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How time has passed us by. It doesn't seem to have a care in the world about the people it is effecting, it just continues its course, never stopping. Never wielding. For Yusuke Urameshi it seemed time had no effect on his last year of high school. As if it were to last forever. Time seemed to go slow for his final year. It was now the week before graduation. Ironically, Yusuke made it through the year, with the help of his sexy art teacher of course.

Yusuke's P.O.V.

"YUSUKE WE FINALLY DID IT!" Keiko screamed as she hugged me. I swear to god I think I'm dying all over again. She's trying to suffocate me I swear.

"Keiko let go, your killing me" I cried, desperately trying to get away from her evil grasp. She huffed but none the less let go of me. I sighed in relief as sweet oxygen once again filled my lungs.

"God, how can you still be such a baby? Its graduation Yusuke!" Was that a trick question? Cause if it is, I'm sure as hell not answering it, knowing her and her slaps of doom. Obviously, with the way she was staring at me, she knew I wasn't going to give a retort to that question.

Before she could say anything, the speakers suddenly blared an announcement directly from the principal.

"Yusuke Urameshi, will you please report to the principal's office... NOW!" Keiko's eyebrow twitched and I could already see the fist about to make way for my face if I didn't scram.

"Sorry Keiko, principal wants me," I screamed before running off. "YUSUKE YOU BETTER NOT ALREADY BE IN TROUBLE ON THE DAY OF GRADUATION!" Keiko screamed. Okay, really, I love Keiko to death, but WHY does she always think I'm in trouble.

-Because you always are- came Youko's lovely voice inside my head. I rolled my eyes. As if what could I have possibly done this time... oh. Never mind. I know. I swear to god I just heard Youko... GIGGLE. Okay if I weren't so used to voices in my head, I would actually be worried. But no, I must, besides Kurama of course, be the only guy in the world who does not feel crazy about hearing voices that half the time are NOT my own in my head.

Then again to people know they are crazy when they hear voices or do they just think its normal... huh. Gah never mind. Anyways, I'm pretty sure I know what the principal is mad about now. Probably that senior prank I played last night. I grinned ear to ear as I remember everything of last night.

-Flashback- (Youko giggles happily as we all go down memory lane)

It was ten at night on the fateful Tuesday night. At least ten other students had decided to join in on the senior prank Kurama and I had come up with. Keiko of course, not being one of them. Again, I love her to death, but I love not being yelled at as well. Kuwabara was of course in on the whole thing. How the hell could I do anything without him? Kurama was there as well, making sure everyone signed a document of secrecy. Ironically all the students that were in our group were students that had taken Kurama's art class. Then again I guess that not something too strange.

As soon as we got to the school, we made quick work of turning off all the camera's in the security room. After that we split up into groups of two. I stayed in Kurama's group. We each had our own walkie talkies. Something I didn't really need since I pretty much have one in my head that is connected to Kurama. Oh well.

We got to the room we decided we would sabotage Ame-sensei's class. Yup that's right Ame-sensei. I decided this would be my revenge of her CONSTANTLY having dirty thoughts about MY Kurama's 'smackable' ass.

"Possessive much love?" Kurama said as he snapped on those delectable fingerless black gloves. I swear to god, Kurama went all out for this prank. What with that sexy 'thief in the night' out fit and all.

I quietly took in the tight black sleeveless turtleneck, as well as the black jeans that didn't make so much as a whisper as Kurama moved across the room. His crimson red hair was in a high ponytail, allowing all his facial features more room to show. I think he was wearing black eyeliner too. Mm sexy! Kurama gave me a sly smirk before quietly opening the lock to Ame-sensei's door.

I quietly sneaked behind him, mostly for the lovely view of that tight ass of his. 'Why the hell is he always on top anyways? With an ass like that, he DESERVES to be on the bottom.' I pouted silently.

"Yusuke, we are on a mission, we can think about your little fantasies later, ne?" Kurama said before heading inside the glass. I rolled my eyes and tried to ignore the blush that was spreading across my face. I REALLY need to learn how to keep Kurama from reading my every damn thought. It gets unnerving. Like when I'm trying to decide whether to sleep in class or masturbate in a bathroom and Kurama just HAS to give his two cents. I gave him a glare for pointed measure.

We began looking around the room. The good thing about Ame-sensei's room is that it has a storage room connected to it since she is one of the biology teachers. A little TOO into biology if you know what I mean.

"Okay if we find anything embarrassing, I'm so posting it all over the school" I muttered. Okay I know she's never really done anything to me, but it always gets on my nerves when I see her inspecting Kurama's ass as if it belongs to her. News flash, it belongs to ME! ...kinda... since I haven't exactly claimed it yet. Dammit I'm having fantasies again. Grrr damn teenage hormones.

I cracked my fingers and got ready to do the all awesome prank. I opened the storage door where all the laboratory equipment was, and soon, little by little, the stuff that was in Ame-sensei's classroom was disappearing from there and now being moved into the storage room. The books off the shelves, the student desks, HER desk, and somehow Kurama got the overhead screen in there too. Probably used those plants of his. We took down her window blinds, her papers, and stuffed them into the storage closet.

"Hey Kurama look, I found the finals she's giving out tomorrow!" Kurama looked at them, then grabbed the stack and ran like a maniac to the windows. I could already Youko cackling like a mad man as the red head threw the papers from hell out the window, soon to be blown by the wind.

I rolled my eyes before taking a good look at the classroom. Holy crap it looks... deserted. Hell it looks clean. I swear to god I'm gonna be so fucking pissed if the woman sees this more as a blessing than a curse.

"Don't worry Yusuke, we're not done yet." Kurama said as he gave me a can of crazy string. Grinning like a madmen, we stood back to back, holding the cans as if they were weapons of mass destruction. Then without warning we started spraying like no tomorrow. Making sure to get EVERYTHING captured by the evil stringy crap.

Without warning, Kurama suddenly turned on me, spraying me with all that icky crap. I screamed in both anger and annoyance, before spraying him as well. Unfortunately, since his hair was in a ponytail, I didn't have a clear shot at it like I normally did.

Things got messy after that, well okay, a lot more messier than they already were. Kurama tackled me into the chalkboard. I bet there's gonna be a body imprint when I get off of the damn thing. Kurama growled deep in his throat before attacking my neck, forcing me to be once again pushed back into the damn chalk board.

"God I miss this. Do you realize we haven't had sex since... last night. Its horrible." Kurama whispered as his hands began crawling into the back pockets of my pants. I rolled my eyes as he continued manhandling me.

"You know you like it, so why are you pouting?" Kurama whispered. I continued just glaring at the chalkboard. Finally, Kurama sighed before lying his head on my shoulder blade. His hands then slowly wrapped around me. I smirked. I loved it when he did this, ah sweet surrender.

"So... what's wrong now?" Kurama asked, his voice calm, though I could tell he was disappointed.

"You know what's wrong," I muttered, my nose twitching from the smell of chalk clouding my senses. Kurama nibbled on my ear thoughtfully, his thoughts silent as he tried to concentrate. Once again I rolled my eyes. I've only been sulking about it for the past few MONTHS. God, who made Kurama the genius here. So not me. I could here Youko snickering in my head.

Do NOT tell me even Youko know's before Kurama does. I could feel Kurama growl at the insult. -Of course I know what is going on. I'm insulted you would think I wouldn't. I haven't been around for a few centuries for nothing- I sighed. Yup, its official, Kurama's dense.TOO DAMN DENSE!

"Is this about that whole being on top thing." Kurama said, his voice wary. Still pouting, I nodded. This wasn't exactly the first time we've had this argument. In fact, I've brought this topic up about.. oh I don't know.. ten times in the last month alone. I heard Kurama sigh again.

"You are so impatient. I keep telling you soon and no I am not avoiding the subject." Kurama gave a soft kiss to my neck, and then he looked into my eyes. Well there was no sparkling, shiny, oh my god I love you moment. It wasn't sappy or completely romantic. It was just us and personally, I think that was all I needed. Just us.

I growled in irritation, but I backed down. Personally I think this is Kurama's own way of testing me. Testing my love for him, and my patience. I nodded and I guess the irritation was worth it, when I see the happiness in his eyes. Of feeling him grip my waist possessively just the way I wanted to be held.

And then his kiss. The kiss I've waited forever to have. Maybe there is such thing as fate. This love we have, maybe its enough. Maybe its more than enough. Because its just me and him, and I don't think I would ever want anyone else, when I will most likely never feel this kind of love with anyone else.

I pounced on him, forcing him on the floor. I don't really think he cared. I think I heard him whine about his hair but that could just be my imagination. I was on all fours, staring down at him. I never took my eyes off of his, not for a second. Even as I once again kissed him, pressing my lips harshly against his.

I felt Kurama smile as he wrapped his arms around me, applying more pressure between our lips. Yeah.. This was more than enough. I might not be able to top now...but I can wait. I could wait forever. Ok maybe I'm getting over dramatic. I think I got that from Youko.

Kurama chuckled but didn't say anything, he just held onto me. Maybe this was why I wanted to be on top. It always felt good when he held onto me like this. Like he needed me. To be needed by the one I love most, yeah that's the best thing I could ever ask for.

"It will come. Just be patient," Kurama whispered before switching our positions. It was so quiet, now that I thought about it. It was dark since Kurama had never turned the light on, and there wasn't anyone else here but us. All I could hear was our heartbeats, are slight panting. It is always loud at Kurama's house, and we are not even going to discuss the other places we've had sex in or just had one of those "moments".

Here there wasn't a soul but us. Our eyes connected again and I couldn't help but blush. This of course caused a smirk on the oh so sexy red head. Did my face just go poof or something cause I think it just did. Awwww shit. If possible Kurama's smirk got bigger.

"Just shut up," I muttered. What the hell was I even blushing about. Well too bad I didn't have too much time to think about that. Not that I'm disappointed or anything. Kurama is after all, an irresistible piece of ass.


Before I could say a word, Kurama's lips were already clamped on to mine, his tongue acting like a child sneaking cookies out of the cookie jar. Careful but excited at the same time. And his hands, good god don't get me started.

I started moaning, his right, or was it his left, hand was already between my knees, groping and palming me, his fingers tracing patterns everywhere. Was it dangerous to get this hot so suddenly.

"Oh SHIT" I moaned as his other hand started pinching spots on my back that I swear to god were NEVER there before but fuck it felt good. His mouth started moving, but I think I'm going crazy, because I could still feel his sweet taste, was he chewing that strawberry bubble gum again that I like so much, anyways he was going WAAAY down. His tongue conquering my neck, quicking covering each inch of it in spreading red hickies.

The hand hitting those spots on my back suddenly moved lower before squeezing my ass. I bit my lip to keep quiet, but the moans wouldn't stop. Dammit.

Kurama's P.O.V

"DON'T STOP!" Yusuke squealed as his voice began hitting so many notes that I was starting to wonder why he wasn't in choir. God the noises he makes alone could send me to ectasy. It felt great to feel his body responding just to me. Yusuke was right about that holding thing. To be needed was a beautiful thing in itself, though sometimes it depends on the situations.

I decided it was time to stop the nonsense and stopped teasing that delightful organ in his pants. The gasp of disappointment and the hisses of revenge was definitely worth torturing my little love. The sound of zippers being undone could be heard echoing all over the room.

I instantly dove for the newly exposed skin, kissing and loving every inch of it. I practically worshiped all of him. His neck, his chest, those cute nipples which I couldn't bare to leave alone, much to Yusuke's annoyance and glee, and we couldn't forget about that lovely cock of his.

"Mm makes me wish I brought the whipped cream instead of that damn silly string," I growled before devouring him. The sweet gasps he started making, the mewls that he tried to conceal, it drove me absolutely crazy.

"Well hopefully this time you.. ahh.. remembered the damn lube." Yusuke whispered before banging his head on the tile floor. For once Youko was letting me have sex alone, amazing, though very much wanted.

I gave a lick to the head of Yusuke's penis, than slowly took it into my mouth. Is it sadistic to enjoy your lover screaming? Perhaps it depends on the circumstances. I grinned before taking the delicious morsel out of my mouth with a "POP."

Yusuke's P.O.V.

"You... are fucking... SHITTING ME!" I screamed in utter agony. Who the hell did Kurama think he was, that bastard shit face. I'M GONNA KILL HIM. I swear to god, if Kurama could see my eyes right now, he would have a fucking hole in his face from the hateful burn of my glare.

Before I could say another word other than "oh" my dick was back in his mouth just as quickly as it had left. Only the head got in before once again "POP." He's dead. He's dead. HE'S SO FUCKING DEAD. Getting really fucking tired of his shit, I sat up, and roughly, because I was too far gone to care anymore, pulled those red tresses of hair until my cock was slammed into his mouth.

What an asshole, he didn't even gag. I sighed in relief anyways though as some of the pressure eased out of my stomach. Still a LITTLE ticked off at the game Kurama had been trying to pull, I began thrusting into that warm sweetness. If he's not going to let me top, the bastard could at least let me fuck his face... right?

It seemed Kurama agreed with this, because he began sucking in time with my thrusts. I don't think I can last any longer. Gah it feels to good. My thoughts were starting to go crazy, the only thing I was thinking about was that mouth. Who needs love with a sexy mouth like that anyways?

Kurama growled at that thought and it sent me much too far over the edge. I screamed. Screamed so loud that I had no doubts in my mind that everyone that was still in the building could hear me. I didn't really care at the moment though, because the screaming felt so good.


Don't really remember more than that. Oddly enough I think I passed out. I was too out of it to really remember anything anyways. As soon as Kurama's mouth was on me, everything went hazy.

So now I was on my way to the principal's office, most likely due to what had been pulled. I smiled. Ah I am gonna miss high school. The trouble, the screaming, the angry sex in random classrooms. Yup, definitely gonna miss it.

I finally arrived in the principal's office, the principal raising an eyebrow at me as I entered. I silently closed the door, so now the sound of the secretary's keyboard could no longer be heard.

"Yusuke, you realize this is going to be my final year at this highschool, so please do explain why you must torture me on the last day of school?" I only grinned at him.

"Well personally, I think its about time you finally left this poor school alone. What with your underwear alone causing more than half the student body to faint." The principal rolled his eyes, obviously not thrilled with this announcement before giving a small smirk in my direction.

"So I suppose you are wondering what you got "caught" for this time." I only nodded. The principal stood up from the desk and slowly walked around it before getting in my face. For a moment he glared at me and then gave me a bland look.

"You left the damn stove on again. Do you realize how many times my place has almost been set on fire. For god sakes, will you cut that out. Your worse than Kuronue when he's sleep walking." I gave him a blank stare before my mouth made an 'O' look.

"Eh heh heh sorry bout that Kurama, I forgot I made sunny side up this morning. But Keiko was nagging me on the telephone at six in the morning so I guess I... forgot." I said. Kurama just rolled his eyes.

So is everyone surprised. Well you read it right. Kurama finally got that spawn of the devil principal out of office, and took up the seat, due to all the votes for him to be assigned to that seat. Kurama didn't take years upon years of college for nothing. As for what happened to the original principal... well we got him a better job... elsewhere. Mwahahahaha ahem.

"You are so getting tied to the bed and whipped when we get home," Kurama growled before smiling and giving me a hug.

"You look good in your cap and gown. So ... wearing anything under that." he teased before his fingers got a little bit frisky.

"You are such a pervert and no I'm wearing anything under this." I whispered hotly into his ear before slamming him down hard on the desk. Oh how I love him so much.

Later, I joined back with my group of friends. I looked at them for what felt like the last time. Keiko was laughing and hugging everyone, her eyes sparkling with tears and joy. God girls are strange. Kuwabara was goofing off, flirting with the now graduated girls of 2007.

Kurama of course couldn't be with me, he had to be with all the teachers on stage and was giving some speech. I love him to death but really, I listen to him enough at home. Anyways, I was looking back at all my friends.

I couldn't bear to tell them I was leaving soon. That I will probably never see them again. That me and Kurama, ironically enough, as soon as this graduation party was over, are going to run off to elope. He hasn't exactly told me where yet, something about surprising me, but I guess that's ok. As long as he doesn't leave me sexually hanging like the other day than I'm good.

"Yusuke, get the hell over here! We are taking a group picture!" Keiko yelled as she dragged me over to where everyone else was gathered. Kurama came out of nowhere and wrapped his arm around my waist. I secretly leaned against him, tilting my head just enough so I was now on his shoulder.

Keiko wrapped her arms around my neck and Kuwabara stood behind me, most likely grinning like an idiot. I took in a deep breath before I looked up, smiling happily. Yeah this was happiness, and I don't think I'll ever forget this moment.

I wrapped my arm around both Kurama and Keiko, the two most inspirational people in my life. A flash went off and then there were cheers. And of course after that there were tears. And then there were farewells.

I couldn't bear to tell everyone yet. Maybe I'll leave a note that will tell them I'm leaving. Leaving to a place just for me and Kurama. Speaking of that sexy red head, he turned and stared at me, his eyes, one last time, asking me if this is what I wanted.

But I didn't even have to think. I only had to smile and nod and start walking, Kurama's arm, once again, wrapped tightly around my waist. One foot in front of the other. Again and again. Yeah that's what's happening. I'm walking, walking to my future.

I didn't look back, not to the smiling happy faces of my friends, not to the school that held so many memories. I had enough of those in my head, and of course, in Kurama's camera. As I looked ahead, a sunset fell against the sky, and bells began ringing. It was time. I held Kurama's hand tightly, as we disappeared in the growing darkness of the world.

Horrible ending I know. Sorry I'm kinda tired at the moment. I might add the sex scene in the principals office later on, but oddly enough I'm not in the mood. Guess I kinda want to get this done. I just want you all to know, I wrote this fic from the bottom of my heart.

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So please be patient. I love you all. I hope you enjoyed this fic. In a few more hours it shall be new years. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!