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God Protect Her

Chapter One

Sara Sidle walked through the grocery store, trying to act completely normal. She was the decoy; she was going to help solve the case of the strip strangler, if she could play the part. 'I can do this, you're going great Sara girl, just act natural,' she kept thinking to herself.

The past days in the investigation of the murderer the 'Strip Strangler' who bound, raped and killed his victims was at large, and it had to stop. Special Agent Culpepper of the FBI had told Sara she matched the profile of the victims, and he usually found his next victims in this grocery store.

Sara was helping as being the decoy. It felt great to help, but she knew she was putting her life on the line. She looked up at one of the camera monitor, and she instantly relaxed. 'Grissiom's right on the other side of the camera, he's watching you. Everything's gonna be alright. Just keep playing the part.'

She walked up and down the aisles, looking at food, pretending to shop. She finally reached the spices and other food recipe aisles, picking up the different glass bottles of good exotic smelling spices and other seasonings. This relaxed her; she had always loved the smell of food spices that her mother had cooked when she was younger.

She was looking at one specific bottle of seasoning, when she saw a man walk past her, eyeing her slowly. 'Did he just double take? I think so; I need to keep an eye on him. Hum, he matches the profile of what we're looking for. Could that be our guy? Is he staring at me?' Sara tried to stay small and almost invisible with her movements. She couldn't scare him away. It was at this point, she felt glad she had a microphone pined on her so Grissom and the FBI could here her. He was approaching her. Sara kept reminding herself to act the part.

"Sara," she heard through the little phone in her ear, "If he talks, talk back. Act natural. You're doing great Sidle." It was Grissom! He was giving her encouragement. To her, that was made her respond to the man who had asked her if she had a cigarette on her.

"Yeah, actually," She stammered slightly, reaching into her purse. She pulled out the pack and he pulled one from the box. The man had wavy brown hair and deep brown eyes. The kind of eyes that held secrets, secrets that Sara didn't want to know. He had a crocked smile. Sara smiled back.

"I'm trying to quit, didn't want to buy a pack." He said to her. So, he wanted to make conversation?

"Me too," she responded to him, acting casual. "This is my last pack, or at least that's what I say every week, so………." She said trailing her thoughts. The man stuck the cigarette behind his ear, still looking Sara over.

"You live around here?" he asked her quietly. Those words made Sara's skin crawl. She would get this murderer. That is, if he was the strip strangler. But, whoever it was, she would get him for murdering and harming all those women. Sara had to think fast. He usually picked victims that were within two miles of the grocery store. What could she say? She couldn't give him any ideas on where she lived!

"Maybe," she said, trying to put on a slight charm. If Grissom and the team wanted to catch this creep, then she had to keep him interested. She couldn't help but feel as if Grissom was saying good things to her, egging her on to do well and play the part. "I don't usually give out that kind of information." She said with a tiny shrug. He gave her another one of those 'girl, I am so checking you out,' looks. It was starting to get to Sara, it was starting to get to her. Was she really being that alluring?

"That's probably smart," he said still smiling at her. Did his jaw muscles ever get tired? "I wouldn't tell me either," he said trying really hard to be sexy. It wasn't working. Sara just stood there, looking him straight in the eye. He just kept looking her over, scanning her.

Sara wasn't one to get scared. Emotional, yes but not scared. But right now, she was as scared as she had been in awhile. A possible murderer was possible lining her up as his next victim to rape and kill. Gil Grissom would say 'Look on the bright side,' in his sarcastic humor that Sara (most of the time) loved, but at the moment, that was hard. Grissom would say, 'Be optimistic Sara,' and then would add some deep, inspiring quote from a book that some (now) dead guy had written that had been famous but no one read. Sara's mind was brought back to the current task and situation at hand.

"You're cute….." he said. Sara was rapidly approaching the point of spastic, but stayed in character. She took this as an opportunity to leave.

"Um, thanks," she said trying to act as normal as possible. 'Grissom!' She thought to herself, 'I really need you right now! Please, I need help! I can't do this alone!' Not like she would ever say that to him. "I've gotta go," she said backing up. Why did he have that evil looking mischievous look on his face?

"See ya, cuttie!" he said slowly, annunciating every word. At perfect timing, Grissom taped into the head-set in her ear.

"Great job Sara. Just leave slowly, we're right here. Walk natural. Good job, Sidle. We have a getaway car for you with a fake license plate right out front." Sara looked casually behind her. He was fallowing her! She picked up her pace slightly and looked behind her again. He had picked up his pace and was fallowing her still! She started doing a slight jog; he was still fallowing her.

Sara broke into a run and jumped into her fake car and sped away. She was free she had done her job. The boys could jump him and could ship him off to jail and throw away the key.

She was sweating at her brow. Her body was shaking. How come it felt like it wasn't over? Sara's cell phone rang, making her jump. She was speeding down the highway.

"Sara." It was Grissom!

"Please tell me you got him! Please tell me that Grissom!" Sara said almost hyperventilating.

"Now, Sara, I realize that, that had to be difficult for you, but you did a great job! As Plato always said………"

"You didn't get him didn't you?" Sara said dryly. She heard Grissom sigh.

"We wanted to fallow him, Sara. You're part in this over. You're okay, Sara. Do you here me? You did you're part and it was a lot. Wait till the team hears this! They're going to throw you a party!" Grissom said, in a very superior mood. Sara smiled at the praise. She didn't hear it often.

"Thanks Grissom. That means a lot to me. Wait, is that you behind me?"

"No. Why?" Grissom asked her.

"No reason. There's just this big black car right on my tail."

"Sara, is that you two cars away? In a red one with a license, 37R4B?" He asked her in his usual calm voice.

"Yes. Why?" There was a long pause on the other end of the line. She heard several shouts and commotion on the other end. Commands were being shouted by Culpepper, and she heard Grissom's heavy breathing. What was going on?

"Grissom? What is it? What's wrong? Grissom tell me now!" Sara said getting slightly annoyed and more than a little afraid.

"Sara, you have to promise me that you're going to stay calm. Can you do that? Sara you have to promise me!" Why was there all of a sudden so much emotion in his voice? Was there concern in his voice, fear?

"I promise Grissom, what is it?" There was another long pause and a gulp form the other end of Sara's only lifeline.

"Sara, the Strip Strangler is fallowing you……………."

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