Tease Me, Tease Me Not- Chapter 22: Sacrifice

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"And you haven't seen her yet today?" Rikku asked as she laid against Lulu's car with her crutches in Gippal's arms.

Tidus had just finished explaining what had happened between him and Yuna the day before leaving out some of the more "intimate" details, "No. I checked her apartment and just about anywhere I could look but I can't find her. I'm really worried."

"Sounds to me like she just ran away again."

"She promised me she wouldn't! I can't believe she would lie to me like that." Tidus had been searching all day for Yuna but had yet to find her. "I looked at her apartment today and it didn't even look like she had taken anything with her and her car was still here too. What do you think , Lulu?"

Lulu uncrossed her arms and put a hand on her hip, "It's not like Yuna to break a promise like that. But where else could she be?"

"You've already looked in the park, her house, near the school and practically the entire neighborhood. Plus she's already tried to run away, I mean come on!"

"Well I don't believe she ran away again! Does any of this make any sense to you? You don't seem to be understanding what I'm talking about. Yuna promised me. And of all things on the necklace that I bought her for her birthday. I know in my heart she wouldn't leave like this, something must have happened to her."

Before anyone could say anything to him, Tidus was in his car and starting up the engine. He drove off out of the parking lot and into the road, "He's in for one big reality check, ya?"

I know Yuna wouldn't do this! I can feel it, she's in trouble. All I can think of is to go back to her house again.

Tidus arrived at Yuna's house and shut his car door behind him. He leaned against the car trying desperately to think of what he would do next. In the back of his mind he felt as if time was running short. Out of the corner of his eyes he spotted something shimmering on the sidewalk.

He slowly approached the object and kneeled down on one knee to pick up the item. He held it in his thumb and index finger looking at its flawless shape and hypnotizing purple color.

It suddenly hit him what the object was, It's a piece of Yuna's necklace!

Without so much as a second guess, he started to sprint down the sidewalk keeping his eyes wide open for another piece of her necklace. There's one! Picked it up examining it in his hand.

Before he knew it, he had collected almost half the necklace and soon after almost the whole thing. Where is she?

Tidus found himself on a dirt road he had never been down before. He followed it to the end and spotted a piece of the necklace laying beside a bush in front of a run-down old barn that looked as if it would collapse at any given moment. This has to be the place. But how do I get inside? I can just walk through the barn doors.

He quietly walked past the doors and started to walk around the building looking for a place he could get in unnoticed.

Tidus scanned the chipped red surface on the barn walls and found a hole in the wall and peered inside. His gaze shot to Yuna sitting tied to a chair with her hands and legs restrained with ropes. Her mouth was covered with what Tidus guessed was duck tape and her eyes were closed making it seems as if she was unconscious or worse: dead. Tidus ran as fast as he could to the front doors. Who gives a damn if anyone saw him come in? He had to save her even if it cost him his life.

He burst open the barn doors and ran to Yuna, "Yuna! Speak to me!" He pulled at the knots holding Yuna down, "Wake up!"

Yuna groaned and moved her head. She was still alive. Her eyes cracked open and she weakly looked at Tidus, "I'll get you out of here!" Yuna started to yell but was muffled by the tape on her mouth. Tidus looked up at her as he continued to untie her legs and was finally successful, "What is it?"

He carefully tore the tape off of her mouth, "Watch out!" Tidus turned around only to be bashed in the side of the head by a fist. He went flying across the open barn and crashed into a stable fence.

Tidus moaned and lifted his hand up to where the soon-to-be-formed lump on his head was. The objects in the room were slightly fuzzy but after a few moments they went back to normal. Standing where he was only a few moments ago, next to Yuna was Seymour.

He let out a soft chuckle, "If it isn't my favorite little rat. Come to retrieve your cheese I see." He gave an evil grin, "I wasn't expecting you until a little later, you must have found the necklace pieces I placed for you."

Tidus felt a deep anger fire up inside him, "You bastard!"

Seymour let out an icy laugh, "It doesn't matter at any rate. All of your suffering is soon about to end and Yuna will be mine forever."

"What do you mean?" Seymour pulled a handgun out from the inside of his jacket and aimed it straight at Tidus.

"You see, Yuna can never be mine as long as you live and breathe. So the best thing for me to do is just to eliminate you, just like I did with her father."

"Yuna will never be yours! Even if you shoot me a thousand times and kill me I'll still be the only one in her heart."

Seymour's smile faded, "Shut up you insignificant worm."

"Did I hit a nerve?" Tidus taunted.

"Enough! Soon nothingness shall consume you and I will finally be rid of your constant interference."

"As long as Yuna loves me I'll never be gone. I'll always be in her heart!" Seymour aimed the gun at Tidus' head.

"Wait!" Seymour and Tidus looked towards Yuna, "Who says you're in my heart?"

Tidus froze, "What…?"

Yuna stood up from the chair. "Your just as bad as he is!" Yuna shouted, "I try to leave and you just keep following me every where I go! You don't even care what I want! How do you know you're in my heart?"

"You said you loved me!"

"I just told you what you wanted to hear so that you'd leave me alone! After Seymour brought me here I realized he's the one in my heart."

"What are you saying!" Tidus shouted at her.

"What I'm saying is," Yuna walked up to Seymour and pulled his face towards her and kissed him, "I love Seymour."

CHAPTER END! (Just kidding. Sorry to interrupt…Please continue.)

Tidus felt his heart break in agony. Seymour smiled at her, "I knew you'd come around eventually, my sweet. What made you change your mind?"

Yuna grew closer to Seymour, "I just finally realized how smart and how amazingly powerful you are."

Tidus was so emotionally destroyed he couldn't even move let alone speak. "But you know what I love most about you?"

Seymour gave her an evil grin, "What?"

Yuna's hand moved down Seymour's arm, "How incredibly gullible you are." Yuna dug her nails into Seymour's hand and hit the gun so that it went soaring across the room."

"You little bitch!" Seymour screamed as he smacked Yuna across the face, crippling her to the floor. Everything had happened so fast that it took a few moments before Tidus realized what had happened. He looked at the gun on the opposite side of the room and then looked at Seymour who then looked back at him.

As if a switch went off they scrambled for the gun. Tidus was the first to reach it but it slipped his grip as Seymour tackled him. Punches were flying everywhere as they tried with all their strength to be the one to obtain the gun. Seymour kneed Tidus in the stomach and grabbed the gun. He did a log roll away from Tidus and stood up breathing heavily.

"Get up!" Seymour shouted at Tidus who had his arms wrapped around his stomach on pain, "I said get up!"

Tidus pulled himself off of the ground and looked over at Yuna. She was having an even worse time than him, blood was dripping from the side of her mouth and from her nose. A huge bruise had already started to form along the entire left side of her face.

Tidus stood facing Seymour, "No longer will you drown in your sorrows! I shall end your pain and suffering!" Seymour aimed the gun at Tidus' heart and fired.

In the blink of an eye, Yuna jumped in front of Tidus letting the bullet dive deep within her. She screamed in pain as she hit the floor with a 'thud'. "YUNA!" Tidus screamed.

Yuna laid unmoving on the floor. Tidus immediately felt a thousand different emotions burst inside him at once: hurt, sorrow, remorse but most of all unrelenting furry.

Tidus saw that Seymour had become distracted by the outcome of his shot, so took advantage of the opportunity and tackled Seymour for the gun. Only this time, Tidus made sure to avoid any attempted hits by Seymour's knees. He punched Seymour in the jaw and he let go of the gun completely out of instinct. Tidus lunged at the gun and shot up off of the ground aiming it at Seymour's head.

"You could never kill me." Seymour said as he stood.

"Wanna make a bet? This is for Yuna's dad, for everyone's lives you've destroyed and most of all for Yuna. Die you bastard." Tidus fired the gun.

Seymour's body twisted in the air before he dropped to the ground dead. Tidus stood over Seymour's dead body and fired three more times, "I hope you burn for all eternity in the blazing fires of Hell."

Tidus dropped the gun and ran over to Yuna's side. He checked her wrist for a pulse. He felt one, faint, but it was there. The shirt she was wearing had a large spot of blood where the gun shot had hit her. He cupped the side of Yuna's face with his hand, "Yuna. Can you here me?" Tears welled up in his eyes, "Say something…anything."

Yuna's eyes opened and she weakly looked up at him with a saddened smile, "Are you hurt?"

"No, all thanks to you. But why? Why would you do that?"

"Because I love you. I had to say those things to you before to get the gun away from Seymour. You know you're the only one in my heart, right?"

A tear fell from Tidus' eye as he nodded, "And you're the only one in my heart. But I still should have stopped you! I should be the one with the bullet in my body. I'm sorry." Tidus could hear the sound of sirens going off in the distance. They must have heard the gunshots.

Yuna gave him another smile as she used the rest of her strength to hold onto Tidus' hand, "No, it was fate that things would end like this."

"No! It's no the end! I wont let it be! I can hear the ambulance coming, just hold on a little longer!"

"Tidus…I hated every beautiful day…until I met you…" Tidus felt Yuna's hand go limp within his hand.

"NO!" Tidus started to sob over Yuna's body, "You can't die! Not now!"

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