Title: Thoughts Of The Moment

Author: MissBlackPotter

Rating: G

Summary: Harry Potter's thoughts on the return of his father, James Potter. Set during my fanfic, Prongs Rides Again.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Harry Potter. I am making no money from this.

Notes: These small one-shot pieces are characters first reaction to James Potter. They are a work of two authors, myself (MissBlackPotter) and Lady Taliesin. We have taken it in turns to write each POV for the characters, and we hope that you enjoy them.

Thoughts of the Moment

Harry Potter

"We thought so too," Remus replied, "but Dumbledore found him outside Godric's Hollow. James is alive. We've seen him, and he knows things that only James would have the knowledge of. It is without a doubt, Harry, that your father is alive." - Remus Lupin, Prongs Rides Again Chapter 5: The Order of the Phoenix

I stood there speechless, unsure of what to say. My heart is beating faster as I consider the possibilities. My wish must've done something. If dad has returned, why hasn't mum?

I look into the faces of my godfather and Professor, hardly daring to believe. Even before they say the words I know my dad is here for real. They would not dishonour his memory like that: Sirius and Remus loved my dad too much to even consider hurting me like that.

If this is for real then I will finally have a family at last…

"Hi, dad."

This was the first thing I said when I saw him. My father looked exactly like he did in the photos I had of him. He looked barely over twenty-one. He hasn't aged a bit.

He reaches out his hand, stroking my face. I feel like flinching as the touch feels alien to me, but I don't move, knowing that it could harm our developing relationship. Though I found it hard to accept, I realise that the man in front of me is my father.

No matter how impossible it may seem.

He's speaking now, telling me how much I remind him of Lily, my mother. I see that he is in pain. I don't want him to feel pain.

I move forward, wrapping my arms round my dad. He reacts and I feel him return the hug. He whispers to me: "I won't let anything bad happen to you again."

I know he means it. I trust him.

I have a father. Someone I can look up to and turn to for advice.

I have found a home.

There you go, Harry's POV of his father's return. What did you think? Rubbish? Good? Could it be improved? Let me know!

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