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I love Sesshoumaru by the way, so I guess it was natural for me to dedicate my first fan fiction to him.

Note: Sesshoumaru never lost his arm in this fic. There are probably many other deviations from the original storyline, so if anything confuses you let me know and I'll answer whatever questions you may have.

Senpai, or -senpai: Used for upperclassmen, a student in a higher grade.

Baka: Idiot.

Houshi: Monk.

Hanyou: Half demon.

Youkai: demon.

Miko: Priestess.

Kitsune: Fox.

-San: Mr., Mrs., and Miss, Sir or madam.

-Sama: used for those better in status (like a lord) also a term of great respect.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the below characters. Except Amaya.


Chapter 1: Unexpected, Unwanted

"What are you going to do?" Her voice was steadier than she felt. "Kill me?" That bit ended with a squeak.

He smirked coldly. "No. I believe carving out your tongue will be sufficient."

W-what! Not my tongue! "You're not serious!" she whispered harshly, looking down at her school clothes and wondering if she'd ever go home again.

"He is. Lord Sesshoumaru never lies, nor would he exaggerate." Amaya expected to see that it was Jaken standing behind the demon, ready to list off his fine qualities. "Good evening, child." Instead, an old lady looked back at her, smiling and quite comfortable where she was behind Sesshoumaru. "I am very sorry I missed ye back in my village. This old woman has much to do nowadays."

"Uh…You're…Kaede-bachan." Amaya startled when the demon turned to the woman slowly, his eyes hard.

He didn't speak to her, and she didn't speak to him. When the old lady smiled knowingly it was directed at him, and Amaya saw him tense visibly. The woman's eye patch rode up a bit when she chuckled softly. "Greetings to ye, Lord Sesshoumaru. I apologize for this interruption. It was necessary. I could not very well have you mutilate the girl."

Amaya heard him hiss as he sucked in a breath. She couldn't see his face, but she could see Kaede-san take on a more guarded stance, ready to bolt. She must have done something nasty before that he's just recalled, or maybe it was something he had just found out about.

"It is what you see, Lord Sesshoumaru. Ye know it well. Kill me or the child and you will be the thing you hate most for all eternity. You may break this hold however. Ye are clever enough."

Amaya had no idea what was going on, and she didn't understand a word of what Kaede-bachan was saying, but she knew it couldn't be good for the demon. Or the old woman for that matter!

Suddenly, he was attacking. She wasn't so sure, he was doing it so quickly. Kaede jumped to the side and hit the ground so loudly Amaya thought bones must have broken. She was so old! Sesshoumary materialized in her place, and Amaya knew then that the miko had foreseen the attack.

"Do not let your temper blind you, Lord." She turned to Amaya suddenly. "Hurry, child, before he does something he will regret. Subdue him!"

A hundred thoughts went through her young mind at the command, but she could not for the life of her imagine any way to stop him! If only she could ask Kagome! She must know what the miko meant! Subdu-Oh!

Sesshoumaru's eyes were blood red once more, this time his fury more intense, and directed at the old miko. He drew back his sword and charged, this time planning to saw her in half rather than simply amputate an arm. No one threatened him! No one cursed him and escaped whole! No one!

"Sesshoumaru, sit!"

One day earlier

Amaya Masanori stared over the edge of the well she had spied Kagome leap into a moment ago. Her younger friend had no idea, but she had been keeping an eye on her since her last 'sickness'. Things were far too fishy.

Whenever she saw her after she was supposed to have recovered, she seemed totally fine. Not a hair out of place. Far too healthy for a person with recurring, unusual illnesses.

"She's gone!" she whispered harshly down the echoing well. Not that she was surprised. She'd seen her do just that three days ago, and then come out again yesterday.

She hadn't been obsessed over Kagome's mysterious actions before, and she wasn't now. Not in a fanatical, spy-24-hours-a-day way anyhow. Her trusty video cam did that for her.

She knew she had discovered something amazing. An old shrine, an even older well that ate girls alive, and a thousand-or-so year old Goshinboku tree in the backyard. All mystical and conveniently in the same place.

What was going on exactly? Maybe she'd jump in and find out.

Her grandmother had said their family had demon blood in it, and that it made some family members special. Not that it ever showed. And maybe Kagome had demon blood in her family, and that was what made this happen to her –not that she believed her grandma.

But normal teenagers just didn't disappear down dry wells and come back days later alive.

She gripped the edge tightly and hauled herself over to sit on the rim. She stared at the bottom, and it seemed very far away. Kagome hadn't broken a leg from jumping down there, maybe Amaya wouldn't. And maybe the well had a mind of its own and refused to let her through to wherever Kagome ended up.

Amaya closed her eyes tightly and pushed off, bracing herself for a painful landing. It was worth a try at least. And she was nothing if not adventurous. It was in the Masanori blood.

She gasped as she felt the air shift around her.

But she was too scared to open her eyes.

"Finally! What took you so long? I was this close to going over there and dragging you back," Inuyasha complained loudly.

Kagome dusted herself as he took her yellow duffle bag off her shoulders. "I only stayed a day. What, I can't sleepover at my own house anymore!" She glared up at him and walked past.

"Don't start with me! You know why that's not possible. We're so close to getting the last of the jewel, and after Naraku took the biggest piece-"

"I get that! But it doesn't mean I can't take a load off for a bit," she called over her shoulder. "It's not like I don't come back."

"Not like I'd let you stay away!" he snapped.

She whirled on him, glowering. "I come back because I choose to, you moron! You're such an unappreciative-"

Inuyasha, just about to snap something back at her, stopped at her look of utter shock. His ear twitched at hearing several grunts behind him. He turned quickly, staring at the girl rolling from the well's edge and onto the ground.

She coughed, swiping at some leaves on her face. "Gods, that was the most horrible-!" She stopped, spotting the hanyou, and stared at him in as much shock as he did her.

"Amaya-chan!" Kagome squeaked, jaw dropping.

Inuyasha looked ready to erupt. "What the hell!"

The young miko winced. "Jeez! This isn't my fault!"

"Kagome…where are we?" Amaya asked, still gawking at the loud hanyou. "Good Gods, are those doggy ears?"

Inuyasha sputtered in outrage. "Doggy ears! Kagome, take her back now, or I'll throw her back!"

Kagome ran to her older friend –her senpai- and leaned down beside her, ignoring the Inu-hanyou. "Amaya-chan, are you all right? How did you get here?"

"Uh…same way you did. I jumped in the well." She gestured behind her. "What's going on? Who is that? What is that?"

"It's OK," the miko reassured her with a smile. "He's a friend. His name is Inuyasha."

They both got up, and Kagome continued the introductions awkwardly: "Inuyasha, this is a friend of mine from back home, Amaya Masanori."

The hanyou looked at her like she'd lost her mind. "I don't care. She's not supposed to be here," he pointed out more calmly, crossing his arms.

Kagome sighed, knowing he was right, but not helping the thought that she wouldn't be over here if she didn't belong somehow. Was Amaya a miko, too? A reincarnation of some powerful shrine maiden long dead?

"Amaya-senpai, you really can't-"

"I thought we talked about that. No 'senpai' from you, please," Amaya retorted automatically.

"Uh…Yeah. Listen, you really have to go back. It's dangerous here! Jump in the way you-"

"No, Kagome-chan! I want to know what's going on here! And if it's so dangerous, what are you doing coming here so often? And for so long? No, no." She shook her head firmly. "I'm not going anywhere before I'm sure you're as safe as you say."

Inuyasha charged between them, before Kagome could ask her how she knew all that. "Listen you! Mind your own business and get your ass into the well!"

"Inuyasha, SIT!" Kagome hissed angrily, sick of his meddling.


Amaya watched in horrified wonder as he plunged into the dirt at her feet.

Inuyasha growled as his ears were rudely and repeatedly rubbed.

"They're so soft," Amaya murmured, lost in the fine texture of the two appendages.

Inuyasha winced when she tugged on one ear a little too hard. She was way too comfortable with touching him for someone who had never seen a demon, or hanyou, in her life. And she was rubbing against him in a manner he was not very comfortable with!

"Damn it! Let go of me!" He finally jumped back several feet, flushed and glaring. He turned from one teenager to the other, not certain which he was angrier at.

It was decided that this intruder would meet everyone, make sure her friend was safe, and return, keeping her mouth shut about everything. Inuyasha had no real say in the matter. Kagome's mind was set, and so was her friend's.

As for Amaya, she was entranced by the cottages, and the dusty streets, and the people. It was like walking through a museum. No, a time warp…She guessed that was what they had jumped into.

Amaya especially loved Inuyasha. He kept avoiding her gaze and mumbling under his breath, but whenever he heard a strange noise he would leap in front of them, his hand going to the hilt of his worn-out sword. She thought it was so cute, something out of a historical romance!

Kagome and Inuyasha. It was so clear.

Inuyasha sat grumpily in the corner of Kaede's cottage while Kagome and Amaya chatted. It was around that time that other three members of the Inuyasha gang walked in…With a collective gasp at seeing the Kagome look-alike. The little kitsune demon wasn't entranced for long.

"Kagome, you're back!" He jumped into the girl's arms and held on. Amaya recognized him from her friend's description. Shippo! He was adorable!

"...Kagome?" Sango sounded suspicious and uncertain. Miroku was staring.

"It's ok, guys. She's a friend of mine. Um...I'll explain everything later. This is Amaya. Amaya-chan, Miroku and Sango," she said, gesturing toward them. "She came from my time."

"Keh! Stupid wench," Inuyasha muttered. Bringing another untrained, unpowerful human here was a disaster! She might not have brought her over by the hand, but she refused to take her back on the spot.

"In that case, we're very glad to meet you, Amaya-san," Sango said graciously, recovering quickly enough. "We hope you enjoy your time here. Miroku-sama and I will try our best to make your visit pleasant?" She looked over for confirmation, to empty space.

The monk was kneeling before Amaya, holding her hand. Amaya squeaked and looked over at Kagome in puzzlement.

"Beautiful Amaya-san, would you do me the honor of bearing-"

A loud whack resounded in the small cottage before the infamous line was complete.

The houshi was sprawled on the ground, a large swelling at the side of his head. Sango was flushed, standing over him with a shaking fist.

"We are very sorry about his behavior, Amaya-chan. Please, don't let it bother you." The exterminator calmly dragged his unconscious body out by his collar.

The hanyou rolled his eyes unceremoniously. Amaya only stared after them, gaping for the second time that day.

Amaya sighed happily. She was glad Kagome talked her into coming to the river while she talked to the hanyou. It was so quiet and beautiful. He sat at the bank, her legs stretched out in front of her. She inhaled the fresh air and sighed blissfully. Ah, yes. She could stay like this for hours.

Shippo was sleeping right next to her, snoring, a bubble blowing in his nose with each breath he took. Amaya admired his fluffy, golden tail. What a cute little guy he was.

She saw something dark move close through her peripheral vision before it plopped down beside her. She glanced at the monk warily. "You're not planning to do anything, are you? Kagome filled me in," she explained.

The houshi flushed and laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. "Amaya-san, I would never even think of such a thing!"

She nodded seriously and turned to him with a smile. "Excellent."

He smiled at her warmly.

Amaya hunched over, resting her head on her knee. She was still looking at him curiously. "Do you ask everyone you meet that question?"

The monk looked puzzled for a second before flushing in embarrassment. "All the pretty girls, anyway."

She chuckled, flattered, and looked back at the waters. "What did Sango-chan do when you asked her? I'll bet she gave you a bruise or two."

"I didn't ask her." He was still looking up at the sky, his expression solemn.

Amaya turned to him in surprise. "How come? Don't you think she's pretty?"

He turned to her, his eyes wide. "Of course I do. It's just..." He looked away, mulling it over. "The circumstances did not permit it. We're only friends."

"Oh!" Amaya had a devilish sparkle in her eyes. "You actually like her, don't you?"

The monk looked surprised. Then he grimaced, turning a deep shade of red. "Oh, look at the time...So much to do." He studied the sky for an instant, shading his eyes, before jumping up and skittering towards the village. The girl stared after him, smiling at the dust-cloud-of-hasty-retreat trailing behind him. She chuckled softly once he'd disappeared and went back to looking at the sparkling river waters.

Ah! Sango and Miroku, too, eh? She'd love to see how that turned out. How long could she stay, anyway? From what Kagome said, not long at all.


She surged to her feet, mouth agape, when she spotted what looked to be a huge bird flying far to her right. She thought she saw two heads on the thing.

She watched it descending somewhere in the middle of the Inuyasha forest...Not so far. If she ran over and back it would take…fifteen minutes tops! She would love to see at least one demon before she had to go!

But would it be wise to wander off alone without telling anyone? Kagome said it was dangerous, but so far there was nothing happening. And she would only be taking a peek. Kagome wasn't likely to let her come back again…

Logically, it was a bad idea. Who knew what could happen. The mysterious creature might be dangerous…

Her lips pursed and she looked around quickly before making her decision. She shook the little kitsune and whispered something into his ear.

Shippou mumbled a sleepy 'OK' as she dashed off, and he went back to sleep.

To Be Continued…

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