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Note #1: As before, this story will contain crude language, violence, and strong mentions of female homoerotic…blah…blah…blah.

Note #2: Recap of Episode 1: No Roads Home

Jinx is assaulted by an unknown perpetrator, and is issued a titan to accompany her for safety. After a bit of tooth-gnashing Raven grudgingly accepts to help the "Little Demon."

After time, however, Raven begins to find her intriguing. Arriving at Jinx's apartment, Raven is contacted by Robin, and given a rundown on what has been found. It appears that their has been a number of previous assaults matching Jinx's which happened in Japan, though there is very little information on it.

Raven decides not to tell this to her, and later finds herself justified in the decision when Jinx tells the girl that she is scared to be alone. Filled with sympathy (and other emotions that are strange and weird to her) Raven agrees to spend the night with Jinx.

It is then that Jinx pulls out a small plush dog by the name "Maromi" that she had aquired a few years back in Tokyo, Japan. Raven's subconcious try's to put two and two together, but is soon thwarted by impending sleep.

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Prophetic Vision

An old man stood in the ruins of a large building, a club of some sort, judging from the bar and dance floor.

Still dressed in a suit, he had a mane of cropped white hair, with missing patches revealing liver spots.

His eyes were still vacant, pupil-less irises swimming in a sea of white clouds.

Again he stood there, motionless, as if reality had no hold over him. After a time, he spoke…

"To begin…the tin man's eyes gleam into his crystal ball…the second is confused and the first is happy…they are found by the third…who bears the mark of the beast…the tin man sees all…and then…"

His croaking voice died of into the echoing caverns of the nightclub, to be lost evermore in the curling abyss…

"We need to talk about this," thought Raven.

She had woken up in a state of groggy intoxication. Opening her eyes, she was met with a tangled mess of pink.

It was then she realized than Jinx had accidentally (or so she hoped) ended up on top of her during the night, and currently had her face nuzzled sweetly into Raven's supple neck.

After a couple of tries, Raven realized that it would be impossible to get up without waking Jinx. This was due to the fact that their legs were currently entwined with each other.

Oh yeah, they really needed to talk about this.

For now, however, she needed a way to get out of bed, without waking up the sleeping bad luck charm.

"Screw that," thought Raven, after realizing that the former would be impossible.

Conversely, a plan quickly formulated in her head that not only would allow her to get up, but also get revenge on the little demon for conning her into bed.

She took a deep breath, and rolled to the side.

Jinx screamed, "Sonofa-!' before cutting off with a thud.

Raven smirked and peeked over the edge where Jinx had fallen. Pink orbs glared up at her from the shag-rug floor.

The demon suddenly broke into a smile, and launched forward.

It was fortunate that Raven had quick reflexes, and she deftly dodged the pink and black blur that streaked past her only to fall off the other side of the bed.

"No fair…" mewled Jinx, pulling herself up onto the bed, "now I get to push you, an eye for a tooth or somethin' like that."


"Come on, I thought all you heroes were about justice and equality and all that crap."

Raven merely shook her head and smirked at the whining girl before standing and heading out the door to the bathroom.

"I'm gonna' take a shower," she called back as she disappeared past the doorway, "and no peeking!" she added severely, making Jinx swear that she could feel Ravens glare through two inches of wall.

Jinx merely giggled as she flipped of the bed, her pink locks flying everywhere, and strolled into the kitchen for early morning sustenance.

After a quick catalog of edible foodstuffs, Jinx realized that she didn't have enough for two people to live off of.

They would have to go shopping later.

For now, she just grabbed a box of cereal, and ate it dry, the reason being that milk she owned had somehow acquired the consistency of jell-o.

Jinx sat down on the stool of the kitchens island, and began to crunch through her breakfast.


She grinned and cast a sidelong glance at Raven, who was currently dripping wet and rapped in a towel.

"Could I possibly…you know…if it's not too much trouble…-"

"You wanna' borrow some clothes?"

Raven nodded, trying her hardest to look anywhere but at Jinx.

"Go ahead, but you'll have a hell of a' time trying to find something clean," she tried to suppress a giggle as Raven tried to pull the towel down further, "good-luck."

Raven tromped back to the bedroom, her face a burning red, leaving Jinx's roaring laughter behind.

An hour later (to which Jinx had spent idly flipping through TV channels) Raven had emerged.

She was dressed in a sleeveless black t-shirt, which was borne with the picture of a white butterfly. Jinx recognized her old black denim skirt, which clung to Ravens shapely hips like a second skin.

"Don't you ever do laundry?" scowled Raven as she sat at the bar and poured some breakfast.

"I usually had Mammoth do it for me."

She said this with complete monotone, which surprised Raven a great deal, seeing as how the little demon was always so full of energy, whether angry or happy.

"Were you two, y'know, 'close'?" she asked quietly, putting certain inflection on the word close.

Jinx immediately began to gag, though the grin returned to her face.

"Are you kidding! I mean, yeah, we were close and all, but not that, more like brother and sister," she began to rant about feeling dirty before rolling off the couch and onto the floor.

Raven turned away, perhaps to conceal the small twitch at the corner of her mouth.

"But…I haven't seen him in months, since the Hive disbanded," Jinx said from the floor, her voice taking a sad quality.

Raven suddenly felt sick.

Comprehension dawned on her. She had always thought of Jinx and her teammates as villains, as beings to be caught at regular intervals and thrown into jail.

She had never once thought of them as real people, who had feelings, and could feel pain, hate, and love.

Raven stared at her food, not really seeing it. She couldn't believe she had labeled them like that.

Hadn't she always been against it when Beast Boy called her weird and scary, just because she was different?

No, she wouldn't be like that, she wouldn't label Jinx as a bad person, just because she stole to survive, just because she was different.

"The two of us aren't that different," Thought Raven, absentmindedly stirring her dry cereal.

"Somethin' wrong," asked Jinx, who had suddenly popped up and was staring inquisitively at the violet haired teen sitting in her apartment.

"Oh…umm…I'm just not used to dry cereal," she came up with quickly.

Jinx grinned her trademark facial contortion, "It's the breakfast of champions Rae-Rae."

As soon as Jinx said that, Raven grew stiff.

"Please, don't call me that, I only let Starfire call me that."

"Oh," sighed Jinx, looking crestfallen, "I'm sorry."

Jinx turned away, her eyes narrowing into slits. She suddenly felt a pressure in her ribcage.

"I-Is their a reason that…you know…only Starfire can call you that?" she asked, trying to sound nonchalant, though failing spectacularly.

Raven could tell that Jinx dearly wanted to know why, so she indulged upon her.

"Star and I are close, closer than we are with any of the others," she explained to the obviously jealous Jinx, "and not because we're both girls or something trivial like that, but because we know each other better than anyone; y'see, it all started when we got a package of marionettes …"

She proceeded to retell the tale of the Puppet King and how he had switched Raven and Star into opposite bodies, and explained the level of understanding they both had for each other afterwards. Though she did stress the fact that the two of them were nothing but good friends, fearing that Jinx might get the wrong idea.

Jinx felt a great deal better after Raven's story, the unwanted pressure in her chest having lifted.

"So, if I can't call you Rae, I guess I'll call you…Ravy! How's that?"

Before Raven could utter protest however, Jinx had shot into her bedroom, where immediate rummaging could be heard.

"Hurry up and eat!" she called back, "We need to do some shopping for food and clothes a stuff!"

"Don't you have enough clothes?" asked Raven incredulously, sitting at her stool.

"I like to treat myself," was the only answer she received before Jinx ran into the bathroom with a bundle of clothes in her arms.

Jinx leaned over the sink, trying her hardest not to look into the mirror.

Turning on the faucet, she wet her hands, and ran them through her cherry locks.

"Don't look at the mirror…don't look at the mirror…don't look at the mirror…"

She looked.

"Merde…" she hissed.

She hated mirrors. They came back every time she looked at her self, and now they would come again.




Jinx opened her eyes, which she had clenched shut, and stared at herself in the mirror. She examined every inch of her face, and then just stared, waiting.

A smile suddenly blossomed on her face.

For the first time in years, Jinx was able to look herself in the face without the voices coming up.

Quickly throwing on the miscellaneous articles of clothing she had been able to find, she bolted out the door and pulled a bewildered Raven into an embrace that would have rivaled Star's.

The great thing about living in Jump City's west shopping district was that everything was close by.

The west district was home to all manner of shops and clubs. Some owned by large companies, while others were small family run businesses and the like.

Jinx had dragged Raven into every store they came across, buying various eccentric looking objects. It wasn't long before Raven asked where the money had come from.

Jinx casually explained that she it was stolen, which, as you could imagine, didn't sit to well with Raven.

Jinx just smiled and said that the money had changed hands so many times that it had no original owner.

Raven wasn't exactly pleased with her answer, but decided to let it slide, as she was actually having fun (though she never admit it).

After a satisfying evening of trying on assorted "Goth" clothing, listening to music, and watching Jinx indulge herself on morbid key chains (which she collected), the two had settled into a small outdoor café.

"So Jinx…" Raven's curiosity seemed to get the better of her, "…what exactly was there between you and Mammoth?"

Jinx grinned at the inquiring Raven, "I told you, where nothing more than brother and sister, we'd share secrets, get into fights, and sometimes I'd trick him into cleaning my room."

Jinx had noticed a hint of exasperation in Raven's voice when she had asked about Mammoth.

Now, any sane person would know better than to question Raven's motives, unless they wished for swift retribution from the dark bird. Jinx was not sane at all.

"Why d'you ask Raaavy…" said Jinx in a sickeningly sweet voice, "…you jealous?"

As she whispered this, her fingers began to trail up Raven's pale arm, and tickling her slightly on the neck.

"Jinx!" shouted Raven, backing away from the demon, "W-we can't do this! Where both girls!"

"Why would that matter…" her sweet voice dripped with as much venom as it did sugar, and she purred as she inched closer to her prey "…I like you Raven, and---"


Jinx stopped, her mouth had suddenly run dry…


She remembered; she recognized that sound!


Raven stared at her, all traces of red gone from her face. She didn't notice the sound. She didn't notice it getting closer.


"No…" whimpered Jinx, lowering her head and placing her hands at either side, to block out the sound and shield her head.


Jinx didn't notice the sound fading off.

She didn't notice the in-line skaters going past.

Raven had managed to get Jinx home without incident (although they did have to navigate past the pile of groceries which had been delivered earlier).

Jinx had insisted that she was okay, and though Raven believed otherwise, she didn't argue.

The imp had told Raven however, that she remembered more of her attack. So as soon as they reached the apartment, and made sure Jinx was okay, she contacted Robin.

"Jinx said that it was a kid wearing short pants, a baseball cap, and golden coloured in-line skates," she had reported, "and that he snuck up behind her and hit her over the head with a metal bat."

Robin seemed to contemplate what she had said, and then spoke, "It sounds exactly like the reports I got from Japan. It fits the description to perfectly to be coincidence."

"What's the plan Robin?"

"I'll have Cyborg monitor the city surveillance cameras to see is we can find this Li'l Slugger…"

Raven stared at him with a raised eyebrow.

"…It's what they called the attacker in the report," he said, looking away and scratching his head, "anyway, Cyborg will go through the cameras and try to find Li'l Slugger.

In the meantime, I'll be in Japan to find any more info on this."

"Isn't it a little premature to be going all the way to Japan for one random street assault?"

"I know it may seem like that, but this attack…it felt too abrupt, too odd. Jinx is well known, she practically famous, so why would anyone risk attacking her?"

"Perhaps she just seemed vulnerable?"

"I don't know…I just need to be sure. Look, I gotta' go pack now, I'll call back when I'm in Tokyo. Over and Out."

Raven sighed and clicked off her communicator. She knew Robin well enough to know that he believed Slade had something to do with this, and know his obsession had him going clear across the world to Japan, severely handicapping the team, as they now had only three titans left on active duty.

She slumped onto the rather squishy couch and closed her eyes, it felt late, and it was. Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was six to half-past ten.

The sound of footsteps broke her from her reverie, and she looked up at Jinx.

The girl looked pale, but no more than usual, and she wasn't shaking anymore, which was a very good sign. She even had her usual grin.

Jinx sighed and plopped right next to Raven, whom suddenly felt very uncomfortable. She still remembered what they were discussing before Jinx's breakdown, and secretly wishing Jinx had forgotten.

"Hey Raven, what would you say to a little clubbin'?"

She looked at Jinx incredulously, "You just had a break down and now you want to go to a club?"

"Oh come on, that was at least three hours ago, and besides, it was just a little repressed memory. I'm fine now, and I want to go have some fun with my best buddy in the world."

She finished and gave Raven the same pair of watery eyes that she had used to con her into bed. It was unfortunate that she had no defense against it.


Jinx squealed in delight and wrapped her arms around Ravens blushing neck.

"C'mon, I know a great club right by that café we were at earlier."

She dragged the still blushing girl out the door and into the crisp moonlit night.

It had only taken half an hour to reach the club, thanks to Raven.

The clublooked fairly popular, judging by the number of people milling around outside., waiting for access in, or an oppotunity to sneak in. Raven was unsure of which category the two fell in.

Jinx and Ravenstepped towards the entrance, where a large, ratherburly bouncer stood flipping through a notepad.

Before Raven could stop her, Jinx had reached upwards and slapped the man on the shoulder.

He slowly stared down at them past his notepad with slightly sunken eyes. When they settled on Jinx, his face broke into what Raven could only guess was a smile.

"Jinxy, a' haven' seen you in ages," he spoke with a thick accent, "av' you been doin' lately?"

Jinx just smiled and answered, "Oh just a little bit a' this and that; so you gonna' let us in or what?"

The man's eyes traveled over to Raven, and he let out a bark like laugh, "HAH! Who's this sweet lil' thing you got with you?"

"Ivan, this is Raven; Raven, this is Ivan, he was a friend of Mammoth's back in the Hive, now you gonna' let us in or what?" she said once more, thumping him on his meaty arm.

Ivan let out another barking laugh before stepping aside to let them enter.

"So he used to be a student?" asked Raven incredulously when they were out of earshot.

"Yeah, but he failed, like, five times. They kicked him out a year before the Hive disbanded." The two stepped into the corridor leading to the large dance hall of the club.

"C'mon, lets have a few drinks."

"Were not of age to drink-"

"Man, loosen up a little." Said jinx while grabbing Raven's arm and pulling her towards the bar.

The last thing Raven saw before entering the dance hall was the sign above the doorway of the clubs name…

You're Not Here.

"'Kay, I'm all ready go, you get everything up yet?" asked Robin hauling a duffel bag over his shoulder and being followed by a sulky Starfire.

"Yo' man, almost, just a few more connections and…got it!" exclaimed Cyborg, as his metallic fingers skimmed over the keyboard, "Now I'm plugged into every camera in Jump City; north, south, east, and west sections are all online. If this 'Li'l Slugger' is anywhere in the city, I'll find 'im."

"Good, I want him caught by the time I get back."

Starfire tugged lightly on Robins sleeve, "And when will that be Robin?"

"I don't really know Star, could be a couple days, could be a week. I'll get back as soon as I find out who this slugger kid is." And with that Robin walked from the room, leaving Starfire quite downtrodden.

Cyborg shook his head.

The two had been dating for a few weeks now, but with what he had so far heard (from Raven, whom was Star's confidante), It wasn't going to well.

Robin was far too competitive and self-centered, in Cy's opinion. If he heard even the tiniest rumor of criminal activity, he'd drop everything. This led to more than one ruined date for the two.

He kept pushing Star away, only to get her hopes up with a promised date, and then canceling on her at the last minute.

Cywanted to tell her to break up with him, to explain that the relationship wasn't working out.

But like always, she just turned to him with a shaky smile and said "I am fine friend Cyborg, Robin knows that we are important to each other," and then floated off to cry in her room.

Cyborg rubbed his head and turned back to the monitors. Starfire was hurting, and Robin was oblivious now that Slade was back. He sighed and hoped that things would eventually work out.

"Dude, its Friday night and I'm off to find some foxy ladies!" bellowed Beast boy, entering Cy's computer room, "You wanna' come with?"

"Man, is that all you ever think about, no wonder Raven turned you down." Beast Boy had asked Raven out after the whole "Trigon" fiasco, and was promptly shot down.

This didn't stop him of course, and he continued on, asking Raven a grand total of 7 times. This of course aggravated Raven a great deal.

"Dude, you know she'll be beggin' for a little of B-love's lovin', it's only a matter of time," he said, wiggling his eye-brows suggestively.

Cyborg shook his head in exasperation, "Just go man, I've got work to do."

Beast Boy scowled, and stomped out the door.

As Cy watched him leave the complex through the tower cams, only one thing was on his mind.

"Love sucks."

Raven's face broke into a smile as Jinx finished a rather humorous joke. It wasn't like one of Beast Boy's jokes, which relied heavily on comical lewdness.

Jinx's riddles and jokes held substance, and were quite witty, something she knew the changeling could never achieve, nor understand.

She traced her finger over the glass of wine she had emptied, and listened to Jinx tell a tale about a golden fox, a wooly mammoth, and a burning star.

The demons eyes sparkled with life. Raven was actually enjoying her company, laughing at her jokes, and Jinx felt as if she had never been happier.

The one thing Jinx dearly wanted to do was dance with the reclusive psion. Patience is a virtue however.

So she waited. The two talked about their likes, dislikes, dreams, and whatever else they could think of until it was midnight.

The lights suddenly dimmed and blue lights began to flow over the club.

Jinx wasted no time in pulling Raven to the dance floor…

"You're not here"

Blue sky to forever,

The green grass blows in the wind, dancing

It would be a much better sight, with you, with me,

Jinx began to move her hips as she turned Raven to face her. Grabbing the other girl's hand, the little demon began to move them together, in a bizarre hypnotic tap.

"Come on Ravy, it's just a little dancin'."

If you hadn't met me, I'd be fine on my own, baby,

I never felt so lonely, then you came along,

Raven Smirked and pulled her hands away from Jinx's own; she began to dance fluidly into an array of movements, which mesmerized the pink sugar demon in front of her.

So now what should I do, I'm strung out, addicted to you,

My body it aches, now that you're gone,

My supply fell through,

Jinx pulled herself closer to Raven, and gently nuzzled the shorter girl's neck, savoring the smell of pears that she gave off. The two were a little tipsy.

You gladly gave me everything you had and more,

You craved my happiness,

Raven hooped her arms around the taller girls waist. She was lost in the moment.

When you make me feel joy it makes you smile,

But now I feel your stress,

Jinx trailed her lips across the telepaths cheek, leaving tiny butterfly-kisses in her wake. Each kiss made Raven whimper and mewl in the most satisfying way.

Love was never meant to be such a crazy affair, no,

And who has time for tears,

Raven felt Jinx's lips graze her own, felt her hot breath wash over her face, felt her heart beat against the delightfully warm body of the demon. Their lips grew closer and closer, finally reaching what each lustfully desired…

Never thought I'd sit around and cry for your love,

The song continued playing, though the two paid no mind. The kiss was shared hungrily, each trying to devour other. Raven felt like she never had before, and the same held true for Jinx.

'till now.

The kiss ended, yet the warmth and comfort remained.

The two girls stared into each other's eyes; both knowing what they had done was wrong, and nevertheless caring very little about it.

Jinx pulled the shorterRaven into a firm embrace, and buried her face in the telepaths violet locks, breathing in the scent of chamomile and pears.

"Raven," she began, "I've never said this to anyone; I've never found anyone I cared for like this, "she whispered into the psion's ears," Raven I love yo-"

Jinx didn't comprehend what happened next, she only understood that Raven had pulled away from her embrace.

Stumbling, Jinx turned her head just in time to see her affection running after a very angry Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy! Stop!"

"Why! So you can 'explain' why you were sucking face with another person, a bad guy! Not to mention another girl! How could you betray me like this! I thought we had something special!"

Raven jogged to keep up with Beast Boys longer strides.

"We never had anything! We're just friends!"

"What about the time with the mirror, or the time with the Beast-"

"They were gestures of friendship! When have I ever shown anything more than friendship towards you!"

Beast Boy opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out as his brow furrowed in concentration.

Finally giving up he blurted "Allot a' times," before walking away. Raven of course followed.

"Look, even though I don't like you that way, I'm still your friend. Your upset, and I don't want you to do anything stupid."

Beast Boy turned to her, his eyes holding hate, "I'm not the one who did something stupid today."

With that, he turned away and fled.

With nothing else to be done, Raven wiped her eyes, and flitted back to the club.

Jinx had been waiting outside for Raven for the few minutes she was gone. With nothing else to do, she replayed the kiss they shared over and over again in her mind, letting little tiny Jinxes pull and gnaw at the memory, making it clearer and clearer.

The smells, the feeling, the emotion, they were all perfect.

But, she still felt something nagging at the back of her head.

Even if the kiss was perfect, where would it lead? She was an ex-criminal, and Raven was a superhero, it wasn't like the two could hook-up and go out on dates.

Of course if they did, Raven would be the first openly gay teenage superhero. The thought made Jinx smile.

When Raven returned, Jinx wanted to talk, but one look at the introverted psion's face made her mouth snap shut.

The two stood in awkward silence for a few moments, with Ivan watching in the background.

Wordlessly, Raven grasped Jinx in her arms, and the two disappeared in a whisp of black matter.

Appearing back in Jinx's apartment, Raven immediately turned towards the door.

"Where are you going," Jinx's voice was a barely audible whisper. She did not what else to say. Not ten minutes ago had the two shared to most intense kiss either had ever received. And now Raven was leaving without an explanation.

"I have to find someone," said Raven without turning to face Jinx.

"You're coming back though…right?"

"I honestly don't know."

And with a swish of her cloak, Raven was gone.

Jinx's vision began to blur as tears made fast headway into her eyes.

No! She wouldn't cry, not because some girl came into her life, some wonderful girl who enchanted every step she took, who had given her her first real passionate kiss, who made her feel warm and safe whenever she thought of her, or said her name, or even saw her or-DAMMIT! She wasn't supposed to cry!

Clawing at the offending tears, Jinx made her way into the bedroom and threw herself upon the divan like any self respecting angsty teenager would do.

"Dammit! Why did she have to do this, it not like I'm unattractive, girls flock to my side all the time," thought an obviously angry and disillusioned Breast Boy as he stalked down the streets of Jump city, unaware of a street camera watching his every move.

"Maybe it wasn't Raven, Jinx must have cast a spell or something, why else would Raven choose her over me, I have so much more to offer, like a dick for instance!

Making up his mind, he turned and headed back to the club, hoping they would still be there by the time he made it back.

"I'll rip the bitches throat out, tear her head off, make her pay for tricking Raven, make them all pay!


In his fit of rage, Beast Boy was unable to hear the encroaching sound.

"Stupid little bitch, he'd deal with her and Raven will come running into his arms, her face shining in admiration and lust for him and only him!"


"Anyone that even looks at his property, his Raven, will suffer for it, he'll kill anyone that touches her and-"


Beast Boy fell to the ground as soon as the metallic bat connected with his skull, producing a heavy 'thock' sound.

A young teenager stood over B.B.'s limp body, a mad grin plastered on his face, which was the only part not hidden under shadows of his bright red baseball cap. His black long-sleeved shirt, blue sweater, and green shorts ruffled slightly in the oncoming breeze.

The boy, who could be none other than Lil' Slugger, raised his head toward the camera. Lifting his crooked bat, Lil' Slugger acknowledged the camera, before taking of down the street and disappearing in the darkness.

Moments later, a cloaked woman slowly touched down, and made her way towards the body…

Jinx woke an hour later; her pillow and face covered in tear stains. Rolling over, she began to think.

She was too tired to cry anymore, but she didn't know what else to do. Raven took off, most likely to find that green teammate of hers. Hell, for all she knew, the two were already confessing their love for each other.

She felt hot boiling rage climb into her gut. She deserved Raven, not some oversexed teenage boy. They were the ones that kissed; no matter they only really knew each other for a day, or that they used to be enemies, or…

Dammit, she was depressed again.

Shuffling a bit, she turned towards the clock to see the time…and was immediately greeted by her plush dog Maromi, whose googly eyes were wrinkled in worry.


"Maromi?" she tentatively asked, in which the plush replied, "Yes?"

The sugar drop shrieked and jumped back, jostling the bed and making Maromi roll from the pillow and onto the blankets.


"Hi…you've been crying," said the pink plush, spying the tearstains.

"Oh…yeah," replied Jinx, trying to overcome the absurdity of talking with a stuffed animal. Ah well, stranger things have happened…sorta.

"Why?" piped up the dog in her high-pitched voice.

"Well, you remember Raven, right?"

"You mean the girl with the dark hair? Yeah, she really likes you, I can tell," said Maromi, her face contorting into what could be guessed as a smile (it was difficult to tell when you didn't have a mouth).

"…She left."

"Oh…" whispered Maromi, the 'smile' falling from her doggy face, "I'm sorry, I didn't know. But she's coming back, right?"

"I don't know," replied Jinx, tears began to gather in her eyes, "I don't know what I'm supposed to do, I really care about her, but I feel completely helpless, I can't do anything, just like befo-"

"Stop it!" shouted a now stern-voiced Maromi, her eyes creased in anger, "don't think like that, you aren't helpless, you have legs, use them!" said the little animal.

Maromitried to stand on herhind-legs, but her oversized head threatened to topple her over. Finally regaining balance, she made her way over to Jinx and slumped onto her stocking clad feet.

"If she doesn't come back, go to her," she said, her ears flapping dangerously, "show her your not just some frail little girl who needs someone to hold her hand every step of the way!"

Jinx was taken aback by the plush's brashness, but soon let the words sink in, "Your right," she shouted, a grin returning to her face, "I'm not so pathetic that I have to wait for her to come back, you make alotta' sense little doggy," she grinned grabbing Maromi by her stubby little arms and making her dance along the bed.

Suddenly, a soft click drifted from the main room, signaling that someone had entered.

Grin growing steadily wider, Jinx kissed Maromi on her bulby head, and dashed to out of the room, the dog still clutched in her hand.

"Raven, I-!"

One look, and Jinx was lost for words. Raven stood in the entryway, her hood down, hair disheveled, and face covered in tears, which continued to streamed down from her violet eyes.

Raven tried to speak, but only a choked sob emerged from her gullet. Instead, she quickly closed in on the taller Jinx, and pulled her into a firm embrace. Jinx immediately dropped Maromi to the ground, and hugged Raven back, letting the shorter psion weep into her shoulder, and making soothing sounds and gently rubbing her back.

On the floor, Maromi's round eyes stared unblinking…

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