Coming Home

Chapter Five: Explanations

Nightwing had sent his friends back to the tower a while ago. He was driving to Bruce's house in a terribly bad mood. Kyril had gotten away. He was sure to try again, and now he had a reason, if he wanted one, to hold a grudge against that girl.

He felt responsible. Wasn't he a Titan? And wasn't it the Titans' job to make sure that everyone in the city was safe? Yes, both were true. Which is why he felt horrible about the girl getting shot.

He felt he should have done something to save her. Nightwing was confident that he could have, which made him feel even worse. He could have prevented someone getting hurt, but didn't.

Nightwing pressed a few buttons on his communicator, and it called the Manor.

"Wayne residence," Alfred answered after one ring.

"It's me."

"Master Richard! I suppose you want to hear about the girl?" Alfred asked. Nightwing nodded, and then, remembering that Alfred couldn't see him, said:


"She's just fine. We called Dr. Wood on the way home, and he was waiting for us when we got here, so she was taken care of quickly." Alfred explained. Nightwing let out a sigh of relief. Dr. Wood was a doctor in Gotham, and one of the only ones to know who Batman truly was. He was the one that Bruce and Alfred called in an emergency.

"That's great. Why didn't you take her to the Tower? It would have been a lot quicker," Nightwing pointed out.

"We were going to, but she insisted that she did not want to go to the tower," Alfred told him. Nightwing raised an eyebrow, puzzled.

"I think she didn't want you to know who she is." Alfred told the young man.

"That makes sense. But she could have just told us not to take the mask off–" Nightwing thought out loud.

"Impossible. It had to be removed in order to give her oxygen during the procedure," Alfred said.

"Oh. Well, anyways, do you know who she is?" He asked.

"Master Bruce is still searching for that information," Alfred answered him. Nightwing knew what this meant: He was trying to look her up on the supercomputer in the Bat cave.

"Right. I'll be there in about fifteen to twenty minutes, Alfred. See ya."

"Goodbye, Master Richard."

"...and we were chasing him, but Kyril still got away," Changeling concluded, finally finished telling the story to Star. Cyborg was over at the computer, trying to make contact with Robin with no success. Terra was using Cyborg's computer to try and find information on Kyril's location.

"Friends, does this not mean that–" Star began, but was cut off by Cyborg's yell from the computer.

"I got through!" Everyone ran over, eager to see their leader and hear about how the girl was.

"Hey, man. How is she?" Cyborg asked.

"She'll be fine." Nightwing answered. "Glad to hear it," Terra said, smiling a little.

"What's her name?"

"We don't know yet. She's still asleep," Nightwing answered.

"Oh. Well, could you tell us when you find out something else?" Changeling asked. "Please?"

"Sure. I'll call back in an hour. And I think it goes without saying that I'm going to be spending the night here in Gotham."

"Then why'd you say it?"



Raven groaned, wondering where she was. The last thing that she remembered was being in the car with Bruce and Alfred. 'Please not the Tower...' Raven thought.

"Ah, you're awake," Bruce said, walking into the room and over to the side of the large bed that Raven lay in. There was a bandage over her left shoulder, which hurt like Hades.

"Where am I?" She asked him.

"My home–Wayne Manor," Bruce answered. "Now our main question: who are you?" Raven sighed. She knew that Bruce would figure it out eventually if she didn't tell him, so she'd better come clean.

"I've learned that it's so much better to be honest, especially with you," She said after a moment. "I'm Raven."

"Raven? The one that left for Azarath four years ago? We thought you were dead," Bruce told her. "The only reason we never had a funeral was Star. She was so optimistic, we just couldn't bear to hurt her by taking away that hope."

"I'm sorry," Raven said, and the door opened once again, revealing Nightwing.

"Hello. Are you alright?" He asked. She nodded.

"Thank you," She said. -Please don't tell him who I am. Just tell him that my name is Cesia. He's already met her.-

"Cesia, right?" He asked, before Bruce or Raven could say anything. She nodded. "I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, Mr. I-wear-
sunglasses-at-night," Raven said, smiling. He laughed.

"I hate to interrupt, but you should call your friends," Bruce said. Nightwing nodded.

"You're right. You should rest, okay?" He told Raven. She nodded.

"I will."

Bruce turned back to her as soon as the door shut. "Would you please explain what is going on?"

"It's a rather long story, but if you like..."

Kyril winced as he received a slap to the face. The rich, beautiful woman he knelt in front of was angry, there was no doubt of it.

"I'm very sorry, Lady Karu," Kyril told her. "It will not happen again."

"I hope not, for it is your life on the line. You know what will happen if you fail. I will be most displeased," Lady Karu of the remote planet of Sakaris told Kyril.

"I'll tell you again what you are to do, and this time you are not to forget and follow my plan, Kyril," Lady Karu told him. "I want you to dispose of Bruce Wayne, the Titans, all major political leaders of Earth, Tamaran, Azarath, and Kawali. Am I understood?"

"Yes, Lady Karu." Kyril answered, wondering what exactly he had gotten himself into when he agreed to do this. "I understand."

Lady Karu placed her hand under his chin, and tilted his face upwards.

"Good boy. Now go."