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Chapter 18

Thursday Morning….

Ahh… morning. Stokely slowly opened her eyes, reluctantly pulling herself out of her slumber. God, she hadn't slept that well since…ever. She shifted her eyes around the room, quickly surveying her surroundings; she was in Zeke's room. She closed her eyes again, wrinkling her nose, as she tried to recall how she ended up in Zeke's room. The last thing she remembered was fighting with Zeke. Try to remember…try…try…ha! She quickly smiled and giggled as she finally remembered the events of the previous evening. God, last night was sooo great.

She slowly shifted around in bed, hugging her pillow, then suddenly felt Zeke's arms curling around her. She smiled, eyes still closed, and turned around to face him. Her eyes opened, gently, slowly. She took a good look at the face smiling back at her—Stan. Wha--?! What the--? JESUS! WOA! Oh my God, no, no…

Stokely quickly closed her eyes tightly and opened them back up again; but when she did, she found herself waking up with a jump, sitting straight up in bed, gasping for breath. Holy shit…what the hell was that??

As soon as Stokely was up and completely awake, so was Zeke, watching Stokely, trying to comprehend what was going on. He quickly put his hand on his head, trying to get his vision straight…ohhh, he got up wayy too fast. He blinked away his last few winks of sleep, and quickly turned his attention back to Stokely; she was still breathing heavily, clutching the blanket, her eyes still closed tight. Zeke threw his arms around her, trying to calm her down.

"Shhh…Stokely… Stokes, calm down. Calm down, it's okay."

Stokely's breathing slowed down as she finally opened her eyes; this time, she braced herself for who she was going to see this time. It was Zeke. Thank God! "Oh, Zeke, it's you! Damn…" She put her hand to her forehead and looked away from him.

"What's wrong?"

"Uhh…" How was she gonna tell him? "N-Nothing. Weird dream…got a little startled…woa…"

"That's it? Just a dream?" Something wasn't right here…

"Yea," she smiled at him. "I'm fine."

Zeke grinned at her…skeptically. "You sure? You don't wanna tell me about it?"

She shook her head, still smiling. "No."

He shrugged and lied back down. "Okay."

Stokely turned to look out the window for a moment; the same window she saw Stan through. She turned to look back at Zeke, lying back down, his eyes closed. "You're not going back to sleep are you?"

"Why? Am I not allowed?" he replied, without opening an eye.

"Well, it's your choice," she said, bending down to kiss him…that woke him up pretty darn quickly!

He sat up and deeply kissed her back, his large hands resting on the sides of her face and her neck. He began to chuckle, "Okay… I think I'll stay awake." They both laughed together and continued to kiss, playfully and passionately.

Mmm…dirty morning sex.


And needless to say… it was amazing. The first time it was, at least.. The second time…eh, mind-numbingly good. And the third time could have caused a volcano to erupt! Ahh…things were finally looking up for Zeke. He was happy with her, and he never wanted things to change for them.

But as for Stokely, things didn't feel right. She knew she was lucky to be with Zeke, and she definitely falling for him; fast and hard. Se was happy with him, yet something was wrong. She had this bad feeling that sometime soon…something was going to happen. But she didn't know what.

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