A/N: I know, I keep saying this is the last one, and then a few months down the road I come up with another. But I can't help it! I was persuaded by a good friend of mine to do one more with some kids. I couldn't really think of much to say, so I decided that a short little drabble just to let everyone know that alls good would be good enough. So here it is, enjoy.

A/N2: This is dedicated to Olivia, my sugarbutt, a.k.a Livvy Depp for the inspiration for this story, and also the great vanillafluffy for always being a constant source of entertainment, and for always catching me on my little errors. My unofficial beta reader if you will. Love ya both!

A happy family. It's enough to make anybody with any ounce of heart or feeling in them to stop, stare, and say 'awww'. The way every member of said family brings their own special something to the group. And how they all seem to magically complete one another. It's quite possibly one of the best things in this otherwise weird and, more often than not, cruel world. The fact that no matter what else is going on out there, beyond the doors of your humble abode, as long as you got your family by your side, you're set. You're perfectly content. And with his lovely wife curled up by his side, and his beautiful new baby girl lying peacefully on his chest, that's exactly how Sam felt. Content.