clean the table up and put the food in the fridge so that it would not rot. He stumbled as he walked inside the dining room, and carefully put the homemade stir-fry and fried rice inside the cool appliance. He then took the empty - but - clean dishes back to the cupboards, along with the utensils in the drawer. He then took a wet towel and started wiping the table, trying to leave it spotless in the morning. He did not even notice a pair of crimson eyes looking at his tired figure.

Kai feigned his sleep when Rei entered the room. He only opened his eyes when the neko-jin had climbed onto the bed and went back to sleep while subconsciously snuggling at Kai's back, seeking warmth. The older of the two turned around and reluctantly put an arm around his companion.

Kai silently remembered that memory, while sitting in the armchair. He knows that something has been bothering Rei… but, he never knew that this was getting worse. The Russian had decided that the younger one should have come to him and talk about this, but then again, maybe he should have initiated it, instead. Though, unfortunately, this is Hiwatari, Kai we're talking about and when it comes to the slate-haired man, pride and dignity come first. After all, that is what makes you a Hiwatari… that is what makes you strong…

'If it was anyone's fault it should be his…' Kai decided, after all the crimson-eyed man's very busy with his work that he really has no time for childish games. He ignored the painful tug of fault in his stomach while going to the shower so that he could start for the day.

Working has lost is sensibility, Kai angrily realized while clenching his fist very tightly. Right when he came to his office, he suddenly felt tired all of a sudden. He did not want to work with so much on the paperwork, and he cannot seem to concentrate on the important events that his secretary was telling him. He even almost smashed the computer to bits because of the error that kept on popping up on the screen.

"Mr. Hiwatari?" his secretary said through the speaker. "Mr Ivanov's here to see you."

'What does he want now?' The slate-haired man thought irritatingly. "Don't let him come in," he answered five minutes later, after zoning out a bit. He did not even realize that someone had come in his office.

"A bit late for that," Yuriy said with a tone of amusement in his voice.

Kai glared at him and put all of his attention back at the computer again. He cursed inwardly at the word error message occurring once again, on the digital screen. The red-haired Russian quietly sat on one of the chairs, which surprised Kai. What was he up to now? Usually, when he comes in to annoy him to death he would start talking non-stop about nonsense. "What are you up to know?" he finally asked him, after he had, had enough of the impending silence.

Yuriy ignored the other's question, but instead took the picture frame that was sitting peacefully on the desk. "How long have you been with Rei?" he asked, while looking at the picture.

It was a picture of Kai and Rei, with Rei behind Kai, smiling very cheerfully while his arms were around the stoic man's neck. It seems that it was Rei's idea for the picture and had persuaded Kai to take the photo with him.

'How ironic… Kai's not even smiling in this picture…' The icy blue-eyed man thought, while noticing Kai tensing slightly at the corner of his eye.

"Do you know something that I need to know?" Kai answered Yuriy with an enquiry of his own, while earning a glare from the latter. "Because you know that I really don't have any time to waste, seeing as I have a company to run…"

Yuriy kept on glaring at the slate-haired Russian. "You don't even have the time to listen why and where your boyfriend is half-across the world right now?" he copied Kai's tactic, now getting pissed off at the other's arrogance, even though he knew it was useless, since he's known Kai ever since they were young.

With Yuriy's statement, Kai focused all his attention to him. "What do you mean?" he narrowed his eyes, thinking that it was some kind of a joke.

"What makes you think I'll tell you now? Look, Hiwatari, until you can put off that shitty façade of yours for a while, I don't think I'll be talking to you for a while," Yuriy said, as he suddenly stood up from his seat. "In fact, why won't you think up of a reason why Rei left!" With that said, he stormed off the office, leaving a once-in-a-lifetime stunned Kai in his office.

End Prologue

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