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God Protect Her

Chapter 6

Finding Out

The car ride had been hell for Sara. He had tried to make random conversation with her, she had barely responded. She just sat there with her hands folded tightly in her lap; her purse was locked between her feet on the floor of the car.

He finally pulled into a single level house that Sara could only assume was a decoy. She most likely assumed correct, because it was in the middle of nowhere. There were no longer any street addresses for her to recognize and remember. There was nothing specific around it. There were no ither houses. It was in the middle of nowhere. And Sara had no clue where she was. But then again, he had never taken a victim to his home. He had always attacked inside the victim's home. He was getting sloppy. Sara was now positive he was breaking. He was breaking down and messing up and getting more and more careless. Slowly, she stepped into the house.

It was neat. Too neat. Everything was in prefect order. The books, the DVDs, the magazines. Everything. There was little to no decorations in the living room and kitchen, which she saw upon entering.

"I can honestly saw… I'm surprised you came with me." he said. "With all the talk of the Strip Strangler and all." Sara clenched up. Was he on to her? Or just planning? Her thought were interrupted when she felt his hand stroking her lower back. Sara felt shivers go up her spine and she wanted to cry out for help. She pulled away.

"May I use the bathroom?" She asked as normally as possible. With a graceful, quiet slide of hand, she slid her cell phone into her pocket. His face looked almost angry for a moment, but he eased it into a perfectly evil looking smile.

"Sure…go right ahead." He point left, and Sara had to stop herself from running.

She ran down the small hallway. Was there a way out? No…there was none. She was stuck. Trapped. She found the bathroom and slid into it. She had only one chance for survival and she knew what it was. The FBI tracking devise. She knew she wouldn't be able to speak, but as long as she had ninety seconds, they would be able to find her…Grissom would save her. She knew Grissom would never let anyone hurt her. She loved him…. And she didn't know how much until now, locked in a bathroom trying not to cry, with murderer outside the door somewhere. She loved Gil Grissom. She loved him so much. He had to save her, he HAD to.

She couldn't just kill the Strip Strangler. It wouldn't be out of self defense, and not got in action, there would be no way to prove it. She would be sent to jail for murder. She had one option, and that was to be brave, and rely on Grissom to save her.

Sara was completely helpless.

She dialed Grissom's number….

It started ringing….

It rang once….


"Grissom here!" Came an almost breathless voice on the other end. She gulped.

"Sara…." She muttered. She heard him gasp and scream directions at everyone around him. She heard bustling and movement in the background. She wanted to yell 'HURRY!' but knew that was out of the questions. She had no idea how much time she had until he would start hurting her, but she guessed it wasn't much.

"Sara…just stay on…. you're hooked up…90 seconds and counting…. 89 seconds…." He said taking deep breaths, as if willing her to do the same. She said nothing.

"We got you Sara…. We got you…" he said, possibly more for himself than for her based on the sound of it. She still said nothing, she couldn't say anything. "80 seconds…just stay with us." Sara nodded to herself for reassurance. She was going to be saved. Everything was going to be fine. Then why were tears on the brim of her eye lashes?

"75 seconds…. Getting closer." His voice sounded desperate to her. Like he was willing time to go faster for her sake. She wished it would. She was running out of time to be safe, and she was funning out of luck.

"65 seconds…. Sara… there's something I have to tell you…. it can't wait any more, I need to tell you know. 60 seconds….for a long time, I've known you've liked and cared for me, maybe even more than cared. Ok I know you love me… 50 seconds….and secretly, I've known for a long time I've cared about you…maybe not as much as you do for me but…45 seconds…..but now I know that I do care that much...40 seconds… and I know the timing is awful, and that I should have seen it before, but I was too wrapped up in my own world to see it…. 35 seconds…. But now I know…and it took this for me to realize it…. 25 seconds…. That Sara…. 15 seconds…. I…. 10….. I love you Sara…."

"I love you too…" Tears were coming down her face. Time was out for her.

BANG! The door burst open, and a gun shot was fired into the ceiling above her. Sara screamed and fell to the ground, her cell phone still clutched in her hand. Grissom's words were heard from the phone.

"SARA! What happened! SARA!" Grissom screamed. Sara hardly heard him. Her mind was on the man looming over her, her badge, and her gun in his hand.

"CSI huh? A decoy huh? Who's that man on the phone? The man you…. love?" He spat at her. He was cracking, breaking. Everything he had done in the past was gone. It was pure anger and hate radiating off him. The man grabbed her tiny wrist and ripped the phone out of Sara's delicate hand. Tears were streaming down her face. She clutched her possibly broken wrist to her chest.

"So lover boy?" The Strip Strangler yelled into her phone. "Did she try to call for help? Did she call her man to feel and be protected? You aren't here…but you will know what is being done to her MARK MY WORD!" He held the phone in his hand, and dragged the weeping Sara with him.

He threw her into a room that was vastly different than the rest of the house. It was all brown, and the floor was filthy. There was nothing in the tiny bedroom except an old bed frame, with a bare mattress. Sara knew what was in store for her.

She screamed and yelled as loud as she could. She screamed 'Grissom' over and over until she could scream no more.


Grissom was on his way, his team and a swat team in toe. They jumped at record fast speed into a giant CSI Truck, and they sped off, Grissom with the calculations to where exactly where Sara was. Feeling like a sick pervert like the man he was hunting down, he listened to Sara scream his name on the cell phone. Tears came to his eyes at hearing her, knowing what was happening.

The team was silent. The listened in horror as they listened to a team member being beaten and raped. They had to hurry. Sara would be dead soon.

"Oh Gil turn it off!" Catherine cried. She hated the sounds she heard on the opposite end of the phone line. She didn't want to listen. She didn't want to know what was going on. Grissom said nothing.

"We need to know she's still alive." Brass said stiffly.

"She's fighting back…" Nick said unbelievingly. Cries were not only heard from Sara, but from her attacker. Sara was always the fighter. No matter what. Grissom kept listening, just needing to know she was there.

They were half way there. Half way there to saving Sara. Sara was strong, but not that strong.

All of a sudden…the phone line started crackling. It was scratchy.

"No…no no no please NO!" Grissom yelled. If he lost the connection, he lost Sara. They knew where she was no matter what but, if he lost this connection…it would be even worse.

The line grew fuzzy, and Grissom and the team heard Sara screaming 'Grissom! I LOVE YOU!' and the clean crisp ripping sound of clothing material.

The line went dead.