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The End of All Things

The sky turned blood red, with black thunder clouds swirling around. Lightning started to strike all around the world, volcanoes started to erupt, earthquakes shook the ground apart, fires started popping up one by one, tornados tore through cities, hurricanes shattered islands, tsunamis crashed into harbors, massive whirlpools of legendary size dragged anything close enough into there maw. The ozone layer started to rip apart, allowing the solar winds to rush in on the planet. The electro-magnetic field started to decay as the earths core stopped rotating, making whatever planes or ships that were in the air or at see to crash. All this happen in the blink of an eye. On the beach of Jump City, a dark energy portal appeared where a demon of epic proportions climbed out. He stood there for a moment, taking in the sights of this new planet. He smiled.

"My reign of this pathetic planet has come!"

With that, he thrust his massive hand forward, and immediately fire demons of considerably smaller size left the portal and flooded the city, multiplying by the hundreds, then the thousands. They swarmed over the already dieing planet, killing all those that held some breath in them. Anything that still held life in it was crushed instantly.

"My time has come." He said, still with that smile on his face. As if to prove his point, he unleashed a massive fire ball on the remnants of the city. Everything that had some sort of organic matter in or around them was instantly turned to stone. Trigon then walked around what remained of the city, kicking vehicles around like balls, or stomping on a building. He didn't notice the light from a small portion of the beach.


Raven opened her eyes. It was so dark. So lonely. She felt . . . nothing. That bothered her. She felt nothing? Not physical or emotional. And her mind felt numb. All that was processing was what she was seeing, but that didn't help. There was nothing to look at.


That name kept spinning through her mind, but she couldn't place it. Why did it feel so important? Why? Where was she? Who was she? What was she doing here? Why was it so dark? Why did she feel like something was missing?

Just as her memories started to form, she started to rise, to where she didn't know. Then the light blinded her. Not a shining light, but a red light, a light of fire. She looked down, and noticed that she had just come up through a mound of rubble. Then she noticed that she was transparent. She looked around her and saw the destruction. Then she saw a massive creature rampaging through the city a few miles away, but she didn't know who it was. She looked around and saw all the carnage and death, but that didn't phase her. She felt that it should, that she should feel something, but nothing was getting through. Nothing.

For the first time she noticed another ghostly entity floating next to her, with the same dead expression on his face. He gazed at her, then turned it back to the scene in front of him. Raven also turned her face to what was ahead of her. Then, just like before, she again rose, but much faster. Almost instantly, she and her partner were brought about the earth. It seemed time had passed, for now not a dot of green shown through, for all the forests and grasslands had been burned away. Both poles had been melted long ago, for now in there place was just two massive craters, spanning for miles. The oceans were gone, to be replaced by lava. The land was gone, to be replaced by fire. Nothing lived on the planet. Then, as if to show something, the planet shifted position, or, to be more specific, the continents started to crack, right in front of there 'eyes.' North America split into three, very slowly spreading apart. South America broke apart all together, turning into many islands. The planets edge hid the rest of the continents, but she was sure they had broken apart as well.

Suddenly, a third figure appeared in front the couple, though this one appeared solid. Both 'ghosts' gazed at this figure with blank expressions; though Raven felt as if she knew her. This figure stared at the two, who just stared right back. She then turned and stared down at the broken planet with pity in her eyes. Then she spoke.

"This is what will happen to your planet. Death and destruction." she swept her hand across, encompassing the planet. "Trigon will take over and rule. This planet is but a foot hold of his, but it will be his pride, for it held his daughter, whom he conquered. To him, this planet is his ultimate victory." She then turned back to the two behind her.

"This has all been a vision of the future. This shows what will happen if you two become involved while he is still alive. Your powers cannot cope with being split like they have. Even with your mental power, it is but a small bump in the road for your power. Your emotions are the key in controlling it, but you have yet to reach that level of control. This young man here is another part of the puzzle, but now is to soon for you to get together. If you do so, your planet will die. When you have the control you need, you will know. I don't know how or when, but it will happen somehow, someway. For now, all I can do is give you advice. Train. Train with your emotions. Let them thrive, but do not let the come to the surface. The more times they do that, the weaker your bond will get. The more you train, the more control you gain. As for this young man here, stay away from any form of involvement with him. You have already gone to far with the bond you two have created. Don't push it, or your planet will pay the price."

The figure turned around again, to look down at the planet, if you wanted to call it that. It was now twisting and turning, trying to contract into itself, trying to draw in any life it could.

"All memory of this vision will be erased. Everything that has come before now will be erased. You don't yet have the power to know of what has occurred. When, in the far future, you have enough control, you will gain it all back, but not before then. As for his powers, they will be striped from him and returned to you. He is more to blame for this then you, for it was his heart that fell for you, and brought this all on your planet. Don't make the same mistake again."

Suddenly, the demon rose from the earth. He could be seen creating another portal in space, not far above the charred earth, followed by his fire slaves. Just a second after he left with the portal closing behind him, the unthinkable happened. The earth, in all its terrible glory, died. In one last stand to live, the planet contracted even further unto itself, crushing its core in the process to draw what little life it still had, hoping that was enough to sustain it. It wasn't. In one last gasp, the planet erupted. Smoldering chunks of rock flew in every direction, as the core of the earth gave out, and in one enormous blast, detonated. The earth was gone. All that remained of the proud planet was a small portion of the core, about fifteen miles in diameter, which was now spinning slowly toward the sun, where it would eventually burn up.

Raven turned to her partner, who looked at her as well. Suddenly, the mental barriers were cleared, and all emotion and memories came back. They couldn't speak, but there eyes held it all. Love, devotion, sincerity, friendship, kindness, compassion, longing, lust, happiness. It was all there. A bright flash of light appeared, and the vision ended.

Ravens P.O.V.

All was quiet at the tower. Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing the gamestation. Starfire was watching them battle each other. Robin was standing by the window, arms crossed, and starring out the window. I was on a chair in the back of the room, reading a book. Why I felt it necessary for my presence was unknown I just felt like I wanted some company, strange as that may be. So, here I am, in the back of the room, reading my book. Part of my mind is reading this, well, depressing story, while the other is scanning the minds in the room to see what they were feeling. I don't know. I guess I had taken it apon myself to watch over the team and be there to. . .feel what they feel, I guess you could say. Since I must hide my emotions, I live through other peoples emotions. Cyborg was intent on beating Beast Boy, while Beast Boy was intent on beating Cyborg. Starfire really wasn't into watching them play, she was just thinking about her home planet and when she would beable to visit it. Robin, well, she couldn't really read Robin, he had erected a strong mental barrier, something he had told me he had set up to block out pain when he was a child. Well, I guess I could go over there and see what's on his mind, seeing as this book isn't going to get anymore interesting.

Third person P.O.V.

As Raven made her way over to Robin, she was continually scanning his mind for anything that was troubling him. She got nothing. She would pry deeper, but he would notice her intrusion, so she stayed out. She walked to his side, and felt an emotion flood through him. Relief.

Ravens P.O.V.

Hes relieved that I came over? Why would he feel that? Maybe he didn't want somebody else bothering him. I shouldn't ask, though, he would know I was in his mind.

"Why are you over here by yourself? Its not like you." I asked. Usually, it was I that was alone, and he was the one with everybody else.

Robin continued looking out the window and answered, "No reason, I just wanted some time to think."

"About what?" I inquired. Usually I wasn't this nosy, but Robin and I had a special connection and I felt it was my duty to keep him in top shape. Though if he knew I was watching out for him, well, I don't know what he'd do. He's so unpredictable.

After along pause, Robin answerd. "I'd have to say the team."

"The team? What about the team." Man, now he had spiked my curiosity.

"Just how we can all work on dealing with certain foes we each hold 'near and dear' to use. Cyborg had Brother Blood, Star has Backfired, BB has Terra, I have Slade. . .I'm not sure about you though. Who's your main concern?"

I shrugged. I would say my father, but I don't think the team, or Robin, needs to worry about him.

"Slade, I guess. He posses the biggest threat to the city."

Robin nodded, then continued staring out the window. I stood alongside him, also gazing at the ocean. After a few moments, Robin stood straight and stretched.

"Alright team, training in thirty minutes, be there or you'll have dish duty for the next week." With that Robin turned and walked to his room, without turning back. I stood there for a few seconds longer, just gazing out the window. I smiled ever so gently. The sun was bright, and no clouds were in the sky, so that meant that that night would be clear, allowing for some star gazing of my own. I hadn't been meditating like I should have lately, and I need some time to catch up. Maybe I would find some way of how to beat my father, when he came. Too bad I would have to do it alone, for there wasn't anybody else to help fight him with me.

Raven turned and left the main room, heading for hers to get some reading done on ancient spells.

"If only I could find . . . somebody to help me out with this upcoming trial, but, as all things go, it won't be that way. I'm alone, still. I will always be alone."

Down near the beach, on a certain tree stood. On the tree, a certain picture blew in the breeze. Its edges were worn away from some type of cataclysm, but the picture was clear enough. It showed a couple, one covered by a purple cloak, the other dressed like a traffic light. They were both holding each other, with the sunset in the background, enhancing there effects. A slight outline was around the picture, its color a light purple, tinged with red. If a magician were near, they would have said that that picture was encased in a special seal that blocked anybody except the user from seeing it. But no such person was around, so it escaped peoples notice. The picture blew as the breeze continued, and the sun began its slow decent in the horizon. Maybe someday it would be shown to the two who were in the picture, but that day wasn't today. Someday, all that had occurred would come to pass. Someday, two birds would flock together.