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Angy walked up to her room right next to Cyborg's."Is this my room Daddy?"

"Yup, and i'll be right in here."Cyborg said pointing to his room.

"Ok."Angy said walking into her room and placing her things on her bed.

"Who's room did this used to be?"Angy asked her dad who was standing out of her door.

"Terra's."Cyborg replied

"Who was she?"Angy asked

"A very good friend of ours, but she was a traitor."

"Did she die?"Angy asked

"Sorta, she turned into stone. Enough with the questions, unpack your stuff sweety."Cyborg said walking into his room to unpack his things.


"Put them right there."Starfire said pointing next to her bed.

"Ok Starfire."Robin said placing Starfire's bags where she had instructed him to.

Star walked over to Robin and gave him a little kiss on the cheek."Thanks Robin."

"Your welcome Star."Robin said grabbing Star by the waist.

Robin gently placed his lips onto hers.He then put his hands on the back of her head,like Raven had done to him, and really started to get into it.Robin started to put some of his tongue into Star's mouth.She opened her mouth to let in his tongue.His tongue danced around in her mouth, skiming the top of her mouth.

"He he, Robin, that tickles."Starfire giggled, pushing Robin away.

"I'm sorry Star."Robin said licking his lips


Raven dialed in the code and her door opened.She threw down her stuff on her bed and collapsed right next to it.

"Uh... what a vacation."Raven said to herself.

Raven got up and walked over to her closet and got a black towel, She also grabbed some PJ's for after her shower.Her PJ's where black and had red on the bottom and purple on the top.It was perfect for her.She opened her door and walked down the hall to the bathroom.

"Hey Rae, whatcha doin'?"Beastboy asked while he was dialing in the code to open his door.

"I'm gonna go take a shower."Raven said still walking towards the bathroom.

"I've got to see this."Beastboy whispered to himself.

Beastboy's door opened and he threw his stuff into his room.He looked at Raven walking down the hall and turned into a huge spider.He went running towards her and squeezed into the door just in time.He turned into a smaller spider and crawled up the shower to get a perfect veiw of the action. Raven took off her clothes and walked into the shower.

"Uh..."Beastboy drooled

Raven took the shampoo off of the shelf and squirted it onto her head.She massaged it in then put her head under the water.When she pulled her head out of under the water she flipped her hair.

"It's like a shampoo commercial."Beastboy said drooling

Raven grabbed her brownish-yellow sponge and pilled soap onto it.While she was dragging it over her body she looked up, and saw a green spider drooling.

"BEASTBOY! Get out."Raven yelled grabbing the curtains and wraping them around her.

Beastboy crawled out of the shower then, turned back into human form.While he was walking out of the door he turned around and gave Raven a thumbs up.

Raven watched as the green boy walked out then she looked down at the curtains.They where see-through.Raven flung the curtains aside and rolled her eyes at Beastboy."He is so weird, but I love him.I don't know why, but I do."


Cyborg ran up to Beastboy."What happened BB?"

"I snuck into the shower."

"What is so bad about that?"

"While Raven was in it."Beastboy finished

"HAHA, Go Beastboy."Cyborg said giving Beastboy a hi-five."But why did she get mad?"

"I don't know, it's not like I haven't seen her naked before."Beastboy said looking at the bathroom door.


Robin dialed in his code and his door opened.He jumped on to the bed."Good to be home."

Robin got up and grabbed his suitcase and started to unpack.


Raven walked down the hall to her room in a towel.When Raven walked into her room she saw Starfire sitting on her bed.

"Star, why are you in my room?"Raven asked walking over to her closet and grabbing one of her outfits.

"Raven, I want to talk to you about..."Starfire stuttered

"You want to talk about what?"Raven asked

"About... sex"Starfire spat out

"Oh, sex."Raven said sitting down next to Starfire. She bagan to launch into the whole ,birds and the bees talk.

A few hours later

"Oh, ok, Raven."

"Yes Star."

"Do you think that I could have the sex with Robin?"Starfire asked

"If he agrees to it and if you take the proper precautions."

"Ok, Thanks for all of your help friend."Starfire said floating out of the room.

Raven looked at her outfit and wondered, if Robin would say yes or if She would have Starfire hanging on her shoulder crying.


Robin was putting away his last artical of clothing when he herd a knock on his door.

"Robin, are you in here?"Robin herd through the door.It was Starfire.

"Yes Star, hold on I will open the door."Robin said pressing a button next the door causing it to fly open.

Once Robin opened the door Starfire stepped into his very neat room."Robin, we have to talk about something."

"Ok Star, you know you can tell me anything."Robin said sitting on the bed

"No, I do not wish to tell you something, I simply wish for us to have the sex."Starfire said sitting down on the bed next to Robin

"Uh..Star, we can't just have sex. We have to take precautions."

"I know, Raven told me everything."Starfire said pulling out some condoms.

"Oh,well we can't have sex right now. It has to be in the moment."Robin said looking wide eyed at the condoms

"Yes, I know that to and I am willing to wait.I just wanted to know if you would once it was in the moment."

"Ok Star, if you think that you are ready."Robin said

"Fabulous, we should do the hanging out later."Star said walking out of the boy wonders room.

"Star, how did it go with Robin?"Raven said running after her friend.

"He said yes!"Starfire said giddyly

o0o0o0o0 The next day

Raven yawned and satdown on the couch next to Beastboy and Cyborg who where playing some game and arguing agian.

"Hey Rae, Why did you get mad at me yesterday."Beastboy asked getting destracted and losing the game.

"Because, you snuck into the shower with me."Raven yelled

"Well, it's not like I haven't seen you naked before."Beastboy yelled back.

"If you would have asked I would have let you!"Raven yelled going to the kitchen to make some herbal tea.

Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire stared at the two arguing teens.Suddenly, the alarm went off.

Robin ran up to the screen and noticed that it was only Dr.light."Uh... can you guys can handle this one with out Starfire and me?"Robin asked the Titans while looking at Star.

"Sure we can, Robin."Cyborg said"But why do you need her here to?"

"For some studying I have to do."Robin said

"Ok, but don't do anything I wouldn't do."Cyborg said leaving the tower with Beastboy and Raven.

Starfire looked at Robin and grabbed his hand."What kind of studying are we going to do?"

"We aren't really going to study."Robin said pulling Starfire into his room.

"Then what are we going to do?"Star asked sitting on the bed next to the boy wonder.

"I think that today is the day."Robin said looking at Starfire.

"You mean today is the day we have the sex."Starfire said smiling

"Yes, Star."Robin said getting up.

o0o0o0o0 After the fight

Raven walked into the tower and got some herbal tea.

"No wonder Robin sent us to do it alone, he was so easy to take down."Beastboy said cracking his knuckles

Cyborg walked in behind Beastboy and sat on the couch.

Raven stopped dead in her tracks and looked down the hall.

"What's wrong Rae?"Beastboy asked

"I feel a flood of emotion coming from down the hall."Raven said taking off runningdown the hall.

Beastboy and Cyborg looked at each other then took off running after Raven.Raven stopped infront of Robin's door.She gently put a hand on the metal door.The door was engulfed in blackness ,then thrusted off it's hinges.Raven gasped at what she saw behind the boy wonder's door.

"Uh...Dude!Go Robin!"Beastboy said thrusting a fist into the air.

Raven and Cyborg's mouth dropped open at the sight of Starfire and Robin having sex.

"We are going to leave you two love birds alone."Beastboy said grabbing the surprised Cyborg and Raven.

When Beastboy got into the main room he yelled"Whoa, that was totally weird."

Cyborg sat down on the couch and looked up at Raven who was sitting down next to him.

"I didn't see that one coming"Cyborg said still stuned

"Yeah, me either."Raven said looking at Cyborg still stuned as well.

Angy ran out of her room and passed by Robin's room."WHOA, You and him.WHOA."

Angy ran into the mainroom and jumped onto Cyborg's back."DID YOU SEE THAT DADDY?"Angy asked

"Unfortuantly, yeah."Cyborg responded to his daughter.



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