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"What's it to you, if I wrote it?"

"You did, I know it. Helga that poem, it was beautiful. You're beautiful."

"How long have you been standing there Arnold?"

"Long enough Helga, to know that I've been right about you all along."

"Yeah, how so?"

"That you're not as mean as you make yourself out to be, that inside, you're a good person with a good heart."

Helga smirked replying, "You give me far too much credit Arnold, maybe you don't quite know me as well as you think you do."

"I've known you two-thirds of my life. I know you better than you think I do."

Helga almost laughed at the thought, "Oh really, since when am I that noticeable?"

"Helga, maybe you don't know yourself. People can't help but notice you."

"Sure, tell that to Bob and Miriam. You must be joking about people caring about me."

"I realize things aren't perfect at home with you parents. I'm sorry about that… "

Helga interrupted him with a "Humph, perfect… yeah that would be something to see."

"But Helga, you usually don't give people chances to care, to show you that they actually do. People care about you."

Not wanting to show how much she wanted to believe him she says, "Arnold stop. Don't say such things. Don't lie to me, you're a bad liar."

"Really Helga." Arnold's voice started to become more forcefully sure, "You don't quite remember do you?"

"Remember what?" Helga asks.

Arnold replied with a smirk, "How much of a heartbreaker you are."

Confused, Helga asks, "What do you mean?"

"Quite a few guys in our class, Helga have at one time or another, noticed you. They had a crush on you."

Helga blushes slightly, "You can't be serious Arnold."

"I am very serious. After all, I was the one that Stinky and Harold came to after you pushed them away. They really cared about you Helga. Stinky told me about the time he spent with you, pretending to be your boyfriend. Harold told me how brave you were when you two got separated from us on our field trip to the chocolate factory. And even to this day, they haven't forgotten. Then there's Brainy, always following you around. Even if you're a bit tough on them; they still consider you a good friend. They admire your spirit, your spunk."

"Oh, I didn't know all of it meant something to them."

"Yeah it did, you never really asked. But, when you show that 'different' side of you, that 'nicer' side of you, it's hard to resist.
Who am I kidding, even when you're stomping around and scowling; you still have your charm. "

"Arnold, this is no time for flattery, there's no need."

"I don't know Helga, sometimes I wonder. You come off so strong, still I wonder if you're really as confident as you make yourself out to be. You should learn how to take a compliment,
and not be so surprised when someone notices your good qualities."

Helga smirked, "Arnold, always with the ever-encouraging word. Don't you ever give up?"

Arnold taking a chance said, "I won't give up on you Helga. I'm not sure why but I can't. There have been times I've been frustrated with you because I see your potential,
but it's just not possible that I give you up."

Helga timidly says his name, "Arnold…"

Realizing she might not quite know what to say yet Arnold takes a few seconds to look around then states, "City Park, this is one of my favorite places to come.
Especially when I just need some time and space to think. Some of my favorite memories happened here."

"Mine too," Helga softly murmurs to herself. If Arnold hadn't been paying attention, he might have missed her soft comment.

"When I think about it…Helga, you were a part of many of those memories."

"I recall." Helga replied.

Helga's response caused Arnold to smile and he pointed as he said, "You know, we have a great view from this spot. There underneath that bench, was where we found our missing egg for that egg project, and it hatched into a chick. On that bridge was where you slung melted chocolate ice cream all over me, while you were telling me about the problems you were having with your mom going to work. I caught you using covert ops to sabotage your sister's plans with Lila behind those bushes near that tree. Oh and that's the tree, where… well you had been climbing it when you overheard Lila dumping me. "

"You really remember all of that Arnold?" Helga questioned.

"I do, how could I forget?" Arnold replied, "Oh, and the best part about that whole embarrassing incident with Lila was that you were there, we talked, and you let me walk you home.
I enjoyed the company at the time; I didn't want to be alone. Did I ever really thank you for that? "

"I believe you did thank me. Well, you're never really alone Arnold, you have so many friends…" Helga stated.

"Yes, but Helga you've been there for me during some of my lowest points, with Lila, Thanksgiving, I don't know how but you always just seem to be around at the right time,
when I need you most. It's like you're looking out for me or something." Arnold told her.

'You have no idea,' Helga mused to herself.