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Started: August 19, 2005

Draft Finished: June 28, 2006

Fiction: Continuation

Rated: PG-13

Disclaimer: The characters and names of Naruto characters are own by Kishimoto Masashi-sensei. The plot belongs to me.

Anime: Naruto

Parings: SasuSaku, NaruHina, NejiTen, Slight InoShika

Genre: Romance/Humor

Summary: An unexpected thing happens one morning leaving the people of Konoha in a childlike state. What do you get when you have 4 Teams; 8 boys, 4 girls, 4 teachers, 2 loudmouths, and 1 pissed off Hokage? You get . . .

"The Chibi Problem"



Chapter 4



'Great, just great', Kakashi thought as he sat on the couch. The whole living room was filled with genins and the supposedly 'teachers'. Their sitters were nowhere present at the moment and Gai was somewhere else. Someone up there is answering his prays. Too bad his wishes can't come true. If there did, the world would be a happy and Gai-free place. Hey, one can wish, right? Kakashi remained cool upon hearing the stupid question. In his mind, he really hoped it was a rhetorical question. The smirk on Asuma's face was still there with one of his eyebrows raised up. The expression he had was of anticipation. 'You've got to be kidding,' the silver haired boy thought. He really wanted an answer! What was the world coming to? Calmly, Kakashi cleared his throat and ignored Asuma.

"Well?" Sarutobi urged.


"Don't make me repeat it!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Kakashi dully stated as he examined his fingers with interest.

"Yes, you do!"

"If I knew what you were talking about then I wouldn't have asked what you've asked me to answer." 'Smooth answer' Hatake thought to himself. He always had a counter response to any issue or argument. If you provoke him, he will do more than to embarrass you.

"I. . .I. . ."

"Exactly." The boy pointed out.

"Enough, you two! There are children present," warned Kurenai. Kakashi didn't bother looking up and Asuma stood there with a fierce look on his face. Seven pairs of eyes (including Akamaru, minus Chouji, who was still mourning over the stupid broken candy dish and the wrinkled wrappers), were warily on the three 'teachers' as the scene of 'How big was it?' unfolded. The only thing they didn't know was what was 'it'. Leave it to Asuma and Kakashi to spoil the innocent minds of the currently six year olds.

No one said anything for a while and the silence was awkward (besides Chouji's little sniffles and sobs that filled the room).

"So," Kurenai started, trying to start up a whole new conversation to forget about the big question earlier. "What should we do now?"

"Watch T.V.?" suggested Asuma, chewing on a toothpick.

"Let's play a game." As if the word 'game' was a magic word, the little genins turned their attention to the 'teachers'.

"Yeah, yeah!" Naruto shouted. "This house is so big! We can do anything!" he said cheerfully.

'Anything,' Kakashi thought. A smirk was on his face. "Why don't we play 'Hide and Seek'?"

"Aren't we a bit o-OW!" Kurenai threw Asuma a glare. Rubbing his shin, he looked up at the genins to Kakashi and to Kurenai. He gave a cough, telling Kakashi to continue with his idea.

"As I was saying, why don't we play a little game of 'hide and seek'? This house must have good hiding places. It might be fun," Kakashi smirked. "So, all in favor of playing say 'aye'.

"AYE!" They chorused. This little squeaky voices made the sensei of team seven shut his eye in irritation. When the shouting died down, they all sat down in a circle, determined to pick a person to be 'it'.

"Okay, put one foot in," Kurenai instructed. Like little angels, they all put one of their feet in and waited for the outcome. "Shurikens, shurikens in a pot," she sang. "How many weapons have you got?" The finger she pointed was on Neji's foot. The room was once again silent, waiting for the boy's response.

"Thirteen," the Hyuuga said simply. Kurenai tapped on the foot as she counts the numbers out loud. When she landed on Ten-Ten's foot, who pulls her foot out of the bunch. The game went on and on until a winner, in this case, the loser is declared to be 'it', and the person happens to be Asuma.

"Argh. Great counting," he directed to Kurenai. She gave him a glare and told the kids to go hide while Asuma counts to one hundred. Kakashi snickered behind his mask.

"What a loser."

"At least I'm not lazy, you . . . you . . . you-"

"What?" He smirked.

"You scarecrow."

"That's what my name means," Kakashi answers. "Is that what you call an insult? You could do better, unless all of that smoking has caught up to you." Asuma fumed.

"I'm still tall, aren't I?

"Aa, but soon you'll be as tall as a shrub," He noted as his hand lowered to the ground to emphasize the height.

"Oh, you are so-"

"Boys!" Kurenai yelled.

"Coming!" calls out Kakashi in a singsong tone. Hands stuffed into his pocket, the Sharingan user gives Asuma a final smirk and walks out of the room to find a place to hide, leaving the sensei of team ten fuming and murmuring curses under his breath.

Kakashi watched as Kurenai and the other little bunch of genins find a place to hide, which isn't a problem judging by the size of the house. Ignoring Asuma, he walked down the hall to find his own hiding place when the phone rang. Of all the times, it rings when nothing happens. Kakashi stared at the black communicator like it was a disease, wondering if he should touch it or not. He wasn't the owner of the house, so he decided to just leave it. The phone kept on ringing after the third time. By now, the person would just hang up, or the answering machine will get it, but annoyed by the constant ringing, he picked it up.


"Hey, listen," He scoffed. What is he currently doing if he's not listening? Some people just so damn ignorant these days.

"Yeah?" The Jounin asked lazily.

"Would like to sign up for the Konoha Times?" The easy-going person on the other line asked. Before he got a chance to answer, the man went on. "It has everything you need and want, news, sports, weather, movie times, comics, and the latest fashions."

"No, thank you." Figures it would be some person on the phone that will try to sell you something as unless as a newspaper. What do these people for a living besides annoying the hell out of ninjas from noon to dinner time?

"Well, where are you going to get the news, buddy?" Kakashi rolled his eyes. There were many things he didn't like and one of them was when someone he does not know calls him 'buddy'.

"The T.V." Kakashi answered like it was the most obvious answer in the world.

"Aww . . . come on. Are you eighteen years old?"

"No." It was true, he wasn't eighteen. He was actually twenty-seven.

"Well, you should get it for your parents."

"No, thank you."

"Well, okay! Good day to you, buddy!" He didn't reply and slammed the phone down. Damn annoying phone calls. Kakashi glared at the phone for a second and thinks. He had already spent most of the day with the stupidest people on earth, not to mention bathe a total nerd in spandex. Scratch that, Gai IS a nerd. Like he had a choice. It was either bathe the goblin or get pounded by a nutty pinked hair psychopath who cannot be even categorized as a girl. With a smirk, Kakashi did the only thing that came to mind, he pulled the plug. Now that there will not have any distractions while they are 'playing'. It was a great idea. Stuffing his hands in pockets, the genius whistled as he continued down the hall. They will thank him later, he was sure of it. He always liked it when he receives compliments, not that he was conceited or anything, but it always feels good when you are being appreciated.

'Don't we all,' he thought as he reached the stairs. "Don't we all?'

Second floor of the Uchiha Residence

"AHHHHHHHH" Yup, she was screaming. She was screaming like a victim in a horror film. Breathing heavily, Sakura tried her best calm down. The first thing that came to her mind was that this was a nightmare and that she should have listened to her mother's lecture about eating chocolate before hitting the hay. The second thought that came to mind was that she was going to strangle, not mangle, no butcher the corporate who committed this. That's right, she was going to destroy Hatake Kakashi, burn his corpse and throw his ashes in the pit of hell. He is going to be one sorry shinobi, whether he was her sensei or not. Emerald eyes filled with revenge, the female member of team seven had a coy smile on her face as she saw the shadow heading her way, and it wasn't just anyone's shadow, it was the victim's. Keeping her excitement, or rather rage in tact, she slowly stood near the door, watching as her prey comes closer.

Kakashi was a dead man, er, boy walking, but he didn't know that. And she made sure of it.

The house was quiet, for once. Just the way he liked it. Kakashi took his sweet time trying to find a hiding place, but his curiosity got the best of him. By now the pink haired girl is probably seen the surprise he left for her. It was a matter of time that he'll be hunted down, and yet he was walking in the direction where his death would mean world peace to a certain someone. Something inside told him that he was going to be fine. Hell, he became the leader of his own team at age twelve and it was not a fluke. Surely, he could take care of his own subordinate. He may be in a six-year-old body, but his mind was sharp as ever, although he can't say the same about the others.

Kurenai is probably smart, but her taste in men deserves an 'F'. The Uchiha Sasuke he made a deal with earlier wasn't the sharpest kunai of the bunch, but he is somewhat intelligent. He has to have some sheer of intelligence in him to own a house this big. People would usually use five percent of their brain. Eienstein used nine percent of his brain, but he wasn't always smart either. For the most, the others would use a minimum of two percent of their brain. And judging from their behaviors, they are somewhere in that range.

Kakashi walked causally, but not too causally that it would seem he was wary, but just casually enough to note that he sees, or rather feels the murderous atmosphere. It wasn't every day that your own subordinate is going jump you and rip you to shreds. Today must not be his day. Kakashi sighed inwardly. He should have listened to his horoscope and slept in.

Sakura braced herself as she saw her sensei's shadow come closer. In her mind, numerous plans ran through her mind of how she was going to murder her teacher and get away with it. The shadow stopped a few steps before the door and she leaped out to attack. A smile appeared on her face as she saw Kakashi with a surprised look on his face. Reaching toward him, she grabbed him and did her worst. In murderous rage, she did not know what she was doing because when she was done, the only thing she saw before her was not a dead Kakashi. No, it wasn't. It was something else. Instead of Kakashi's body laying in front of her, there was something in front of her. And that something was . . . a pile of wood chips!

"Yo," said Kakashi. The cherry blossom turned to her side and founded the silver haired six-year-old leaning on the stair rail, giving her a smudge look. It was the kind of look that said, 'You are stupider than a monkey'.

"YOU!" Sakura yelled. "I am going to KILL you!" She took a step to confront him, but stopped when Kakashi held his hand up to stop her.

"Whoa, whoa, Pinky." That only irked her more, so he tried a different approach. "Listen, girl. I know you want to kill me, but hear me out. Actually, I have a question. Do you hear anything at all?" Sakura narrowed her eyes at the boy. "No?" A smirk appeared on his face. "That's right. There is no noise whatsoever. So the question is, where are the kids?" In the middle of the taunting, Kakashi didn't see that Sakura had came closer to him, close enough to grab him by the collar, and she did.

"Where are there?" She demanded.

"Well, you have to let go of me first, sister." With a growl, Sakura released her hold on him and took a step back. "Okay, I will tell you." His eye lit up in amuse, but first you have to promise me something."


"You must promise me that I will not get punished for what I did in there," he pointed behind her. Oh great, now he was reduced to deal with his own student.

"You are going to tell me Kakashi, whether you like it or not," the pink haired girl snarled. Who would have thought her sensei was such a brat. She always saw him as a lazy, strong Jounin who sleeps in and arrives late on every occasion. She wouldn't be surprised if he showed up late for her own wedding!

"Or you'll what? Put me in 'time out'?" Kakashi joked.

"Nope, Kakashi." This time it was Sakura's turn to smirk. "You will tell me or. . . . " She pulled out something behind. Immediately, it caught his attention. In his student's hand was his wallet. HIS wallet. ". . .I will . . . " Sakura opened it and examined the inside of it. ". . .oh look at this." The girl's smile widens as she pulled the photograph and showed it to him. Damn, it was the picture of former teammates and his former teacher and Konoha's Yondaime. "Aww . . . it's so cute! Ah, and who is this," she pointed to the brunette on the left. "Is she your girlfriend?"

"No, now give it back."

"Tell me where they are or I'll give your girlfriend a call and tell her how naughty you have been." She was bluffing and Kakashi knew it. There is no way Sakura has Rin's phone number because he sure hell doesn't. But then again, girls always have a way with things like this. Stalking is definitely a talent he knew all girls had. It would be in a matter of time when girls will rule the world because of their fertility.

"Her name is Rin and she does not own a phone," said Kakashi. "Now, if you would just drop this childish game and give back my wallet I will tell you where the others are. Unless, you want to disobey the Hokage's orders. What would she say if she knew you were not looking after the kids when you were suppose to? I can see it now, your perfect record will have a failed mission."

"It's because it's your fault! I told you to watch them for one second!"

"Well, it must be your fault because you told me to watch them."

"Argh! I don't have time for this! Kakashi, you will tell me where they are or I will rip this picture into pieces!"

"Go ahead. I have copies."

"No, you don't!"

"Yes, I do."

"No, you don't!"

"Well, I do. So rip away."

"Maybe I will."

"Or maybe you won't."

"Or maybe I'll shove it down your throat and make you choke to death because-"

"You wouldn't dare."

"Oh really? And what makes you think that?"

"Because in reality, that's what I call the real world, hon. In reality, I am your sensei and you are my student. So that means you can't do anything to me. I am stronger, older, and much wiser than you, so that means you must respect me."

"Respect my foot! Listen, you little brat-"

"Tsk. Tsk. Wouldn't it be a shame when we wake up tomorrow and I remember everything that has happened today and turned it against you for the rest of your life?" That made Sakura froze up on the spot. They would not remember what they saw today, would they?

"You're BLACKMAILING me?" She screamed. "Listen, bud. You MAY be my teacher, you MAY be strong, but you are anything but WISE! I have to babysit you and that is what I am going to do. I will punish you if I please, I will give you a time out if I please and you are not going to do anything but obey MY orders because today, you are the student and I am the teacher, got it?"

"And if I don't?"

"I'll tell the Godaime!" Well, that got to him. Kakashi looked at his student and gave her the most hateful scowl he has ever given.

"Fine," he folded his arms across his chest. "I'll tell you where they are. They are everywhere." Sakura lifted her brow.


"I said, grandma: They are everywhere. You know, all around." He gave a sigh. This girl was a bit on the dull side of the kunai. "What I mean is that they are playing hide and seek."


"Look, are you daft or something?"

"I know what you said!" Sakura snapped. "And you are grounded mister!"


"Yup, that's right. Your first task is to clean up that," she pointed to the disaster behind her.

"You're kidding. right?"

"Does it look like I'm kidding?" Kakashi's frown deepened. "That's right. You better clean it ALL up. As for this," she waved the photograph in his face. "I think I'll hold onto it for a while. I'll give it back to you if you are a good boy, got it?" And with that she pocketed his wallet and his photograph of his former team. "Oh, and one more thing, Kakashi. It takes a lot more muscles to frown, so smile!" The girl gave a little laugh and walked passed him to find the others. As for Kakashi, he looked into the bathroom and groaned. He was going to need a LOT of soap.

"Can you walk any slower?" The blonde said sarcastically as she leads the way. Leave it to Ino to insult someone when they were only seven seconds in the game. Shikamaru didn't bother to reply and followed his female teammate at his own pace. It was only him and Ino now. The other two, Neji and Ten-Ten decided to go their way with the dim-witted Lee. The last time they saw Chouji was when they left the kitchen. Shino is completely MIA and as for the rest, they wondered else where, on their own. It wasn't his responsibility to watch them, so he went his own way. Too bad his own way was all hogged up by a certain someone. All he wanted to find a nice cool place so that he could take a peaceful nap. Much to his disbelief, it was a harder task that he would have thought.

"You know, I think we should just to find a closet to hid in."

"Too cliche. That's the first place they would search, duh."

"I don't see you coming up with brilliant ideas, pal!"

"Stop it you two!"

"Sorry, Ten-Ten," whispered Lee. The small brunette rolled her eyes. It was bad enough that they had to deal with Naruto and Kiba. Now her teammates were acting like children. Well, technically, they are, but they are more mature than that. What was amusing was that Neji was more carefree. She doubts he has ever used the word 'duh' in his life, much less argue with Lee. He had better things to do, like spare with her day and night.

"That's okay. But let's just focus on where we should hide, okay."


"Are you sure we are not lost?"

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"How sure are you, mutt face?"

"Sure enough to leave you here, booger brains!"

"Kiba, Naruto. Please don't argue."

"Sorry," the two said in unison. Hinata cracked a little smile and walked a little closer to the 'leaders'. After fighting for minutes, the three of them decided to hide somewhere along the second floor.

"Hey, I know," Naruto whispered. "Let's go hide in the bathtub. It's big enough for the three of us." His comment made Akamaru bark. "Whoops. Sorry, the four of us." Kiba snorted.

"I don't think so, lame brain. That is way too obvious. We need to find a place where we all can hide and not get caught in like two seconds."

"I don't see you coming up with great ideas!"

"Unlike you, I take my time to think so be quiet!"

"Why you!"

"You guys . . . " But Hinata's efforts were in vain. It takes more than a girl and a dog to break these two up. It would only be a matter of time before Asuma stops counting and find them in an instant.

"Ah! I'm blind, I'm blind! You made me blind!" The boy screamed, running around the room until he was stopped by something hard. It was the wall. The Uchiha prodigy rolled his eyes and looked at the pathetic sight before him. Maito Gai was laying motionless on the floor with the shirt covering his head. For someone so small, the boy sure had a big head. A sigh escaped his lips as he went over to pull Gai up. Out of all of the genins and teachers, Gai was the most troublesome one. Fearing his shirt will rip if he forced it down any farther, Sasuke tugged the shirt off and went off to find another one.

"This is annoying," he reminded himself. But despite all of the trouble, he had to go through with it because this was a mission and he is not going to fail. Satisfied with the next choice of shirt, Sasuke went back to the room where he left Gai. "He better fit this."

Kurenai's left eye twitched in irritation. She did not know if what was happening was a miracle or just a horrible, horrible accident. Standing a good distance, she witnessed the sight before her. It was Chouji. Fanny sticking out, legs kicking like mad, the boy was struggling to get out because he was stuck. And he was not just stuck, but stuck in middle section the refrigerator. At first, she did not know what to do. Should she rescue him, or just leave him there like a sitting duck? If she left him there, her conscience would drive her crazy, but she stays there and tries to get him out, she would lose the game. The red-eyed female shook her head and walked toward the disaster. She was going to help him because if she doesn't, who will?

"Hold on, kid. I'll get you out."

"I'm stuck!"

"I know. I know."

". . .ninety-nine, one hundred," Asuma counted. There he was done. Removing his arm from his eyes, he looked around and found that it was quiet, too quiet. Ignoring the voice in his head, the sensei of team ten headed down the hall and to the kitchen door. He had to find the little brats, but his first motive is to get back at Kakashi. No one makes a fool of him will gets away with it. No one, not even if that person was a prodigy.

"Stop struggling!" Kurenai cried as she tugged onto the boy's legs.

"You're going to pull my legs off!"

"No, I'm not! I'm trying to help you!"

"No, you're not! You're hurting me!"

"Listen, you-"

"Kurenai?" The female teacher looked over her shoulder and found Asuma standing there. "What are you doing?" He asks, tilting his head to see what was in front of her.

"Asuma, thank god. Help me pull this boy out. He's stuck in the refrigerator and I can't-Asuma stop laughing!"

"Haha . . . sorry. But how can you get stuck in a refrigerator, unless you're-"

"Don't say it!" Warned Kurenai.

"Alright, alright. What do you want me to do?" Asuma approached the huge machine and stood next to his friend.

"I want you to hold his leg and when I count to three, pull. Really hard." He snorted.

"Can't we just butter the sucker and pull him out?" Kurenai gave him a 'are you born stupid?' kind of look. "It was just a suggestion."

"Whatever. Okay, on the count of three. One . . . two . . . three!"

"Naruto, Hinata, Neji, Lee, Ten-Ten! Where are you guys?" Sakura yelled.

"Duh! They are hiding! They don't call it 'Hide and Seek' for nothing, you know."

"I know that! This is all Kakashi's fault. No, wait. This is the fountain's fault. Yeah! When this is over, I am going to that fountain and-"

"Sakura?" The pink haired girl turned around and found Sasuke standing a few feet away.

"Oh, hey Sasuke. Already done with dressing Gai?" As if on cue, Gai stepped forward clan in short pants and a white shirt that was a little big for his size.

"Where are the brats?" Sakura rubbed the back of her head.

"Aa . . . well, you see. There was a little disaster downstairs and the candy dish broke, so I had to go and get a broom and sweep it up before any of the kids step on it. I told Kakashi to watch them and they were kind of bored, and now they are hiding around the house. So, now I have to find them and Kakashi's in the bathroom cleaning and I have no idea where everyone is and-"

"You told Kakashi to watch them?" She nodded. Sasuke placed his hands in his pockets and went passed his female teammate. "We have to find them. Come on." Reluctantly, the cherry blossom followed his lead with Gai in tow. They were going to seek out the genins and teachers whether they want to or not. The day was beginning to be a rough one and she is not enjoying a bit of it. How hard is it to find them? In her mind, she calculated the possibility and came up with an answer. She had no idea.

"Okay, we found a bathtub and now, let's go climb in it!" Naruto cried happily. In the end, they all couldn't decide where to hide, so Naruto took control, leading them to the biggest tub they have ever saw.

"And how do you suggest us to do that?" Kiba asks. The blond boy looked around the room.

"There!" The three of them stared at the object Naruto was pointing to. It was the toilet. "Come on." Luckily for them, the toilet was next to the tub. Pulling down the lid Kiba and Akamaru climbed in first.

"Whoa, this thing is huge!"

"Okay. You're next, Hinata," Naruto tells the Hyuuga heiress. Tugging her to the toilet, he got on it first, and lifted her up. Once she got in Naruto jumped in after her. "Told you this was a good idea," he beamed.

"Shhh!" Kiba hushed.

"What are you doing? We are supposed to be hiding and-"

"Oh, will you shut up and leave me in peace?

"Nara Shikamaru," the blonde girl growled. "You better get your lazy butt up or I'll-"

"Or you'll what?" He didn't bother to open his eyes and continued to rest himself on the soft bed.

"I. . ." Ino said as she hopped on the mattress. ". . .will . . . stay here and annoy you to death until you come up with an idea to where to hide!"

"This is a good idea, to hide in a place like this," grumbled Shikamaru.

"How?" Instead of answering her, he showed her. Without opening his eyes, the Nara lifted the covers and threw them over Ino's head.

"There, you are hidden. Now, shut your trap and let me take a nap." Anger flashed in her eyes as Ino glared at her teammate. He has no right to treat her that way! Pushing the covers off of her, she grabbed a pillow from the side and held it above her head.

"Shikamaru!" And with that, she let her arms fly. As for Shikamaru, he was out cold.

Neji could not believe it. He was hiding in a closet. A dark closet and not with just anybody, but his two teammates. Questioning the reason why he was going along with this, the Hyuuga closed his eyes and enjoyed the quiet atmosphere.

"So, did we win?" It was Lee.

"No, now be quiet or they'll hear us!" Ten-Ten hissed.

"Sorry," Lee apologized.

'I must be crazy,' Neji thought. 'I'm hiding in a closet with Ten-Ten and Lee. And for what? To win a game of hide and seek!' His thoughts were interrupted when something, more like someone bumped into him. "Watch it."

"Sorry. It's something is-" Lee didn't get a chance to finish his sentence because the rest came out in a screech. "SPIDER!" Neji and Ten-Ten plugged their ears the very next second. Unbelievable. Konoha's Beautiful Green Beast, the greatest taijutsu master was afraid of a bug. The silver eyed boy clenched his teeth in irritation. When he gets back to his regular self, he was going make sure that the fountain is moved away from Konoha's water source. If he is unable to do that, he is going to take care of it himself. Either that, or dies trying because there is no way in hell he is going to turned into a six-year-old again. No way in hell, indeed.

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