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Chapter 1

"I can't read this stupid map,"Ayame muttered. Ayame loved her name because it was also the name of her favorite character on Inuyasha. Her sister's name was Yuki, also a name on Inuyasha. Her favorite show was, of course, Inuyasha. That was the whole reason she had come to Japan. She wanted to see the shrine Inuyasha was based on.

"If I can ever read this stupid map" Ayame thought.

She was walking down the sidewalk when she heard a honk. It was her sister and her friends.

"You didn't think I was going to let you go there alone, did you"Yuki said with a smile "Besides that's Kagome's house."

Ayame's eye's widened when she heard the name Kagome. She jumped in the car.

"Lead the way"Ayame said.

Soon they were at the house. Kagome gave Ayame a tour of the house while Yuki, Eri, and Ayumi went in the house. As they approached the door to the well Ayame got excited. Her hair was blowing in the slight breeze. Kagome opened the door

"Well, this is what you wanted to see, right?" Kagome asked with a smile. She watched Ayame jump around. (Inuyasha doesn't air in Japan in this story. So there) She stopped jumping and looked around.

"Wow" Ayame whispered.

"What's so special about here anyway" Kagome asked.

"Well, you see…"

"Hey sis, I think you need this." A boy walked in with a backpack.

"I know that boy. And that bag" Ayame thought. It was Souta and the yellow backpack. The boy started running down the stares but the bag was to heavy for him. He tripped and the backpack went flying. It fell to Ayame and the sudden force pushed her into the well. She looked up and saw two faces staring at her. Ayame waited to hit the ground but when she didn't she started to freak out. She was thinking how deep the well was when a blue light surrounded her.

Finally she hit something. She looked up and saw sunlight. The place looked familiar.

"The first episode" She thought "But it's only a show, it's not real" Still she needed to get out and the vines were the only way up.

"What's taking her so damn long?" Inuyasha growled.

"She did say she was going to help her friend entertain her adopted sister" Miroku said. All four friends were sitting by the well, waiting for Kagome.

A scent hit Inuyasha's nose. It wasn't Kagome's and it was coming from the well. A face popped up from the well nearly giving Inuyasha a heart attack. He looked at the girl. She had wide eyes.

" Who the hell are you?" he asked, half angry half surprised. The girl didn't answer him. He took out the tetsusgai. She continued to stare. Kagome popped up.

What the hell" Inuyasha exclaimed. If he hadn't known better he would have thought them sister's.

"Inuyasha, Sit Boy" Kagome said. After saying a couple more times she got out of the well, then helping Ayame. She was till staring at all of them.

"So… what's your name?" Miroku asked. This seemed to break her out of her trance. Damn it, why did she have to blush. It was just Miroku after all (sorry Miroku lovers)

"I'm Ayame." She said with a smile

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