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Kit, this isn't good

You think I don't know that, baka, I'm going to kill that bastard…

No, I don't think you understand. I mean this REALLY isn't good…

Naruto's world began to fade in and out. Darkness began to overtake him, dimming the stars slowly. The Kyuubi's voice began to fade, the usual powerful voice shrinking until it was just a whisper, and then it just stopped. "Sorry Naruto, I just couldn't have you interfering, my plans will carry on uninterrupted." Orochimaru's voice drowned out everything else around him, the sound of the night, and the screams of his teammates never seemed to reach his ears. The shape of Orochimaru's laughing silhouette was the last thing he could see, even though the world was black, Orochimaru seemed to be darker. Before his world went blank, the beating of Naruto's heart seemed to be a thousand times louder than it had ever been before, thumping in Naruto's ears, it was the only thing he could hear. Then darkness, nothing but darkness, no sound, no light, no nothing…


"Naruto-kun…" A soft voice pierces the darkness "… please wake up…" slowly the world begins to come back to the young boy, the darkness fading, the coppery taste of blood lingering in his mouth, "… please don't leave me alone again… I don't want to be alone…" The speaker's voice was cracked, it seemed to almost be in sobs, and the person seemed to be on the verge of tears. "… Please come back to me…" A soft hand cupped Naruto's left cheek, "… I don't want another of my special people to die…" a few tears falling onto his right shoulder, the wetness seeping into the fabric of his t-shirt... or what was left of it, burying her face into his chest, hugging him to her, mumbling "…Please… I can't be alone anymore…" into his chest.

"Ugh…" a soft moan escapes from Naruto's lips as he begins to stir, his companion's body hampering his movement, his eyes slowly open revealing the day, a bright light flooding his unprepared sense of sight, the sun light was almost blinding, and in front of him there was… was… a naked chick! Naruto's eyes flew open, as he jumped backwards, or tried to jump backwards, he more or less just jerked towards her then fell back into his original position. The pain in his body was too much for him, making him incapable of movement. He just mutters sorry over and over again, closing his eyes tightly trying to not bleed to death from the river running out of his nose, trying to give the girl as much dignity as he can give her. Blood slowly trickles down from his nose, his face a deep red "I'm so sorry, please don't hurt me". The young boy was used to being punished for seeing girls in their birthday suits. The girl just giggled softly.

"Naruto-kun, open your eyes… I don't mind if you see me like this, in fact… I want you to see me like this." she says shyly, lightly biting her lower lip.
"Huh?" Opening his left eye slowly too see if she was telling the truth. Then slowly opening the other one, making sure she wasn't going to hit him, he tried to look every where but at her, trying to keep himself as composed as possible, but his eye's seemed to just gravitate towards her. God she's sexy, no wait, mustn't think perverted thoughts…, "H-h-how do you know me?"

"You… you don't remember?" a saddened girl responds, Does he really not know who I am… hasn't he noticed no talking in his head?
"Sorry… I… I… don't… and please put some clothes on before I bleed to death!" a look of pain appears on her face, something that makes Naruto feel a little guilty, even though he didn't know what he had done wrong. What did I do now? … I hope she doesn't hit me…
"Naruto-kun, I told you I want you to see me like this." Slowly she picks up his right hand and puts it on her right breast, slowly kneading it.
"Naruto-kun… I-I-I want to be yours… I need you…" She moans, her eyes were filled with lust, a light blush on her skin. An awestruck Naruto, a young boy who just didn't know what to do, paralyzed from pain and from this amazing girl who just threw herself at him, a girl who he just met. "ARG!" Naruto's face turns a bright red. His face seems to explode in a giant gush of blood.

"F-f-fine I'll just tell you what happened." She huffed, Naruto still confused as to what he did wrong why is she mad at me, what did I do wrong? Removing his hand from her breast and sitting beside the boy. "Ok, let's begin…" Rain was pouring down from the sky, Orochimaru was attacking you, Sakura, and Sasuke during the second test of the chunnin exam…Sadly the exam is over, and you did not pass, I'm sorry you had to find out this way… anyways… You had just tapped into m… the power of the Kyuubi when…"

Flash back

"Ah, so you are the demon vessel. Well we can't have you interrupting my plans now can we? So, I guess I will have to remove you from the picture, and hopefully anyone else who could cause me a problem in the future." an annoyed Orochimaru said to the young boy.

"Well your plans won't matter in a second you bastard, because I'm going to kill you!" a very angry Naruto yelled across to his adversary.

"Well, that's no way to talk to a sannin now is it…? I will just have to teach you some manners, and that you are powerless against me, and powerless to stop me" Orochimaru rushed at Naruto, shredding the boy's t-shirt and his orange jacket. With the speed even Kakashi would have a hard time rivaling, Orochimaru kneed the young boy in the stomach. POOF the boy was replaced by a log "This wont help you boy, you will not interfere" Turing quickly Orochimaru threw a kunai, it hit its mark. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sticking out of the boy's leg was Orochimaru's projectile. Naruto gritted his teeth "I will not loose" those words were almost a growl. Red chakra flowed all over the boy and then, it was over. Orochimaru charged Naruto, with the Kunai in his leg he couldn't move, two quick movements with his thumbs and Orochimaru altered the seal on Naruto's stomach, connecting the other seals on his stomach into one larger seal. Suddenly the boy fell to the ground screaming in pain, his face twisted into a mark of pain. The Uchiha and Sakura paralyzed in fear from what they have seen, first their friend was covered in a red shield of chakara, the boy they knew lost, then in a second he was broken, in agonizing pain. Then in the blink of an eye, Orochimaru said "Sorry Naruto, I just couldn't have you interfering, my plans will carry on uninterrupted." Then with one swift kick Naruto was sent deep into the thick forest.

The screams of Naruto's teammates could be heard all over the forest, many people thought he had been killed, many of the genins had small funerals for their friend, but in reality the boy laid unconscious in the middle of the forest. His shredded tops barely clinging to his body, blood pooled at the edges of his lips from his mouth after hitting the ground. The exposed seal on his stomach turning a bright red, orangey red chakra seeping from the unconscious container's body burning the ground under and around him. Slowly a bright red ball forms over the seal. The ball began to grow, and grow, and then slowly change shape into the silhouette of a person, into the shape of a young female.

End flash back

"S-so y-your t-t-telling m-me t-that y-you'r-re…" Naruto tried say,
"Yes Naruto-kun I…" A blushing female tries to inform an awestruck Naruto,
"Y-you were that ball weren't you?" a now intrigued Naruto asks.
"Y-yes… well actually I came out of you, I-I was let out of my cage…" an embarrassed woman stuttered,
"Y-y-y-you're th-th-the K-K-K-Ku-Kyu-Kyuub-b-b-b-i!" a now extremely frighten and shocked Naruto said, now trying to stay calm, scared that the Kyuubi might get angry with him and destroy Kohona.
"Naruto-kun, please don't be scared of me… I… I…" Tears threatened to burst from her eyes, she was no longer a fox, now she was a very beautiful redhead, her long hair reaching down to her ass. Everything on her body seemed to fit perfectly, everything proportionally sound except for her breasts which seemed to be a little too big. "… Orochimaru wanted to expel me from you so I could destroy the world… but well… after so many years being inside of you, learning about you, knowing everything about you…" Licking her index finger, then circling the exposed nipple on a shaking Naruto "I just… couldn't destroy you and everything you loved… so I… molded this new body with my chakra for you… I… I… know you would like me like this."

Slowly she lowers her lips to his, planting a soft kiss on them. "Na-Na-Naruto-kun… I-I-I have fallen in love with you… I've known for a while… please don't reject me…" she softly moans into his ear. I-I-I shouldn't be enjoying this, she's the Kyuubi… or she says she is, she's pure evil, and what about Sakura, I love her! I can't forget about her!
"WHOA, whoa hold on a second… you're telling me you're the Kyuubi! Ya, right, now you're telling me you love me, what the hell! If you really are the Kyuubi, what was up with all the insults and shit you put me through." Biting her lip lightly she just whispers
"Well… I-I-I couldn't let you know I liked you, I'm the Kyuubi, I'm not supposed to fall in love, especially with a human, and how would you have reacted if I would have told you?" She does have a point, I would have freaked out, and I really don't know what I would have done…but she can't be the Kyuubi can she? Kyuubi! Kyuubi! Where the fuck are you?

Inside Naruto's mind

Wandering around until he came face to face with the Kyuubi's cage, now demolished and open, slowly Naruto walk's inside of the dark cage, now illuminated. Inside he noticed was a large cage, nothing out of the ordinary, concrete walls… but…but… but what's this? The back wall was covered in scratch marks… "Mr. and Mrs. Uzumaki Naruto" "Mrs. Uzumaki Naruto" "Mrs.Uzumaki Kyuubi" Naruto was awestruck as he looked at his name in the middle of a perfectly drawn heart… she… she…she was telling the truth but but but…I can't believe this… Slowly he raised his hand to his cheek, running his hand across his face. "M-m-my birthmarks are gone!"

End of inside Naruto's mind

"..and well I guess I'm just a little old fashioned… you know, being mean to you but in reality really liking you… s-s-s-o-sorry, I never wanted to hurt you, please believe me." The beautiful woman slowly burst into tears, her tears falling onto her breasts.

Slowly Naruto raises his hand to her face "Shhhh… don't cry, I can't stand a crying woman, and I-I-I forgive you… if you are telling the truth." " I can't stand a crying woman, sorry Sakura, I just can't stand it… it's worse than watching you drool all over that Sasuke-bastard" Doing the only thing that came natural, he slowly pulled her into an embrace, her face lightening up instantly, burying her face into his chest muttering Naruto I love you over and over again. But, this blissful scene was soon cut short by a team of ANBU. The members pried the Kyuubi from Naruto's body. "Take her and lock her up, and take him to the hospital." The leader of the ANBU team ordered his team, the screams of the Kyuubi for Naruto pierces the silence of the early morning. Naruto's screams to leave them the hell alone, just annoyed the hell out of the ANBU members.


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