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o0o0o0o0 Titans Tower

It was a normal day in Titans Tower Raven was getting some herbal tea in the kitchen, Starfire was blabbing on about some holiday, Beastboy and Cyborg were arguing about which game to play, But no one knew where Robin was.

All of a sudden Robin came barging through the main room doors "WE ARE GOING TO MIAMI !" Robin cried.

"What do you mean Robin and what is a Miami?"Starfire asked

"Its time for our vacation and I picked where we would go, The plane leaves tommorow at 4:00 in the morning" Robin explained

"Are you crazy maybe we had plans did you ever think about that?" BeastBoy asked

"What do you have to do Beastboy?"Raven asked

"Well...I..."BeastBoy said defeatedly

"I didn't think so."Raven said turning back to her herbal tea.

"I'm going to go pack. I will see you guys later"Cyborg said while walking out of the main room.

BeastBoy sat back down "Yes now I can try to beat Cy's highscore."

Starfire walked over to Robin "What is a Miami?"

Robin handed her a map that was open to floridas page"It is some where on the bottom of that page."

"I do not understand we are going to this page?"

"No star that is Florida and we are giong there"Robin said pointing to Miami.

"Oh ok, Thank you Robin I will go do the packing to." Starfire said going to her room to pack.

Raven finished off her herbal tea and sat on the couch next to BeastBoy "Hey BB how come you're not packing?"

"Because I do my best packing at last minute plus I want beat the pants off of Cy's highscore."

"That doesn't surprise me." Raven said under her breathe. "well, i'm going to go pack."

"K bye" BB said

o0o0o0o0 That morning at 3:00AM

Robin's alarm went off in his ear. "ughhhhh... 5 more minutes, WAIT its time to go!"

Robin crawled out of bed and got dressed.Then he ran out to the mainroom and put out an intercom for everyone to wake up.After that he went into the kitchen and made everyone a bagel with jelly pilled onto it. He ate his bagel and ran into his room to get his bags.When he went back into the mainroom everybody was waiting for him.

"What took you so long dude?" BB asked

"I had to get my bags. Did you guys see the bagels on the counter?"

"What bagels?" Raven asked

The titans herd a smacking sound and looked at Beastboy. Who was in the kitchen with jelly all over his face.

"What?"BB asked

Raven rolled her eyes and turned to starfire "you have been quiet Star"

Starfire rolled over on her bags snoring.

"Ewwwwww.. shes drueling all over my bags"Cyborg said while grabbing his bag out from under starfire's head causing her head to slam onto the ground.


"she is still asleep even after that?"Beastboy asked"She is a really heavy sleeper"

"I'll get her to the TCar "Robin said bending over and grabbing Star like they had just got married.

"AWWWWWWWWWWW" BB and Cyborg said

"I'll get the bags" Raven said as she levitated the bags around her.

o0o0o0o0 On the way to the airport

"Are we there yet?" Beastboy asked Cyborg

"For the millionth time NO!" Cyborg responded

"Don't make me reach back there Beastboy"Raven threatened

"Are we there yet?"Beastboy asked agian

"Yes we are there BB" Cy said

"really?"BB asked

"YES" Cy answered

Robin shook Star to try to wake her up but she just rolled over.

Starfire smiled and started to talk in her sleep"Oh Robin, Robin I love you don't leave"

"HA-HA-HA-HA"Everyone except for Robin and Starfire giggled


"Huh.. We are there. Hmmmmm... You would not emagine the dream I just had" Star said sleeply

"Wanna bet?" Raven said while trying to hold in her giggles.


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