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Silver Angel of Dawn.

The lack of warmth woke him, as he curled around himself, begging sleep to stay. He dropped a hand to the left, where the firm body of his lover was supposed to be but only the faintly warm sheets remained. Groaning, he opened an eye, as clear as the cloudless skies, and found him gone. He closed his eye, and furrowed his brow. The ever present sapphire at his neck glowed slightly as he searched for him, the steady blue glow surrounding him while he tried to pin point the elusive Falcon.


Opening his eyes, the redhead sat on the bed, the sheets pooling at his waist, as he stretched lazily. Blinking the last remains of sleep away, he dared to look out the window where the sky was still dark. He stood, and padded softly across the room, where his clothing had been thrown in haste the night before. Finding a decently and clean enough pair of underwear, the pale redhead threw on his white jeans and walked out of the room. This vacation thing was not such a bad idea in the end… Ian and Spencer were curled against each other in the couch of the living room of their small cabin, sleeping soundly and peacefully. The redhead smiled as he ventured outside. The soft grass caressed his bare feet as he walked towards his goal. The sapphire nestled above his navel, rested against his bare skin. He felt the salty breeze of the sea, and inhaled deeply, taking in the dozen scents inside it. Walking towards a small peak that overlooked the roaring ocean, he finally found his lover standing at the tip.


The silver haired young man turned, silver wings folded lazily on his back, as he faced his lover with a lopsided smile. The only thing he wore, were the faded, old khaki pants that were already too short for him and reached above his ankles. The powerful-feathered wings at his back glimmered with the glow of the morning sun, rising slowly over the ocean. The sound of the clashing waves, the soft breeze against their bare skin, engulfed them. The unnatural glow dawn gave to his lover's pale anatomy was beautiful. The redhead smiled as he reached him at the tip, but did not say a thing.

It was not necessary.

Bryan reached a hand to caress the pale face; eyes fixed on the ever-tranquil blue ones, and smiled softly. Leaning in, he brushed his lips against Tala's in the softest whisper of a kiss, wings spreading forcefully as they unfolded behind him, showering them with silver feathers.

Tala wrapped his arms around the taller teen as he added more pressure to the ghostly kiss. Breaking the intimate contact, the redhead smiled, eyes shining with the inner joy of a satisfied lover.

"I like your wings" The shy whisper was followed by a soft hug as the redhead pressed against him.

The pale teen returned the embrace, resting his chin over the red locks of hair, and looked over at the horizon, where it seemed the sun was emerging from the waters. He smiled and pulled back, kissing his lover's forehead, before he threw himself into the air, the soft morning dew caught amongst the feathers, giving them an utmost ethereal look.

The redhead smiled, watching his lover flapping the powerful wings, as he got lost in the distance.

He was, after all, his Silver Angel of Dawn.

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