Hello all. This is my first fanfic for the Titans, and its on a relationship between Robin and Raven.

Iv always liked this couple. I felt it need a fanfic in there honor.

I will be switching back and forth between third person view and Ravens view.

I might make some others, still thinking about it.

Well, here goes.


Ravens P.O.V.

All was quite at the tower. Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing the gamestation. Starfire was watching them battle eachother. Robin was standing by the window, arms crossed, and staring out the window. I was on a chair in the back of the room reading a book. Why I felt it was necessary for my presence was unknown. I just felt that someone needed me here. So, here I am, in the back of the room, reading my book. Part of my mind is reading this, well, depressing story, while the other is scanning the minds in the room to see who wants me here. All I can make out is this person has a strong mind, and unless I pry in further, I wont find it. But if I do that, that person will feel my intursion. The only two people in the room with strong minds are Cyborg and Robin. Hmmm, Cyborg is into something else, so ill have to shut him out. That leaves Robin. Well, I guess I better go over there and see what he wants.

Third Person P.O.V.

As Raven made here way over to Robin, she was continualy scanning Robin's mind without him noticing to find what exactly he wanted. All she got was that he had noticed her presence and was...happy? about her coming to see him.

Ravens P.O.V.

He's happy that I would come to him? Why would he feel that? I shouldnt ask him or he'd know I was in his mind.

"Why are you over here by yourself? Its not like you." I asked. Usually, it was I that was alone, and he was the one with everybody else.

Robin continued looking out the window and answerd, "No reason, I was just thinking."

"About what?" I inquired. Usually I wasnt this nosy, but Robin and I had a special connection and I felt it was my duty to keep him in top shape. Though if he knew I was watching out for him, well, I dont know what he'd do.

After along pause, Robin answerd. "I'd have to say the team."

"The team? What about the team." Man, now he had spiked my curiosity.

"Just how I feel about each team member and how this can be used in battle." he answerd. How he felt? That was odd. Usually it was StarFire that would be worried about others feelings for her, not Robin. But, I have to admitt, I am wondering how he felt about me. Wait...did I just think that? How he felt about me? Where did that come from? He just a friend. I know he's just a friend. Thats how I think of him. As a friend. Thats how he thinks of me. I know it. Or, I think I do. Do I?

"Cy's great in battle and a great friend, so is BB, though he can be annoying. Star's, well, shes Star." he seemed to finish.

Thats it? He didnt say anything about me. Does that mean something? "And me?" I questioned. He simply smiled and walked back to his room. I stood there for a few seconds, then followed. I needed to know how he felt. Why'd he smile. Why'd he walk away. And why am I so interested in this?

I found him standing by his door. He was just standing there, as if waiting for me. I had just reached his side when he smiled and said, "Your my favorite." and with that he walked into his room, with the door closing behind him. I stood there, stock still, pondering over what he had just said. Favorite? What exactly did he mean by that. A favorite teammate? Favorite friend? Or did it mean something else. Something...deeper? A big part of me dismissed this thought, but a small part of me seemed to...glow...at this.


Well, how was that for a first chapter.

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