Chapter 17

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Seany answered her phone to John's voice for almost the first time. She couldn't remember the only other time off the top of her head, but she knew there was another. Maybe it was the time that he had called to make fun of her while she was at the prenatal office. Yeah, that was it.

"What do you want?" Seany asked, looking over a few bridesmaids dresses for Demi. Demi and John had talked privately about the theme already, so she could dress Seany accordingly. Supposedly Demi had already pre-rented Seany's dress, so there was almost nothing to worry about. Almost.

For Seany, there were a million things that could go wrong. Her dress could rip. She could trip, or drop her flowers. Or a mobster could drop out of the ceiling on a disco ball and open fire on the minister. Whatever happened, Seany knew that something would ruin her wedding. It had to; right now it just seemed too easy for everything to work out this way.

"I just called the chapel to go through the process of the wedding; which Chris doesn't know yet either- but you have to have your wedding license before the wedding." John informed her, and Seany stopped only briefly to continue sorting through the dresses.

"Ok, then I guess we can meet and get the license right before the wedding; if there's no waiting period." Seany continued, stating it as a question.

"Yeah, that sounds good. They said it's no wait; so I'll see you then. 5:30, Clark County Marriage Bureau or something like that." John finished, waiting for her reply before hanging up.

"Alright, bye John." Seany said sweetly, hanging up as she turned to look at her other two companions. Demi was happily shopping, looking at all of the accessories that she could find. Randy was boredly leaning against the wall, watching a small what seemed to be a fly buzz by his face.

"Hey, Dem- how'd you like this?" Seany asked, holding out a portion of a baby blue colored dress. Demi shook her head politely.

"Sorry chickadee, but no-can-do. I'm looking for something long and black." Demi answered, pulling off a long black coat off of the rack. It looked more like a scientists outfit gone gothic, but Seany wasn't about to break it to her friend. "How's this?"

"Looks good," Seany replied, turning her attention back to the dresses in front of her. She knew she shouldn't get worked up about what Demi was going to wear- it was only going to be her, Seany, and the other three guys. It really wouldn't matter what they wore.

"Awesome- I guess we're done then." Demi smiled, and Seany was slightly dumbfounded. How could she be in control as to what they did and when? Without protest Seany followed, deciding to bite her tongue. To tell the truth, Seany had no clue what was going on- and maybe Demi really did know best.

3 hours later…

Seany ecstatically greeted the two, throwing her arms around John first.

She hadn't anticipated how excited she would be to see the duo again, but she really had been happy just to know that they would be there. After being with either one of them nonstop for so long, it was awkward to be without either one of them. Of course Randy made up for some of John's wittiness; but it was never the same as John's, and it just made her miss John and Chris even more.

But what was she talking about- they had been apart for no more than 8 hours.

"Hey babygirl." John hugged her back, letting go after a few long moments and with the feeling of Chris's eyes burning holes into the back of his head. "Y'all ready? You get married in like 45 minutes."

"Yeah, I'm good… I guess." Seany admitted, sidestepping and hugging Chris. "I missed you guys so much! For the whole few hours we were apart." Seany giggled, taking a deep breath to try and prepare herself for what she was about to do. Somehow, by anyone's guess, she had gotten John and Chris to Las Vegas without any 'lip'. Now she would have to do this without John or Randy messing it up somehow- but that's what Vegas is all about. Seany wanted her wedding to be wild, which was why she chose a themed wedding.

"Let's do this." John said smoothly, as if he was in a movie. Without skipping a beat he took out a pair of black sunglasses, tinted so you couldn't see his eyes. He looked as if he had just stepped out of an action packed spy movie.

"What the hell…" Seany muttered curiously, poking his glasses gently. "Where did these come from? And what are they for?" She asked, noticing the curious and fakely jealous look on Randy's face.

"They're for the wedding- I can't wait!" John clapped his hands together excitedly, almost seeming as if he were an oversized woman. "Here, these are yours." He took out two pairs from the plastic bag beside him, handing one to Chris and one to Seany. Cautiously Seany put hers on, while Chris didn't hesitate to try them out.

"I'm not going to ask- but John, if we have an Elvis wedding…"

"Yes?" John replied to Seany, still in a high-pitched feminine voice.

"I'll book a nude wedding for you and Randy." Seany threatened, though she really didn't know what she would do. Probably just cry and hold a grudge against him for a few hours- but usually when it was a guy you were dealing with, crying was all you needed.

"Oh m' god! Thankyou!" John came back with a preppy accent, chuckling lightly afterwards. "Naw, it's not an Elvis wedding. It's better- or at least from my viewpoint it is."

"NEXT!" Being a Friday, the bureau was crowded. The old woman at the desk had been screaming like that for some time, and it was the first time that Seany actually realized that she was talking to them.

"Yo." John greeted her, and Seany thought that he might have been able to show the woman some kind of politeness, but this is John we're talking about. Respect was for- well, Seany hadn't really seen him show any kind of respect lately. Everything was a joke, and although it was a little immature, it left her at ease.

"Hello." The old woman sounded like a frog who had been smoking for 40 years. "Names please."

"Uh… The bride is Seany Michaels; the groom is Chris J- Irvine." John answered, speaking for the couple.

"How do you spell them please?" The woman asked, yet it was more of a command.

"Damn… Uh, S-e-a-n-y M-i-c-h-a-e-l-s; and C-h-r-i-s I-r-v-i-n-e."

"Proof of id please."

John turned to them, raising his eyebrows as if to tell them to hurry up. They both went for their licenses, Seany in her purse and Chris was fumbling with his wallet.

"You two getting married?" The woman asked, looking from John to Seany.

"I wish." John muttered jokingly, nodding towards Chris. "That's her man right there." The woman held up their licenses, comparing the pictures on the cards to their faces. After a while she nodded and wrote something down on the form in front of her.

"Witnesses please?"

Randy and Demi instantly raised their hands, leaving John to shrug. "We brought the clique and some kid that wanted to come along."

"John! Randy and I are the same age!" Seany protested, receiving a smirk from Cena.

"I know, isn't it horrible that you're not part of our group yet Seany?"

"God, just get on with it." Seany muttered, pushing John's arm gently. Chris was still silent, and Seany had no clue what he could be doing. If he was thinking about something, he sure was deep in thought.

"Alright then, witnesses sign here please." The elderly woman croaked, laying the papers up on the shelf in front of them. Randy and Demi took turns signing, before the form was recollected by the woman, stamping it and signing it herself. "There you go, all done."

"So we're married? Already?" Seany asked, confusedly looking at the form. The woman rolled her eyes slowly.

"No, the minister signs it and his notary signs it also. You are done, thank you." She explained, not skipping a beat to scream 'next' once more.

10 minutes later…

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this." Seany muttered, tapping her foot against the concrete ground repeatedly in a mix of impatient and nervous habit. She and Chris were on the corner that John had told them to wait on, and it wasn't too long before Seany saw why. "Oh my God Chris, they're picking us up in a limo."

"How do you know that? There's about 5 million limos around here. It's Vegas, not Alaska." Chris replied, also getting quite irritated by how long they had been standing out there after leaving the bureau.

"Because I don't think anyone else has two pro wrestlers hanging out of the roof of their limo." Seany replied, half to make a point and half to bring his attention to the stretch limousine that was heading their way- with John and Randy both sticking out of the roof, and no doubt had been drinking some since they had left the couple on the sidewalk.

"Seany! Chris!" John yelled, waving his hands in a motion for them to get in. "C'mon! You're gettin' married!"

Seany rolled her eyes, tugging on Chris's hand as she obeyed them. She had asked for a wild wedding- and she was no doubt about to receive one.

45 minutes later…

Seany was dressed in a shiny black leather dress, black tinted sunglasses, and the chapel's hairdresser was hurrying to finish Seany's tight ponytail before Seany's wedding which was to happen in about 10 minutes. It wasn't exactly the white wedding that Seany had been looking for- thus the black dress, of course; but somehow she knew that it wouldn't ruin it. For some odd reason, John had been given the intelligence to do something that wouldn't hurt Seany's feelings- and she knew it.

"Alright! We're done!" Demi clapped her hands together as her hairdresser and Seany's hairdressers finished their hair simultaneously. They both looked like they had just been thrown out of the Matrix- or was about to hit the set and film another sequel. Demi and Seany almost looked the same, except Demi's dress color was dull and didn't really show anything- while Seany's was a metallic black that showed her shoulders and was cut around her low thighs.

"Good." Seany replied, trying to force some enthusiasm into her voice. She knew that she had to be happy- but now her mind was wondering if she was really making the right choice. 'Of course I am…' Seany reassured herself, and forced the thought from her mind. There was no other way she would have it- no regrets at all. Even Jesse; if she wouldn't have been with him, she would probably still be a police officer and never have met the 'love of her life'.

"Alright ladies- right this way," A young woman spoke up, the lady who was like their assistant and showed them around. Seany and Demi both stood up; which was a little difficult for Seany, considering the high stilettos that Demi had picked out for her- and followed the woman.

So Seany prepared to walk down the aisle.

7 minutes later…

Seany was outside the doors, and they were probably waiting for her to walk in before they played the music. She had to continuously stop herself from biting her nails- a habit that she didn't often have, unless she was under a lot of stress. Nervously she looked at the large oak doors, then back down to her flowers. They were beautiful, on any other occasion- like pansies, except black and purple. Seany only prayed that it wasn't a gothic wedding. Then she really would kill John.

Not that she was anti-goth or anything; it was just so not Seany. Seany was happy, peppy, and wore light and bright colors. Plus her tan would diffidently get her kicked out of her gothic club if she were ever to join one.


It was a voice that had never interrupted Seany's deep thoughts. Only John had done that so far, because Chris was smart enough to tell when she needed to be alone. Of course Seany recognized who's voice it was without even looking- what stumped her was how sincere and utterly caring the tone was. She turned around to find Randy.

He was dressed much in the same color- black dress pants, a pure black dress shirt, and the dark sunglasses.

"Hi," She replied, smiling weakly while she barely dabbed at the corners of her eyes. She had been so emotional in the past few minutes that it was hard for her not to cry. She didn't say anything else, but merely raised her eyebrows to ask what was going on.

"They're waiting for you out there," He nodded to the doors, and Seany nodded.

"I know… I just need a minute. I have to walk out there alone."

"No you don't." Randy corrected her, offering her his arm. "I have no part in the wedding, and to be honest, I'm bored. Lemme take you." Seany let out a deep breath, forcing the tears away once more as she took his forearm.

"How gay." She giggled, wiping underneath her eyes as she nodded. "Let's do this."

It was a few moments after them entering for the music to start playing. In those very few seconds, she noticed that everyone in the room was dressed the same- except for Seany and Chris, who stood out because they were dressed more extravagantly than the others. Then, the music began to play.

At first Seany thought it was just another variation of the usual wedding tune. It was deeper, and more mysterious than the traditional melody. Seany just continued up the aisle, her eyes wandering around the room. No one could tell, since her glasses were so dark; but it was all as black and spy-like as the dress code. As she came closer to her friends, she and Randy had to step onto a small uplift to go to their places.

Randy lifted an imaginary veil off of Seany's shoulders, causing her to force herself to suppress a giggle. He let go of the 'veil' and stood there for a moment, as if pondering what to do. Or if to do it. As if it were part of his act as her 'father', he leaned over slightly and kissed her. In front of everyone else.

It was so weird- it was soft and gentle, nothing like a parent-child kiss. Yet Seany couldn't enjoy it, because she couldn't believe it was actually happening. It was what she had always dreamed of- her wedding, her best friends beside her, and Randy Orton kissing her on the groom's side. So she pulled away before the young wrestler was beat to death by her real groom.

"Stupid ass." Seany muttered, pushing him out of her way. It was all she really needed- now it was all a joke, a casual thing to get her loosened up and relaxed for what was about to happen. Randy really was an idiot anyways. With a smile Seany greeted Chris with a kiss, erasing the death glares that he was sending Randy at the moment. "The minister's not here."

"Oh, yes he is." John corrected her from Chris's other side, nodding towards the doors. Just then they opened again, and through the doors came a silver colored, expensive sports car. Just then James Bond's theme music began to play, and Seany couldn't help but begin laughing.

"Oh my God!" Seany exclaimed, putting a hand on Chris's chest. "No way John, no way."

"Oh yes. Yes way." John smiled, the broad grin on his face almost showing every tooth in his mouth.

The car stopped in front of them, and two women exited both sides of the car. They were both dressed in very short miniskirts, with leopard printed tight tank tops and knee-high boots. They seemed to be twins, both having golden colored hair with grown out roots that matched their outfits. The driver's side door opened, and 'James Bond' himself exited. He was dressed in a tux with a purple flower, and looked almost identical to the real thing.

As funny as it was, Seany almost cried throughout the whole thing. Actually, she did start to cry when 'James' began to read out their vows. Chris held her hand gently, hoping that they were tears of joy instead of tears of 'I'm-just-doing-this-to-save-our-baby'. Which they were happy tears.

"If you two agree to this mission, which you have- then you may kiss you bride Agent Irvine." James finished, and Seany laughed while Chris obeyed- carefully sweeping her off her feet and into his arms.

3 hours later…

"I just got married by James Bond." Seany said once more for the almost thousandth time, taking another sip of her virgin strawberry daiquiri. No one had changed out of their attire yet; except for the sunglasses, which had been removed within minutes of the ceremony. John laughed from the couch, covering his face halfway with a pillow while he was unable to turn on the TV in their penthouse suite. It had been a pact that everyone had made- no television on the night of Chris and Seany's wedding; it would be celebration time.

"You guys go have sex." John muttered from underneath the pillow, smirking to himself.

"Well, I was planning on doing that- but I wasn't planning on having 3 other people here for our honeymoon." Seany winked, taking another sip of her drink while she sat at the small kitchen bar.

Her life was a different world. Looking back at how she was just a few months before; it had taken a drastic turn. Almost a 180 flip. Before, she had been living in a small house with one person who abused her and didn't really care if she died right then or not. Yet now she was married to a man who loved her for who she was, and living in a mansion with 2 guys who would freak out if she started to spontaneously get close to crying- and would probably end up killing themselves if either one ever thought about killing her.

Her future had changed for the better- or at least it had for the moment. Most people would have opted not to have the baby she was carrying- but Seany looked at it like it was a gift. She loved kids, and it was about right time that began to have some of her own. Just because it had an uncaring dad didn't mean that it had to have an uncaring mom. Which was why Seany was so hell-bent on having this baby and raising it right.

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