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Chapter 6 Meeting Sesshomaru

Inuyasha had decided to go check on everyone else leaving Ayame sitting at the base of the tree. It was very quiet. A sound came from the bushes, making Ayame jump to her feet. Sesshomaru walked out of the bushes. Ayame just stared.

"Who are you?"Sesshomaru asked, his voice startling her.

"M…my name is Ayame."She stuttered.

"Are you afraid half-demon?"

"Half-demon? I'm no half-demon. Just a regular person."

"You have the scent of a wolf"

"Whatever."Ayame said walking away.(AN-ARE YOU CRAZY! This is Sesshomaru!)

"Where are you going?"

"And why should I tell you."

Sesshomaru was getting angry. How dare this half-demon talk to him like that! He looked at her and saw she was staring at him. Something about her was intriguing. She was a mere half-demon but he still felt drawn to her. Just her standing there made him feel like he couldn't even describe, he didn't care what she was. He walked over and laid a kiss on her lips. It was a small kiss but he still felt happy. He needed to know more about her.

"Tomorrow you shall come to my castle." Sesshomaru said calmly

"O..ok"Ayame said.

And with that Sesshomaru walked off.(should I leave it here…nah not yet)


Sesshomaru couldn't believe it. First he finds a half-breed and then he kisses her. Now tomorrow she was going to come to his castle. What was he expecting to do? Kiss her? No he had wanted to do more than kiss her. She was coming and there was nothing he could do about it. But where would she sleep? Her own room of course. How was this half-demon doing this? How was she making him go crazy without even being here? How was her scent intoxicating him if she wasn't in the room? Or even in his castle? Is this what love felt like? He shook his head to the thought. Imagine the great Lord Sesshomaru falling for a half-breed. For some weird reason, when he thought about her…he could.


Had she done what she just thought she did? She had kissed Sesshomaru and she had just met him. She had been taught better. She was a 14-year-old teenager and Sesshomaru was at least older than 200.Plus he looked like he was 18.She still couldn't believe she had agreed to go to his castle. How was she going to explain that to Inuyasha?

"Why is this happening to me?" she asked outloud. Then a light bulb appeared. What if she said she was going to explore the land? Inuyasha couldn't object to that if she stayed close. Plus she just wouldn't specify how long she would be gone. It was perfect.


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