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This story was born from writer's block. Well, not really, but close enough. The epic conclusion of Slinks and Spot is a gigantic muddled mess spanning seven different word documents and frankly is making my head hurt for want of perfection and the right words. Lord, give me strength to end it well. Anyway, thus was this story spawned from a recent re-watch of my favorite live-action Disney masterpiece and completed from a lingering idea I may have had all the time.
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They crowd as you exit the gates. A sea of grim faces and tired bodies comes together, unifying, and waiting, it seems, to swallow you whole.

Yesterday, you were only a boy. Today, you are someone else, and that same is now standing on the brink of a thing great and shattering and larger than any once-boy should ever have to endure.

You are standing on the makings of a war you didn't choose and don't understand.

They crowd and jostle and push. Tension, emotion bent like a tight bow, hovers above them. They are waiting, waiting for you to take a side; waiting for you pick a place to stand when this crusade rises up, rears it's head, and strikes.

The space between you and them crackles and burns. There is a line drawn and it's a question, the words and the warning spoken in a silence so loud it thunders in your ears.

They are hungry for justice, for the wrong against them to be righted. They have stomachs so long empty, and their gaunt eyes shine with longing. Insatiable longing. They must take this charge; they must fight this fight, for there is no alternative. No graceful goodbye and no giving up. To lay down their cause would be to die.

You do not know the need that drives them. You have a home, a family. A father and a mother and a little brother, full of fresh teeth and laughter. This is not your life. Your destiny is not written in smudges of ink nor weighed in a handful of coins.

But does that make you the enemy? Are you to stand against them?

Yesterday, you were only a boy. Today, you are frozen solid, clutching your papers to your heaving chest. The bundle is heavy and hot in your arms. The headlines burn.

This is not your battle. This is not your war. But you will be made to fight it nonetheless.

They grow impatient. Their shuffles and murmurs grow louder and emotion snaps, leaking out as hurled words and nasty names. The volley crashes into you and those who stand with you like stones. The names bite and hurt.

Yesterday, you were only a boy.

Today, you are vile and repulsive. Dirty and rotten.

You are a scab.

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