-Hopes of Escape-

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"So, do you have any candles?" Paul asked, looking around the dining room with mild interest.

Annie's face went blank for a second, and he wondered if she would blow up at him again like she had when he asked for better paper. She acted like he was torturing her. All he had asked for was paper that wouldn't smudge.

Annie didn't blow this time.

"Yes…um…I might have some." She stood and left the dining room.

Now was the chance. Paul reached over and grabbed Annie's wine glass, pulling out the powder from the pills he had taken. He dumped it in her glass with shaking hands and shook it around to get it mixed in well. At the same time, he was commenting on her decorating.

She came back in a few seconds after he set the wine glass back down by her china plate and a fake smile lit up on his face.

Annie lit the candle and glanced at him for approval. "Is this good?"

"Yes, yes, it's perfect," Paul said with a nod. He picked up his glass.

"Now lets drink. To Misery."

Annie's face lit up as she moved forward to clink glasses with Paul. Everything went into slow motion as the glass slipped out of Annie's fingers and crashed down on the table, splattering red wine everywhere. Paul gaped as Annie began to clean it up.

"Paul, oh Paul…I'm so sorry. Will you ever forgive me?" she asked, trying to meet his eyes.

Paul just stared dead ahead, not sure how to react. He just watched as Annie cleaned up the mess.

It had been such a clever plan, and that crazy bitch ruined it. He didn't understand…why did this have to happen to him? What happened to the peaceful days of sitting in his office and typing his series?

WHY had he killed off Misery? Because she was his character. She was in his book. He should be able to do what he wanted with her! Annie should have just stayed the reader! The reader who stayed far, FAR away from him.

He watched as his hope of escape was wiped up with a dishrag.


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