Tease Me, Tease Me Not-

Chapter 1 : Hate You Always

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"Damn it!" Yuna screamed as she saw the blue sports car parked against the curve. Once again the high school jock had taken her usual parking spot, forcing her to have to park at the end of the street.

Once she got out of her car she started to walk towards her most hated place in the world, Besaid High. Yuna was dressed in extremely short jeans that were somewhat torn and a tight tube top with the words "I only look sweet and innocent" written across it. And how right that tube top was. Yuna was known as the school slut. She had short brown hair and two different colored eyes.

She entered the doors of the school. As she walked down the hallway, she heard a few girls whispering "whore" under their breath. Yuna was use to it by now, she learned to just block it out. She stopped at her locker and met up with her only true friend, Lulu. "Hey Lulu. How was your weekend? I didn't see you at home much."

Lulu closed her locker revealing her Goth-like appearance. She had dark purple lipstick, red contacts and dark eyeliner on. Lulu lived with Yuna and that had earned her the reputation of being a slut like Yuna, but things weren't nearly as bad for Lulu as they were for Yuna. "I went to a poetry reading and then spent the night at a friends house. Besides that, not much. I'll see you in home room."

"I'll be there in a few," Yuna said. She pulled out the books she needed for her morning classes and made her way down the hall to join Lulu in homeroom before the bell rang.

She entered the classroom and sat down in her normal set next to Lulu, Leblanc and Dona. The bell rang and the class settled down. "Alright class, let's start role call."

At that very moment a guy rushed into the room. He had flowing blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and wore a pair of baggy jeans and a "rocker" tee-shirt. "Sorry I'm late…I…umm, couldn't find a parking spot this morning," he said with a grin.

"Bull shit!" Yuna said as she stood up, placing her hand on her hip, "You stole my parking spot this morning! So I know for a fact that you're a liar, Tidus!" Yuna glared at the boy at the door, she hated him more than anyone in the world.

"Shut up you selfish, stuck up, slut!" Tidus said as his grin had transformed into a frown.

"Now I know you two have your differences but…" The teacher was cut off by Yuna.

"At least I'm not a stupid jock with blitzballs for brains!" Yuna started to approach Tidus.

"If you two would just take your seats…"

"What did you just say to me, bitch?" Tidus asked Yuna.

"You heard me." Yuna said.

"Please calm down…"

"WHORE!" Tidus shouted.

"ASS HOLE!" Yuna screamed back.

"ENOUGH!" The teacher said at the top of her lungs. That stopped the two of them dead in their tracks, "SIT DOWN NOW!"

Yuna and Tidus rushed to their seats. "The both of you will be after school today cleaning up this room and never let anything like this ever happen again or the consequences will be far worse. Understood?"

Tidus and Yuna nodded. "Now lets continue with role call…"

Yuna and Tidus turned their head towards each other and glared at each other. As the bell was about to ring, the teacher said, "And tomorrow I will be announcing a 'special surprise' for everyone."

Tidus stood up and left the class as soon as possible once the bell rang. As he walked down the hall, Wakka caught up with him. "Slow down, brudda. I can see your still fired up from your fight with Yuna, ya?"

"Yeah. You know how I feel about girls like that. I hate sluts. They piss me off. Especially Yuna! She just a stuck up, self-centered, whore who doesn't give a damn about anything but who she's screwing this week," Tidus said still frustrated.

"I know what you mean. I hate whores like her too. Anyway, I take it since you've got detention today, you'll be late for band practice."

"Yeah, but I have to hurry up to English or I'll have detention tomorrow too. See ya later Wakka!" Tidus said as he rushed off to his next class.

I HATE Yuna! Why does she have to be such a bitch all the time. I hate easy girls. And now because of her, I have to clean up after school today. Great…

The rest of the day went without a Yuna/ Tidus confrontation. Before either of them knew it, the time for them to serve their detention was upon them. Yuna was first to enter the class room. She started to wash the desks. Tidus shortly followed. He started to wash the chalk board.

"This is all your fault, you know," Tidus said to Yuna.

Before Yuna could respond the teacher cut in, "Don't start, Tidus. If either of you two have an argument like today, I can have the both of you cleaning the entire school for the next few weeks."

The rest of the time was completely silent between the two. "Alright, that's enough cleaning. I think you two are done. And never let me catch the two of you fighting like that in my class room."

They both headed out of the room, where Rikku was waiting for Tidus. "Hey Tidus! Gippal told me you would be here. I had detention, too. So I figured I'd wait for you and we could go to Wakka's together," Rikku said bouncing up and down.

Rikku was a petite girl with blonde hair. She was the nicest girl you would ever meet. She was friends with everyone, no matter who they were. But her best friend of all was her friend Gippal. They had grown up together and been best friend since either of them could remember. Gippal was like a brother to her. Gippal hung out with Tidus a lot so, naturally, she became pretty close to Tidus too.

"I wouldn't have been in detention at all if it weren't for Ms. Slut, over there," he said as he pointed to Yuna.

This pissed Yuna off, "How is this my fault? You're the one who lied about a parking space, which is mine by the way!"

"Your parking spot? I didn't see your name on it," Tidus responded cunningly with a grin on his face.

Yuna's fists tightened, "How would you know, jerk. I didn't think that your IQ was high enough for you to read!" The two of them glared at each other over Rikku, who was the only thing separating then. Her eyes were wide and showed a hint of fright.

"You two have some major anger issues towards each other," Rikku said trying to break them up.

"Stay out of this!" The two shouted towards her in unison.

"I swear that if you weren't a girl Yuna…"

"Make my day!"

Rikku sighed and then her eyes lighted up, "I know just how to solve this," she said under her breath. With that she pushed Tidus and Yuna into the janitor's closet, "You two kiddies can't come out until you've solved all your problems." Rikku shut the door and locked it. She skipped down the hall with a smile on her face, proud of her good deed, ignoring the screams coming from the closet.

"RIKKU! COME BACK HERE NOW!" Tidus said pounding at the door. He continued to do so until he realized she wasn't coming back.

"Some friend you have there, Tidus," Yuna said with a snicker.

"At least I have friends," Tidus said and sat down near a mop. Yuna ignored the comment and raised her middle finger at him. She folded her arms and leaned up against a shelf of cleaning supplies, "Jerk…"

"Slut…" With that comment Yuna reached behind her and grabbed a squirt bottle of window cleaner. With he wasn't looking she sprayed him. Tidus grabbed a sponge and chucked it at her head. And so the battle began, the two threw anything they could find. Eventually, the fire stopped and the two stood panting heavily. Then the room went silent. The light bulb above them started to flicker. And then, a moment later, the light bulb burnt out.

The stood there staring at each other in the darkness. Hating each other more than ever. After an hour or two of complete quiet. Tidus heard Yuna started to fidget. "What's up with you?" Tidus asked.

"I have to go to the bathroom."

This brought humor to Tidus. He could have a little fun stuck in the closet with the girl he hated most. "Here," Tidus said as he pushed a bucket over to Yuna.

"Ewww!" Yuna spat.

Tidus laughed, "Running water… flowing river… spraying mist…" Tidus had to stop, he was laughing to hard. He had to hold his stomach.

"Bastard! I hate you!" Yuna said.

"And what, you think I'm madly in love with you? I hate you too!" Tidus said, "At least I can keep my pants on! What do your parents think of you? Their daughter the whore!"

Tidus could feel Yuna tense up. He could barely see her in the darkness. The only form of light was from the cracks in the door. The light shown on one of her eyes.

Is that a tear? Tidus thought to himself. He let silence once again take over.

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