I do not own 'Hey Arnold,' Otherwise; I would be suing Craig Bartlett for infringement rights... Truthfully, I've loved that show for years and admire all the hard work he put into it... Let's face it, the man is a mad-capped genius! I only hope to show a little "madness" with this story, which I do own... I've had it for years, just have never published it. So, not only is my honor to have it published here, it has been my dream...

"Hey, Arnold..."

"Yeah, Helga..."

"This baseball game we're playing... You're supposed to be in it."

"I know."

"Just get your head in the game Football head. You're up to bat."

"Thanks, Helga." He mumbles back as he brushes past her to get to Home plate.

She watched him walk away,
from her yet again,
But she didn't mind really,
because she had been loving
him it seemed like forever now,
and she'd wait however long it took
for him to realize that.

"Aww, wook at the wittle Mickey Kaline wanna be... taking his 'special' batting stance."

"Do we have to do this every time?" Arnold questions.

"JUST PITCH, HAROLD!" Arnold and Helga both yell out at the same time.

He begins to wind up the ball, like a windmill…Harold was pitching like a man on fire today,
and Arnold knew this next ball would be a dusy... From a mile away anyone could tell that much.

"Here it comes ArN...Old," Harold mocks.

The ball zings through the air and the only sound heard throughout the playground is
the loud cracking of the ball against the bat.

It came in so quickly, Arnold's hit could not put much distance on it. In fact, it shot up
straight, high up in the air. And all eyes were on that ball.

Then, the unthinkable happened... The ball fell behind him fast and hard, onto the head of
the umpire in pink-ribbon, pigtails.

Then another much worse sound echoed forth, the sound of a fleshy "THUD."

Arnold had only one thought enter his mind as he rushed over to her side,
"Oh no Helga, not again... What have I done?"