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Prophetic Vision

An old man stood in the ruins of a large building, on an island off the coast of the remnants of some large city. Dressed in a suit, the crown of his head was bald and liver-spotted, and he had a mane of cropped white hair around the side of his head.

But, by far, his most disturbing feature was not his hair or his clothes or that he was standing alone in the decrepit ruins of some old tower…it was his eyes. The vacant pupil-less eyes, devoid of any trace of life, knowledge, or existence.

He stood there, for an unknown amount of time, staring at the ruined city, for an insurmountable amount of time. Finally, after seconds that felt like years, or perhaps years that felt like seconds, he spoke…

"To begin…the gold-footed fox travels west at the heels of a pink dog…the demon is turned and beaten over the head…It pirouettes into the Ravens nest, the Raven accepts the dance…the bird and the beast disapprove…and then…"

He falls silent once more, and stares out into the expanse.

Jinx sat at the bar of the dismal karaoke joint and slowly drank herself into a stupor. She didn't normally get tanked like this, but since the Hive was gone, she needed some way to keep them down.


She rapped her knuckles on her skull before downing another full glass of Jack Daniels. Silently and quickly, Jinx pulled a pack of cigarettes from one of her fellow patrons, and lit one up with the lighter she had gotten last Christmas.

Taking a long drag from the cigarette, she laid her head on the hard wooden bar. Her head was pounding, and it wasn't helping that some schmuck was on stage singing some song. He was ok, but it was the song she was paying attention to. She's heard it somewhere, she just couldn't place the name.

Jinx got up off the bar stool slowly and wobbled towards the exit. "…Their ain't no roads home my dear…" She sang, and stopped, "That's right…"

"…No Roads Home"

"Okay…one, two, three" Jinx heaved herself off the wall and tottered down the sidewalk, obviously smashed out of her mind. Gizmo would probably get all bitchy and stuff if I still lived with him and Mammoth. Speaking of the great big lummox, he'd probably bat Giz over the head and help me to bed, maybe get me some Tylenol or somethin'. Heh, always acting like an older brother. I haven't seen him in so long too.

Maybe you killed him.

Jinx batted her head again. Shut up, I'm not letting you out, I'm not gonna' listen ta' you.


Shut up.

Slut…Cunt…Fuckin' Bitch

I said shut up!

I won't shut up! You can't let it go! No matter where you go, no matter what you do, you will always remember, and I'll always be here to remind you. Come on, you remember what she said.

No! I'm not listening!


That sound registered into the back of Jinx's head. It was familiar, but she was all too preoccupied at the moment to bother with some trivial rapidly approaching sound.

"You're nothing! You are a worthless fuckin' bitch that will never be anything to anybody!"


"Worthless whore, get out you stupid cunt! I never want to see you here again! GET OUT!"



"Mommy! What am I supposed to do?" Jinx screamed into the air and fell to her knees, gripping her head with both hands and trying to block out the screaming voices.


At last, Jinx heard the noise. She pulled herself up from the ground and turned around…only to be greeted by a glint of golden metal…

"Would you please explain what happened once more?"

Jinx sighed, and rubbed her head.

"Look, I told you, I left the bar some time around ten, heard something behind me, turned around, and got beamed over the head by some punk."

She rubbed her head again, it hurt like hell, and all these interrogations weren't helping. When she had woken up, she was lying in some sort of hospital bed with a mind-blowing headache and wearing a smock. She guessed she was in some sorta' high security prison hospital.

After the police detective left and locked the heavy door, she picked up the mirror that was lying on her bedside table.

Looking at her reflection and grimacing, she noted that the left side of her head was covered in bandages, with sprigs of cotton candy pink hair poking from underneath.

Her head looked off-balance, with only one of her trademark horns up on the right side of her head.

The police had told her that some 'John Doe' found her lying on the ground unconscious a few blocks from the karaoke bar with blood covering the left side of her head.

So they brought her here, cleaned her up, and locked her away just to be questioned every ten minutes. She said she was attacked, but by the way they kept on bothering her with questions that she had answered a dozen times over, they didn't completely believe her.

The thing was, she couldn't remember what had happened.

She remembered the screaming, and some sort of annoying sound, but that was it, she couldn't even remember what she was hit with.

Might as well get some rest before they come back.



She jerked her eyes open to see who had come in.

Double Damn.

Robin the "Boy Wonder" stepped in followed by Cyborg the "Tin Man", and Raven the…well…I'll leave it at that.

She narrowed her eyes at all of them, but glared at Cyborg, who avoided her eyes. Robin stared right back, and Raven…like always…showed no emotion.

A few too many second of silent staring continued before Jinx spoke, "Why the hell are you here?"

Robin ignored her scathing tone, "The police informed us that you were assaulted, so we thought it would be our duty to come and ask you a few questions."

She grinned, "What, they mention little ol' me, so you traipse down from your big old tower to question me over tea and crumpets?"

"Well I've already answered the police so why don't you go ask them." She replied as more of a statement than a question.

Robin ignored her sarcasm, but Jinx caught a twitch in his left eye.

Her grin grew impossibly wide.

"We'd rather hear it from you, if you please," he said fiercely.

She laughed, "Oh, well let's see," she made her voice deeper and more dignified, "I fancied a bit of a whiff you see, so I took a stroll to the nearest brewery. After I had a nip, I politely excused myself and exited the building. After a few blocks, I was beset by some ruffian who came up behind me and beamed me over the head while my back was turned."

She laughed as the boy wonders face twitched with rage.

"Oh wait, let me guess, you want the less eloquent explanation? Okay I went down to the nearest bar to get shit-faced, left, and got jumped, How's that?"

Jinx still grinned and the seething former sidekick took a moment to speak.

"You say you were attacked, do remember anything about your attacker?"

Jinx glared at him and took a deep breath, "Look, I already told the police, it was to fast for me to-" she stopped as a pain shot up her spine and into the base of her skull.

"Wait, I think I remember something," she said, and grabbed her head before looking back at Robin.

"He was short, about your size, and he swung something at me. It was at arm level-" she broke off and swung her right arm to demonstrate.

"Anything else," the bird boy asked, "like a weapon?"

Jinx screwed up her face in concentration, "Yeah…it was gold, and bent, you know, like a dog's leg; I think it might have been a bat. Yeah, a golden bat." She looked back at Robin.

"So…a kid with a golden bat snuck up on you, and hit you over the head?"

Jinx was uncomfortably aware that all eyes were on her.

"I think she's lying," said Raven, adding herself to the little debate.

"I am not lying!" shouted Jinx, obviously outraged that she would even think that. She was laying in a bed with bandages around half her head for fucks sake.

"Look," said Robin, "the doctors examined your blood alcohol level, you were completely over your limit, are you sure you didn't imagine it?"

This time Jinx exploded.

"DOES IT FUCKIN' LOOK LIKE I IMAGINED IT!" she screamed, gesturing at her fresh bandages.

"So, why would someone attack you?" asked Cyborg, thoroughly aggravating Jinx.

"Maybe he was a hit-man with a contract on me!"

"Or maybe he was just some punk who's into random violence," said Raven.

"Well that doesn't matter right now, what does matter is how your gonna' catch him!" said Jinx huffily as she flopped down on her bed. The room felt uncomfortably small now.

Raven raised an eyebrow at Jinx's last comment, "What's this? A known villain asking the Titans for help?"

Jinx grinned again, feeling good that she had acquired a response from the ever-stoic one.

"Uh-uh sweetie, I haven't done anything wrong since I got outta' jail three months ago, I'm like a citizen now."

Her grin widened considerably at Raven's scowl before she turned to Robin, "So, what are ya' gonna' do 'bout this?"

Boy Wonder stared for a few seconds before answering.

"Whether it was a random street assault or a hired hit, I think one of us should watch you and see if the perp strikes again."

The other two Titans threw shocked glances at Robin, who tried valiantly to ignore them.

"Great, who's the lucky one?" said an ecstatic Jinx already eying a certain cloaked individual in the room.


Jinx blanched, " Hell no!" she screamed, and pointed at the telepath, "I want Raven."

Robin pinched the area between his eyes; he really didn't need this right now.


Jinx burst into giggles at the raven's shocked visage.

"Mind if we talk Robin?" she asked through gritted teeth, and before letting him answer, she dragged out the door and into the hallway. Cyborg quickly followed, locking the door behind him.

"ARE YOU CRAZY!" screamed the ashen skinned girl before regaining her composure.

"Can't we just lock her up?" she asked.

Robin grimaced "Unfortunately, no. She was right, she hasn't done anything wrong since her previous jail time, so she's technically citizen and we have to protect her."

Raven was full of rage at the moment, and though she didn't show it, it seethed from her like a noxious gas.

Robin was quick to speak, "Look, all I'm asking is that you watch her for a day or two, and if nothing happens, you can come back to the tower."

He made it sound like a simple babysitting job, which, in retrospect, it was, although without the simple part.

She sighed in defeat. Part of being a hero meant protecting the inhabitance of the city, and no matter how much she wished otherwise, Jinx was one of those inhabitance.

Robin spoke up again, "Look, we have to go, contact us once you get Jinx situated at her home," and without another word, he and the tin man left her alone to the sugary sweet fate known as Jinx.

"So…were gonna' be roomies?" asked the aforementioned fate of the dark raven, who answered, "…Looks like it," and left it at that.

"Well…good," Jinx was ecstatic. She had never told anyone, and would certainly not tell the beautiful young woman standing in front of her bed, but she always found Raven the most fascinating of all the Titans.

"So…what now?"

"We go home."

After a few seconds of silence in which Raven did not elaborate, Jinx decided to speak up once more, "Err…yours or mine?"




"You're a regular chatterbox, ain'tcha," said Jinx at last, hoping to get some response from the other girl, and was disappointed when she received none.

"So…I…I guess we should get going" and with that, she flopped off the bed...and to her utter horror, she realized that she was completely naked under her hospital gown which was provided to her in her unconscious state.

As her face turned the color of the ripest tomato Raven had ever seen, she politely said, "I seem to have…err…misplaced my clothes, wouldja be a dear and help me find them?" she asked with a pout.

Sighing in resignation, Raven proceeded to the closet to retrieve the bad-luck charms clothing. This is going to be a long hellish day.

"Where do you live?"

Jinx was taken aback by the question, not because she didn't understand, but because this was the first time the telepath had spoken to her since they had left the hospital.

"Umm…oh yeah, the west district," she stated after thinking hard.

"You live in the west district?"


"You sure?"


"Then why are we in the east district." Stated Raven, gesturing to the towering skyscrapers, which made up Jump City's business district.

"So it is," said Jinx, looking around in mock wonderment.

To tell the truth, Jinx had come here on purpose just to see what Raven's reaction would be. She knew she'd never get a chance like this again, so she threw caution to the wind and dove in headfirst.

"That's it, I'm leaving." Stated Raven as she levitated a few inches off the ground.

This got Jinx's attention.

"Wait? What? You're leaving?" she stammered as Raven stared at her.

"Yeah, your obviously not serious about this, so I might as well go." This hit deep in Jinx for some reason as Raven realized a few seconds later.

"Look," said Jinx, an upset look on her face, "just because your not interested in getting to know me, doesn't mean that I don't want to get to know you. It'll be easier if we try and get alongwith each other, and you find it so easy to just brush me off like that. If you hate me that much, then you should leave, but at least I tried,"she finished severely, and with that, she crossed her arms over her chest, and glared.

Raven stared at Jinx, and even though she didn't want to admit it, the pink-haired demon was right, she was ordered by Robin to protect her, and more importantly, she was a hero. Damn her ethics. Besides, she could stand to be a little nicer.

Of course, she didn't know why, but the defiant and endearing look on the little demons face made her laugh softly, which of course replaced Jinx's defiant look with a look of pure shock and trepidation.

"You know," Raven told Jinx, "the only people who have ever stood up to me like that were Starfire and Terra."

Jinx broke out into a wide grin as Raven slowly touched ground.

"Come on," said Raven, holding out her hand to Jinx.

"Huh?" Jinx stared at Raven, not understanding what the telepath was getting at. "Were going to fly, it'll take all day if we walk."

Jinx's face blanched, "Don't know if you've noticed or not, but I can't fly." Raven shook her head and said, "I know, that why I'm going to carry you, now com---oomph!"

Raven was startled when Jinx threw herself headlong into her, and snaked her lithe arms around her waist.

"Up into the wild blue yonder and so-forth!" the sugary pink nightmare screamed while pointing at the sky, gaining the stares of passers-by.

Raven couldn't help but give a small grin at the little demon's exuberance before wrapping her own arm around Jinx's waist, and taking to the sky.

Even by flying, it had taken half the day to locate Jinx's dwellings, and unfortunately for them, this was not as planned as last time.

Jinx was terrible with directions you see, and was prone to getting lost in her own neighborhood.

Finally, after six hours of searching, they touched ground in front of what was presumably the little demons apartment building.

"You sure this is it," Raven with a less and less zeal.

"Yeah…well…err…maybe." Jinx wasn't all too sure herself, which didn't help at all with Ravens mood.

However, Raven let out a sigh of relief as one of the demons keys did work, and followed her through the opened door to her apartment.

"Ahhh, it feels so good to be back home," sighed Jinx, and she soon flopped onto a large squishy green couch.

Raven, however, took this moment to reflect on her surrounding.

Judging by who lived here, the residence was actually…quite unremarkable.

True, there were various items of occultish personality strewn around, but everything else was quite drab.

Jinx noticed Raven's visible scouring of her dwellings and broke into a playful grin.

Shifting so she was upside-down on the squishy green couch with her head dangling over the edge of the cushions, she gestured widely with her arms in sweeping motion.

"Welcome to the liliaceous residence of Jinx, would you like the grand tour?" Jinx said all this without moving from the couch, but still looked expectantly at Raven.

"Strange, this place doesn't look like a blooming lily, and yes I would like the 'Grand Tour' as you put it," Jinx broke into a fit of giggles and rolled off the couch.

"You know I only used that word 'cause it sounded pretty, but any who, if you would please turn your head to the left you'll see my wonderful kitchen," she gestured to the right of the main entrance to a quaint little kitchen complete with an olive-green fridge, an island with two bar stools, a sink, and a stove.

"To the left of that, you'll see my wonderful laundry-room," she gestured to the left at a closed door that more than likely led to said laundry quarters.

"This," she gestured to the main area of the apartment in which they both resided, "is the living area with the couch, TV, radio, and table," she swept her hands and pointed at each accoutrement in time.

"That way leads to the bedroom and bathroom," she said, and gesticulated widely towards a short hall with two doors, one to the right, and one further down to the left, "the first one leads to the bedroom, and the one further down leads to the washroom. And…well, that's about it," she finished rather lamely.

The two stared at one another, obviously not sure of what to say.

Jinx finally sighed as if making her mind about something, and spoke, "Look, I know you might not think much of it, but helping me home and watching me means a lot; I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little shaken up by this attack, and well, I didn't feel like looking over my shoulder all day, so…thanks."

Raven was more than a little taken aback by this sudden confession and was at loss for words.

The two stared a little longer before Jinx again broke the silence, "It's getting' kinda' late…so…I'll go get ready for bed."

Raven noticed a red tinge in the girls face as she walked off, which wasn't all that hard to miss seeing as how her complexion rivaled Ravens in pallor.

"Yeah," she called at the Jinx's retreating form, "I need to contact home any...way..." though she faltered on the last few words as the bedroom door closed quickly with an audible snap.

Raven shook her head. Jinx was a weird one. She couldn't make up her mind as to whether she liked or hated the sugary demon.

She felt somewhat relaxed and tranquil around her, which was odd taking into account the young girls rambunctious nature.

She sighed in resignation, she'd save her reservations for another time; she had work to do.

"Robin, this is Raven, come in," she spoke into her communicator and waited till Robin appeared on the display screen.

"Robin here, is everything all right, did you and Jinx make it back safely?" Raven looked back the closed bedroom door and had the distinct impression that she could here every word, "Yeah, Jinx thought it would be funny to take the long route though, but we still got here without incident," a stifled giggle came from the room, which made Raven smile slightly.

"Look Rae-" "Raven, only star gets to call me that," she corrected, it was bad enough Beast Boy called her that at every opportunity, which meant she had to remind him again and again, but now she had to remind their 'leader' about it too.

"Err…right, sorry Raven, but it appears that Cyborg was able to dig up something about the attack." Raven was puzzled.

"What do you mean, the attack barely happened yesterday," she lowered her voice and moved towards the windows behind the couch so Jinx wouldn't hear.

She saw Robin take a deep breath on the display before he spoke, "Apparently, Jinx's attack wasn't the first."

Raven was really confused now.

"Their was another string of street assaults similar to what happened to Jinx, although with one exception."

Raven looked towards the door and felt the little demon's presence, so she lowered her tone once more and continued, "So what's the problem?"

The boy wonder massaged his forehead with his gloved hand before speaking, "The other attacks didn't happen in the states, they happened in Japan."


"Yeah, Tokyo to be exact, though we don't know the details as the police dropped the case before it was solved. Cyborg is trying to find out more as we speak, so I'll call back once we have more info. It seems like you'll be spending a little more time with Jinx than originally planned. Over and out."

And with that, the transmission cut off.

Hmm, even more time with Jinx. Unlike before, Raven didn't see the task too daunting. Hell, she was even looking a little forward to it. Which was weird considering this was Raven the 'Ice Queen' as Beast Boy had dubbed her. Ah well, at least it turned out Jinx really wasn't making up the story of the attack. Well, maybe.

At that moment, Raven let out an uncharacteristically audible yawn. Geez, I'm so tired, I guess I'll be using the sofa.

Raven made her way to the closed bedroom door, and gave a soft tap.

"Hey Jinx, are you decent?" she little demon answered immediately, "Yeah, but I can get indecent in a minute." Raven chuckled and pushed the door, though she wasn't quite ready for what lay beyond that door.

There sat Jinx, on the edge of the bed. She wore what looked like black silk pajamas, which clung loosely to her lithe frame, and left everything to the imagination.

Raven felt uncomfortably warm all of a sudden. Jinx just stared at the reddening bird standing in the doorway like a deer caught in the headlights.

Throwing a lopsided grin the telepath, she tilted her head to the side.

Raven stared as sugary pink hair fluidly curved and cascaded past her shoulders. Jinx had always kept her hair up in her trademark horns (she had no clue how she kept them up by the way), but it seemed that she let her hair down for sleep.

Her hair always seemed so much shorter, and now it reached past her shoulders.

Raven shook out of the reverie and stammered out a question, "Err…um…d…do you have...a...any extra pillows?"

Jinx cocked her head slightly with a 'confused' expression on her face, "What do need an extra pillow for?"

Raven didn't like where this was going.

"You know, so I can sleep on the couch."

Jinxed feinted astonishment, "What makes you think I'd let you sleep on the sofa?" she asked innocently.

Really don't like where this is going!

"You know what," she said slightly out of breath and with her voice slightly high-pitched, realizing that her arms and legs were turning a peculiar shade of red, "I don't need a pillow, really." She quickly did an about face, and made for the door.

"Raven! Wait!"

For the love of god why did she stop.

"Please, don't go," Jinx sagged slightly on the comfortable looking bed.

Shut up, it's not that inviting.

Jinx continued to speak; somewhat unawares of Raven's internal struggle, "It's just that, I…I don't think I can be alone right now," her strawberry pink eyes and pout helped dissolve a bit of the telepaths resolve, "I just feel so vulnerable right now," she wrapped her arms around herself, "I wont be able to sleep if I'm alone…I…I'm scared, alright."

A cannonball smashed into Raven's mental wall, crushing it completely.

The scared little demon sighed and looked directly into Raven's eyes, her strawberry orbs cutting through the telepaths violet ones, "I'm asking as your newest friend, would you…would you stay with me while I sleep?"

No! No, no, no, no, no! There are a million reasons why I shouldn't. I should just turn around and head back, in fact, that's what I'll do. Just say no and leave, you cab do it Rae, just say no.

Unfortunately for Raven, her brain decided to take matters into it's own hands, and she slowly nodded in concurrence with the Jinx's wishes.

Dammit brain! Why have you betrayed me!

However, all thoughts of regret were demolished when she saw Jinx's face light up like a Christmas tree. She slunk under her covers, and pulled them up so far so all Raven could see was her fingers gripping the blankets, her eyes, and the top of her head.

Jinx watched silently yet intently as Raven sighed in resignation for the third timethat day, and made her way towards the bedside.

As she unclasped her cloak and let it fall to the floor, Jinx let out a little gasp, "Your real pretty, ya' know that?"

Raven turned red as she undid her belt, and slid under the covers where she was caught unawares as Jinx once again snaked her arms around her waist.

Jinx snuggled closer to Raven and sighed in contentment. Raven was about to unintentionally do the same, when the little demon bolted up and leaped over her and off the bed.

"Just hold on a sec', I almost forgot Maromi."

"Who?" asked a flustered Raven whom was not entirely sure what was going on anymore.

"Maromi, see," Jinx help up what Raven could only assume was a small pink plush dog.

Its head was grotesquely large and oval shaped and was complete with sewn on whiskers, nose and eyelashes. Her actual eyes were huge googly eyes, which looked disturbingly vacant. Two narrow brown ears were also sewn to the side of Maromi's elliptical head. Her body was strangely small however, and she had stubby limbs, and a round tail.

"I've always slept with Maromi since I found her in an old arcade in Tokyo when I went on a mission to Japan a couple a' years ago," Jinx said as she plopped Maromi down on her pillow, and snuggled up with Raven.


Something in Raven's mind clicked when Jinx said that; however, in her rapidly drowsing state she couldn't think, much less act.

The last thing she thought of before sleep took her, was how much Jinx smelled like sweet peaches.

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