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CHAPTER 6 - excerpt:

Amaya waved at her new friend enthusiastically. So it had been three days since she and Tia had met, but there lay a kindred soul and possibly the closest friend she'd had since Kagome. The only thing tainting that joy of new friendship was what Tia had told her a couple of hours ago.

She watched the airborne forms of Tia and Lord Shinjishi disappear into the clouds. Sesshoumaru went in then, and Amaya kept on staring at the brilliant blue of the sky.

"The way he looks at you, I was almost certain you were truly mated. Now why is it you're not?" Amaya remembered feeling confused and embarrassed at the strange words. Excuse me? Truly mated?Was she asking if Amaya and Sesshoumaru had 'done the deed'? But they weren't married yet.

She and Tia were in the back garden inside the glass gazebo. They drank tea, and Tia was looking at her thoughtfully. Amaya just gave her guest a questioning look at that statement. Tia continued: "Shin marked me as his long before our official ceremony. But I suppose Lord Sesshoumaru has his reasons."

Marked her? "What do you mean?" asked Amaya seriously. Was it a property thing? If it was, Amaya was happy Sesshoumaru hadn't done it. She was nobody's property. Unless…

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