Giles got all the girls back to their families with no problems, luckily.

Natalie and Joanna stuck around to help Buffy, Spike, and the others fight the Klakarec demons, which they did defeat quite easily and no one had to go to the hospital.

Dawn and Joanna became fast friends, as did Buffy and Willow with Natalie. Natalie convinced her watcher and parents that she was needed in Sunnydale, so the Lees moved into a house across the street from the Summers. James Lowen (Natalie's watcher) lived in an apartment next to Giles.

Buffy never really had to tell anyone about her and Spike. Everyone just kind of figured it out for themselves and were cool with it. Xander didn't like it at first, but backed off when he saw how happy Buffy was now. He still continued to call Spike "Peroxide Boy" and "Captain Peroxide" for shear pleasure.

Giles and James got along wonderfully and everyone could've sworn they were seperated at birth just like Buffy and Natalie by the way they acted.

Buffy, Natalie, and Spike patrolled every night together and made a great team. Spike and Natalie got along great, teasing each other back and forth, much to Buffy's laughing pleasure.

Life went on and was going great for the Scoobies. Things couldn't have been better unless the Hellmouth froze over itself. No big demons or supernatural threats came along. No apocalypses or trouble, except for your everyday vampire here and there. But something was coming that no one could stop. This something wasn't a demon. It was something that would change everyone's life, especially Buffy's, forever.

To Be Continued...

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