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The shadow and the emerald will meet. Love shall blossom and from that love, the greatest threat to the world will be born.
Several teens sat around a large living room. Robin and Cyborg sat on the couch playing games. Starfire sat at a computer as she explored the wonders of the internet. Raven sat in an overstuffed chair. Beastboy was coming back from preparing a sandwich.

Nobody noticed as his hand brushed Raven's shoulder. Nobody that is, except Raven. Their relationship had progressed rapidly once they had admitted their feelings for each other. Despite what you would expect, they enjoyed each others company and often indulged when nobody was around. On several occasions they had even managed to have a romantic dinner together. It all depended on timing.

It had been a couple of months and nobody had noticed the difference around the tower. They hadn't noticed that Raven's insults had decreased a great deal, or that Beastboy often ignored Raven's presence in the room. He hadn't tried to make her laugh in almost a week. They had managed to keep everyone in the dark and enjoyed their time together. Between late nights and early mornings they managed to spend a lot of time together. They had managed to keep each other from serious harm from the likes of the Hive and Mumbo the magician.

Each day their relationship came closer to being discovered. They both knew that before long they would have to let their friends in on their secret. But for now, they were happy with the way things were. Each showed signs of benefiting from the relationship. Raven seemed to smile easier these days, and Beastboy, well, he was reading things a bit more complicated than plain old comic books. Thanks to Raven he had discovered the fun of reading.

Their love was deep and ran strong.

Too bad it was their time to feel the pains and trials that come with love.